Jeff Bridges and Tron 2 Confirmed!

This Year’s ComicCon has plenty of new announcements and one that caught me completely by surprise was the announcement that Tron2 was being produced. And Jeff Bridges is going to be in it!

A teaser for the film was shown at ComicCon yesterday and was met with much appreciation.

/Film says:

The teaser starts off with the camera panning through a strange stylized landscape. At this point, nobody knew what we were watching, so only silence filled the hall. And then, two blue/yellow suit-wearing motorcyclists burst into frame, engaged in a frenzy of a race. Audiences erupted in applause.

I think I would have about wet myself at this point too.

Taking advantage of new technology, Tron2, leetspeek labeled Tr2n will be all cgi with hints that events that take place in the “real world” will be live action. And the best part of all is that Jeff Bridges will be in it. How his character will play into this I don’t know, but I am all for it.

The original Tron was awesome, and considering the technology at the time was still super cool. Yeah it was just cardboard costumes with black lighting, but it was still cool. Shuddap ya whippersnappers, you wont like it. There are no Pokemon inside the machine.

As soon as we find a video link somewhere for this we will post it!

  • nirobe

    P.S please don’t let CGI screw this movie up please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nirobe

    am a big fan of this first movie and like punch myself when the disk of Tron arcade out in the middle of the 80s i was soooo addicted to the game that i spend half of my pay check on the machine how stupid when i think of it now but anyways i hope there is a little jeff humor and some wendy carlos music some what and would be nice if the guy that played zark came back not too sure he didn’t like the movie he was in o well hope it will be great