Johnny Depp To Get $75 Million For Pirates 4

My Jaw is on the floor and I’m feeling a little light headed. There is a report out right now that Johnny Depp has agreed in principle to do a Pirates of the Caribbean 4, and that his pay cheque for the film will come in at about $75 million dollars. Let me repeat that. Johnny Depp is reportedly going to be pulling in about $75 million (pretty much double the highest contract pay day I’ve ever heard of. $75 million for one actor. More money than 90% of movies even make in total at the box office… they’re going to give one guy. Remind me to spit in the face of any MPAA guy I ever hear whine or bitch about hard financial times in Hollywood or how Piracy is sinking them.

Personally, I don’t even want a Pirates of the Caribbean 4. The first film was nothing short of magical for me. I absolutely loved that damn movie. However, each sequel has gotten progressively worse and worse culminating in Pirates 3 which was an absolute abysmal waste of a movie and would probably be on my Top 10 Worst Sequels of all time list. I don’t want to see them further ruin the franchise with another money grab.

But lets talk Depp for a moment. Should any human being get paid $75 million for 3 months work? And when I use the word “work”, I use it lightly (not slighting the work actors have to do… but if I had to choose to either spend 3 months doing the heavy work of an actor or doing 3 months doing the heavy work of a road construction guy… I’d pick the actor’s life). This dollar figure is insane.

Now let me play devil’s advocate for a moment. An argument can be made that Johnny Depp is the face of the Pirates franchise, and while I maintain that ANY actor is replaceable… this is one of those situations where it would be VERY difficult to do so. Depp is synonymous with Captain Jack Sparrow. And no matter how bad the 3rd Pirates film was, it still made HUGE amounts of money, money that a 4th Pirates film could probably duplicate, BUT NOT WITHOUT DEPP.

With Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 4, you can pretty much bank on it making at least $300 and possibly as much as $450 million. Without Depp you’re looking at $100 million tops. So it could be argued that investing $75 million in Depp for the film makes financial sense. But it still feels all sorts of wrong.

It’s unlikely that either Orlando Bloom or Kiera Knightly will return, which is a good thing. Focus Pirates 4 on Sparrow and Barbossa fighting it out over something and you’ll have my attention.

  • Marcus

    People that complain that someone makes a lot of money, or look down on that individual due to them making a lot of money are truly pathetic. He makes a business money, so he is worth money to them, hence they pay him lots. Good on him!

    Should he say “No! Pay me less, and keep that money for yourself. Distribute it to the shareholders, horaaay.”. It’s simple business, they are paying him to be in the movie because he makes them more money. If you are offended that he is so much more successful than you, don’t buy a ticket and feed him cash.

    Anyone would think he was a fraudster stealing pensions from disabled war veterans the way you pathetic left wing morons go on.

  • trala

    The only question in this case is: would you rather Johnny get the money, or some executive you never heard of? Not only that, Johnny really invented that character. Does anyone remember how Disney execs hated his potrayal of Cpt Sparrow when they were shooting the first movie? They thought it would never work and the Depp’s performance was off. But then they saw how the people loved it and that Depp was right. So he solely made that character and therefore should get due credit.

    Is 75 million insane? Yes, it is… but so it 1.2 billion worldwide. And do you think all that money just ends up in a big piggie bank? No, people get rich of these ventures. So Depp should be able to share in the wealth. But yes, it is crazy. I think he would agree. But would he be such a bad steward of the money, compared to a business exec? I don’t think so. Maybe we’ll see some charity stuff coming out of Johnny now that he can feel completely financially secure. Remember, Johnny, it is not vanity to help other people who are starving and dying ;)

  • Pablo

    $75 million is a LOT of money, but well… if Disney is willing to pay him that amount of money, then good for him! Let’s be honest: who in this world (Johnny Depp or else) would refuse such a paycheck? I wouldn’t for sure, and I’m sure noone else would, so let’s stop being hypocrites, critizing and shouting “Oh it’s outrageous!” because it’s not. And if Disney is willing to pay him that much, it’s because they know they’ll get 20 times as much money back, thanks to his only performance (as many said earlier, the only reason why all 3 Pirate movies have made so much money is Captain Sparrow. No Depp in that franchise, no success!).

    If someone has to be criticised here, it’s not Depp (for being paid $75 million) or Disney (for paying $75 million for an actor) , it’s only us, the stupid people, consumers who go watch the movie, buy the merchandising, and ultimately pay Depp’s and Disney’s salaries…

  • I absolutely LOVED all the Pirate installments. I am just a bit upset that Orlando and Kiera won’t be in the next sequel. I am hoping they will appear in more upcoming sequels though. The movie is entertainment. Depp plays a loveable character and I cannot see anyone playing that part but him. Yes $75 million is a lot of dough, but if Disney wants to keep him in the sequels (which I believe is what keeps people coming back) then that is what they will pay him. I probably would not see anymore of the pirate movies if he were not in them. It will be hard enough with Orlando and Kiera gone. I have personally enjoyed every single installment of Pirates and look forward to as many as Disney wants to make.

    • Orlando and Keira’s storyline is completely done. There is nothing left to do with the characters.

  • tas

    i think johnny depp worths this mpney ,,,,, and he is the best actor i ever seen … look to his movie and u will see

    i’m abig fan for him