Joe Johnston takes on Captain America

Captain America is getting the same red carpet treatment as the rest of the leadup films to the Avengers film, and news hits that they have secured a director for Captain America: The First Avenger – Joe Johnston.

Hollywood Reporter says:

Joe Johnston has inked a deal to direct “First Avenger: Captain America,” Marvel Studios’ take on its classic comic book character. Marvel’s Kevin Feige is producing.

No writers are on board, but the studio, which is hearing pitches, expects to hire shortly.

Johnston first met with Marvel two years ago. When the two parties clicked, general talks turned into Captain America-specific meetings, with much of the project’s current direction resulting from those early conversations.

This guy has a great resume.

Though no official script has been written yet, it is speculated that Captain America: The First Avenger will take place in World War 2, sharing his origin story. So who better than the director of the pulp adventure hit Rocketeer? (which I loved).

I am very encouraged by this guy as a director for the Cap. He will hold true to the American spirit that everyone is hoping to see in this film. A slice of apple pie Americana was served up with Rocketeer, and only fitting we get another taste with Cap.

This film is slated to come out in 2011 a few months before we get the climax of geek mecca as IronMan, Thor, and Cap unite in Avengers.

  • BradCrimLostJoe

    I can’t wait for this movie! I just hope it is well cast with someone who is all american looking and has a large build. I think Charlie Hunnam would be pretty good although he is british. I saw a play a few months ago at the Old Globe Theatre near where I live and they had a hulking Blonde guy that would be perfect as Cap. He was an LA actor and really good. I think his name was Matt Beidel. They just need to find somebody tough enough to be able to pull off the supersoldier that is Captain America.

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow

    @ rodney

    well, i never said i wanted him as cap dude…i never said i hated him, i love will

    im saying some people do. i have the links…well maybe hell be a good patriot (like THATLL ever hapen!)

    ive always said hell make a good green lantern though….

  • There is a loose way of getting around the Cap costume, Rodney. It’s 100000 to 1 shot. I’ll give you ten things they could, in brainstorming thought, could get away with:

    1) Forget the round shield for now. If it does show up, it will show up either the following year in Avengers, or at least by the third act of the Cap film. The (first) shield will be more like the “crest” like shield seen in his early comics days.

    2) Captain America is a codename; his friend, Bucky (sans Lone Ranger mask) is an 16 year old soldier who lied about his age to get into WWII. Cap leads a small Allied team codenamed Invaders. A demolition expert is nicknamed The Torch. haha. Not so funny, though, is that Bucky buys it by the end of reel two. (hmmm…maybe the gay actor thing isn’t such a great idea after all…)

    3) Cap is used as propaganda, many believe he does not exist and/or he isn’t “for real”. But he and/or The Invaders allegedly help clear various enemy front lines, gather intel, and face off against a super-soldier like team of Nazi stormtroopers, led by the Red Skull.

    4) His getup is meant to distract the enemy while the Allies conduct battles on other, more strategic fronts.

    5) During a brief capture, the Nazis mock Rogers and paint an A on the uniform’s forehead. Patches and/or rubber sewn in like Al Pyun’s 91 DTV flick don’t wash.

    6) The wings are actually radio receivers and/or can listen in on varied Allied (or Axis) channels.

    7) The blue scales on Cap’s uniform are flame resistant.

    8) The bone white sleeves don’t happen until after he is frozen in ice. This is a result of being in suspended animation.

    9) His boots are not red. They are a brownish red military style. Same with the gloves.

    10) He has more of his classic 40s look.

    And there it is.

  • I have never heard ANYONE say they want Will Smith for Cap.

    And I am a Big Willy fan.

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow

    well a shitload of people where saying will smith could play cap and thats ridiculous…i think borrowman is a better choice then freaking smith

  • Darren, you underestimate the importance of an actor’s orientation in regards to the character he is playing. I agree that it shouldnt matter, and in most cases it doesnt. But the fans will be extra sensitive about a character wearing the nations flag as a costume (which I hope to hell they update – but probably wont. That shit wont fly in real life)

    There was already an outcry when it was suggested that an NonAmerican actor could play Cap. Even if he looked the part and sounded like an American.

    American National Pride is a force to be reckoned with, and I think you know as well as I do that it will play a HUGE role in the studio’s decision on an actor.

    I like Barrowman, and he is wonderful in Who/Torchwood, but I just dont see him as Cap even with dyed hair.

  • Does Steve Rogers really need to have blonde hair?
    If so, is there some strict rule that an actor can’t dye his hair blonde?
    Can’t an actor cut weight or bulk up?

    As for John Barrowman.

    Now in Barrowman’s favor: said actor has to be “game” for the part. What I mean is, they fully know that at some point they will wear a uniform-like costume with stripes, a star on the chest, wings on the ears and an A on the head. (I hope they drop the A somehow, and make him more like US Agent-like, but it won’t happen) It’s one thing when an actor takes a part that has the character build a suit of armor and becomes Iron Man; it’s one thing when an actor takes on a role and turns into via makeup and CG effects into the Hulk, An actor might even get away with, through FX, wear a helmet radio headset and ride on an ant, should that film ever come to pass.

    Also, Barrowman being gay also isn’t much of an issue as some might think. Did you hear any complaints about Sir Ian McKellean being cast as Magneto almost nine years ago? If there were, I cannot remember them. I’m sure there might have been…but after X-Men and its sequels came out…nobody seemed to make an issue of it. So it shouldn’t be an issue.

    The only issue regarding Barrowman is if he is the right actor for the part. He could die his hair, he can work out etc. But,,,

    Yeah, he’s neat in Doctor Who and the spinoff Torchwood. But as much as I would like to see a new or rising actor in the role, when one considers the other names being rumored about even if it isn’t so- such as Leo DeCaprio or Matt McConaughey- they not only are “bigger” names- but at this stage better actors as well.

    Note: he could cameo as Union Jack, should there be an Invaders reference.

  • sfizzle

    so i love that he is doing cap. i grew up on the rocketeer, matter of fact my first two action figures were one rocketeer and cap. and as for the American spirit and the huge icon that cap is joe will do great. there is a shot in the rocketeer where the rocketeer is in front of the flag waving holding a pistol (ICONIC). now i just wonder who is going to play cap, kevin Campbell in his prime would have been great.

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow

    oops..nah he wont look good blonde

  • HAZMAT_loves_gwyn_paltrow

    yeah…im not against a gay cap- but i wouldnt like it simply because people will bitch about it too much

    okay so muscular…american….not gay…known bankable actor.