• Kate

    I find it extraordinary that anyone would waste their energy by formulating an opinion about a movie poster. Why on earth does anyone care so much?

    The poster serves a purpose, it advertises a film. Surely it would be better to hate something tangible, like war?

  • So stupid.

  • Not a very good thing to do putting his ugly self on the frount cover.

  • John Hitchy

    Saw this movie 3 weeks back and no, it’s not better than Knocked Up. It is funny but doesn’t touch KU or Superbad.

  • Tarmac

    I hate Russel Brand.

    That is all.

  • Ben

    It makes sense to put Russell Brand at the front of the poster (especially here in the UK) because no-one else will know who the other two are here. I don’t mind the poster.

  • shadopup

    I agree Doug, awful poster. I can say exactly why but just everything about it is terrible. Everything looks fake. Even the loveable Kristen Bell looks like she’s giving a blank rather than loving stare.

  • I’m really not looking forward to this movie. When you got that Russel guy in any movie, it’s too fucking hard to watch, he is so annoying and I got no idea why anyone would cast him.