Justice League Killed Until Further Incarnation

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We have some confirmation on what we have been suspecting for some time. It appears that Justice League is dead and awaits a new take on the team before the light goes green again. We get the following scoop from our friends at IESB:

Changing gears for a sec, let’s see what’s currently going on with Justice League of America. Last week there were reports that the movie is finally moving forward. Guess what – that’s not what we heard.

IESB found out the complete opposite from various sources at WB — the movie will not move forward in its current incarnation and a lot has to do with the success of The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. is not willing to risk pissing off Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale and their intent would be to move forward with a third Batman film instead of introducing another Batman in a JLA film.

Officially WB is stating that Justice League of America is on hold due to the potential SAG strike. We have been advised from various sources that the truth is that George Miller has been pulled off the project. We have contacted all parties involved including Kennedy/Miller and other producers but they have declined to comment at this time.

Well this is good news. Nothing redeeming was coming out of the Justice League camp and it pleases me that it’s been buried alive without pomp and circumstance. This project deserves a nameless grave. Wiser heads have prevailed and with luck, we will get the Justice League film we want a few years down the pipe.

in other comic book news, IESB has gotten their hands on the new Green Lantern script; the review by Robert Sanchez may be found here:

  • Justice League like many movies true to comic books (graphic novels), and others, will probably not be made the way we want it to be. Then again producers never want to ask for our input, oh no. That would be wrong even if they hunt down opinions and ideas, to take on for themselves elsewhere on the vast Internet.


    flash-green lantern…who cares? theyre both amazing characters that deserve theyre own movies and they have the potential to be great films

    and i know WB owns them but why cant they just make their own movies like marvel? i mean- no one owns marvel right? money isnt an issue (right?) im sure DC has money to spare…

  • We’ve been saying it’s completely dead for months. :-)


  • I cannot express just how happy this makes me for this franchise.

    EVERYTHING they had said they hoped to do with it was so off base that ANYTHING different would be an improvement.

    I think they are going to go with Jack Black as Lantern instead…. that news would sit better with me than the prospective Young unrelated JL

  • @Chip Chief:

    George Miller had directed other films besides those two you mentioned; he also is an Oscar winning director. I actually consider Miller having a stronger connection to a JLA “solo member” film than the wreck of JLA Mortal. I actually think this is a good move, although I wasn’t expecting Green Lantern. I was expecting Wonder Woman, given all the talk about Megan Gale.

    I have not seen/read the coverage of the current Lantern sp that is making the rounds, nor do I have any interest in reading such coverage, so I don’t know what Lantern character they will use (I prefer an epic that revolves around Hal Jordan and the GL Corps myself)…


    WB owns DC. There’s nothing they can do about it at this time. I think its a great idea to usher in non-hero characters like the planned Jonah Hex, and if Sgt Rock ever comes to pass (I’m still rooting for an ‘Ememy Ace’ flick myself one day…) but I must put my foot down on this…

    I would be more thrilled at a Green Lantern film than a Flash one.

  • giren

    maybe it will be made. About 10 or 15 years later…

  • This will never get done the way anyone wants it to be. NEVER.

  • Martian Manhunter.

    Thank frikkin Jesus and Captain Kirk this dog is DEAD!!!!! There’s more potential for smiles on the faces of little children and world peace now.

  • Dean

    who is the guy 4th from right? next to the green lantern?


    and make a fucking flash movie already

    no! just stop depending on WB! why dont they just become self dependant or something? i dont see marvel ever saying “well we cant make the next thor movie because universals making the mummy 4”

    and if you cant use ruth or bale then use 2 good guys and use the same guy you used for flash and green lantern…

    is it not that easy? because marvel sure is making it look like a walk in the park