Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie??

When Twilight was feeling its rise to popularity there were two comparisons that were thrown about. The literary popularity in young readers like Harry Potter fans, and the criticism that the romance was ripped from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

And now Hollywood is rumoured to be alive with the buzz that Joss Whedon, creator of the aforementioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer is eyeing the success of Twilight with anxious hands gripping a feature film script he had prepared for the continuation of the show.

Moviehole Reports:

The monster success of girly vampire pic Twilight at the US Box office last weekend could kick open the door for a big-screen return of Joss Whedon’s much-loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Rumours are circulating in Hollywood that Whedon has a feature-film script based on his hit TV series ready to roll as soon as a studio is prepared to commit.

I could see this as prime picking for a return of the delectable Sarah Michelle Gellar and her Scooby Gang to return to the big screen. I have no doubt that Joss has a multitude of ideas stashed away for the Buffyverse in that treasure trove of a mind of his.

Maybe if Buffy gets a movie treatment in this high time of teen vampire romance, other spinoff possibilities could return to television as well. Faith the rebel slayer was rumoured to be getting her own show back in the day and even Spike was considered, but the one spinoff show I was looking more forward to seeing was Ripper. The story of Giles, the last remaining Watcher gathering and reforming what is left of the council (destroyed in the closing end of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on TV). Anthony Stewart Head is currently staring as King Pendragon in the BBC’s Merlin.

David Boreanaz is enjoying great success on Bones (also a favourite of mine) but I am sure he too could leave some room for a feature film to return as Angel.

Joss has a cult following, which I am a member of so I am tainted in my opinion. But it might be high time for him to reign the TV waves again. Joss once swore to never do TV, but mid-season he has Dollhouse premiering with former Buffy Alum Eliza Dushku (which is getting mixed reviews and speculation on the Whedon TV Cancellation curse) and his outstanding success online with Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog are keeping him just shy of the spotlight.

But the rabid Whedonites have let him down in the past with Firefly. But while the market is hot for angsty vampire love, and Hollywood itching to make a movie out of every popular but ened TV show (Friends, Sex and the City, Arrested Development) we just might find all the planets are aligned for our best chance at seeing it happen.

  • rhodeislandred23

    I would trip over myself for a return of the greatest tv series ever made. Even if it was only a movie.

  • bizzy

    Watched Buffy then Angel and it would be nice to see Angel, Spike, and the gang meet up one last time in a final movie. Why didn’t Joss Whedon make a movie following his tv series? It wont be the same w/o the same or any of the actors from before. I would pick Buffy over Twilight any day!!!

  • kärt

    Please, PLEASE, make this happen!

    Is there a place I can sign or sth, support the cause, that sort of thing?

  • Hasn’t anyone considered they could set it back in one of the earlier seasons. Back when it was only Buffy who was the chosen one. Because I really don’t think it would have an impact if there was more than one slayer. I could easily write a belter based around season two. Maybe during the whole Angelus period. =] infact am off to write this.

  • My life would be complete of they made a Buffy movie. No offence to Twilight or its fans but, if it were not for the two hunks in the movie, (Robert and Taylor) the movie would be dead. Buffy has enough the humor,gore and romance for both movies.

    P.S.- Kristen Stewarts whole “awkward girl who still manages to be sexy” thing is so mot working. Only bad actors/actresses feel the need to pull stupid roles like this.

    (please no one come to her defence its totally stupid and useless)

  • I wish they would figure out what they are going to do already. Spike said he’d wait as long as seven years, then he’d feel like he looked too old to reprise the role. His seven years just passed.