Christian Bale Allegedly Assaults His Own Family

Christianbale11We have peculiar news today that is strange beyond belief. It appears that Christian Bale has been arrested for asaulting his own mother and sister! We get wind of this news from the professionals at Variety:

Batman star Christian Bale was arrested Tuesday on allegations of assault, police said. British media had reported that Bale’s mother and sister complained they were assaulted by the 34-year-old actor at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Sunday night, a day before the European premiere of “The Dark Knight.”

The women made the allegation at a local police station in Southern England on Monday, Britain’s Press Association news agency said. It said the allegation was then passed on to the Metropolitan Police in London.

I think Bale is an incredible actor, and I find it very upsetting that his career could be affected, because he punched out his sister and mother in a hotel. I am hoping that this news turns out to be false, maybe the onion is the source of the news……but it doesn’t seem like it.

Few things are worse for your public image than beating up your mother, throwing a sister into the equation certainly doesn’t help things. All of this nonsense makes Tom Cruise’s outbursts look incredibly mild in comparison. This is very bad news and who knows what the fallout will be at this point. As bad as it is to say, I hope a massive amount of drugs were involved; at least that gives him an excuse. If he was sober, it’s all the more sinister.

  • Lt_Ryan

    Am I the only one that sees the irony in the fact that Christian Bale played Batman – and then he was arrested by Metropolitan Police in London? This is very close to Metropolis Police, where Superman is located. It’s almost as if the Superman/Batman feud occurred in real life!


    I heard, he only pushed his sister out of the hotel room, after shouting at them.

  • mike

    due to all his recent attention it seems Bale has been looking for a way to blow off some steam. here is stolen audio from his most recent phone call to Morgan Freeman.

  • Jason Blosser

    Mum and sis probably didn’t get their monthly check on time and cried “Assault!”

  • Gordon Shumway

    Every media outlet here in the UK seems to think they invented the ‘released on Bale/ Bail’ pun. Im already tired of it in under 24 hours.

  • Gutpunch

    It should be noted that Bale doesn’t actually have anything to do with his biological mother, nor that side of the family, and that he stayed with his father when his parents divorced. Word is that his mother has been trying to sponge off him since he became famous, but that’s something that Bale doesn’t talk about.

    The story that’s coming out of the hotel now is that his estranged mother and sister showed up at the hotel, drunk and belligerent, and started a scene in the lobby. They exchanged words, and then left. The next day, they called the police, and pressed charges.

    It should also be noted that Bale wasn’t arrested. He surrendered himself, and no charges were laid.

  • Can’t believe the British media. They are notorious for making shit up.

  • darkbhudda

    Pretty obvious what happened.

    CB’s Mum: Give me money
    CB’s Sister: Give me money
    CB: No.

    Then they went to the police as revenge. Probably so they can try and sell their story to some women’s mag or tabloid paper.

  • Cristina

    Do not believe everything you read…ESPECIALLY from the media!!!!

  • melbye