Exclusive Star Trek Images Online

Now before you get your skirt in a bunch, these are exclusive pictures for the sites they were sent to. We are just gathering them and showing you where they are. Now exhale, geek it up and enjoy.

I haven’t been this excited about Star Trek since…. Well never. I am a fringe fan at best (Die hard Star Wars fan) and there is enough scifi goodness to appreciate Star Trek but its never quite struck a chord in my heart.

Its like your buddy’s girlfriend. You like her enough. She’s pretty. If things were different you could even see yourself dating her at one point. But that’s just now how it is. You can appreciate it and even have fun with her around.

Well now seeing these new images for Star Trek I find myself really noticing it and appreciating it differently. And just to whet that tongue a little more, Paramount has scattered an offering of five exclusive pics to five different websites online. Fortunately for us,
UGO.com was one of them and also links to all of em so you don’t have to dance around:

The first production stills from Star Trek are out. UGO is one of 5 sites privvy to debut exclusive photos of 2009’s most anticipated film. Now, excuse me while I have a nerd core breach!

The five sites that are showing off the images all have high res versions of them, so if you need to get a closer look you can check them out at the prospective sites:




That last picture is PERFECT in showing off Zachary Quinto as Spock. That guy was born to play this role.

  • hecticstairs

    im very excited for this reboot. pics look great.

    keep in mind all the similarities and differences in the pics are worth nothing if the script isnt tight enough to pull it all together.

    this reboot should feel like THE star trek to watch, and not necessarily NEW star trek.

  • DAVE

    Just gonna say it:

    This is wrong. This is all very wrong.

  • Steve

    From the picture with Sylar in view, it looks just there’s a bit of “enterprise style” rewriting history with the set design – truth is they cant entirely help it but just looks a little too shiny and gleaming and bright and new. Obviously this’ll PROBABLY not last too long – but fans of the original series the set was muted and gun-metal coloured.Dont even begin to talk about the displays….

  • Dragonslayer

    Fuck Star Trek. Star Wars is where it’s at (laughs).

  • karl urban looks good.

  • Allan

    they look like a bunch of kids playing in there dads sharship. Looks kinda wierd. why do they have to be the original crew. This point will bethe only thing that will break this movie. They can call thiem sheves any other crew on anyother ship.

  • AjaxLou

    EW article is online – http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20233502,00.html


    ALTHOUGH i would prefer the yellow shirt better….(ys it black? wtf)