An Update On The Status Of The Movie Blog

Hey there guys. For those of you who are not regular Movie Blog readers, this post really won’t be of any interest to you. For those of you that are… this post is to update you on what’s been going on here over the last few months, where Doug Nagy is, and where the site is heading.

I’ll do this in point form for brevity’s sake:

– Back in late 2007 I sold The Movie Blog to Peerflix. Part of the deal was that Peerflix wanted me to stay on and run the site, and I insisted I wanted Doug Nagy brought on as full time staff as well. They wanted us to move to Los Angeles so they offered to pay our rent to make that possible.

– Everything under Peerflix was smooth and wonderful

– In late Summer 2008 I was informed that Peerflix had sold themselves and The Movie Blog to Live Universe, owned by self proclaimed MySpace creator Brad Greenspan. I felt uneasy about the change in ownership, but was excited about the possibilities at the same time.

– Live Universe missed our first payment, rent payment and purchase payment. We got an eviction notice because we didn’t have the rent money. We were not off to a good start with Live Universe.

– We had never been paid on time under Live Universe, getting eviction notices each month

– Doug and myself are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid expense money that neither of us has ever been given. This stopped us from being able to go to movies, special events, festivals etc. It also set us back since all that money had come out of our own pockets.

– I ultimately got evicted from my place in Hollywood due to Live Universe’s failure to pay me

– The Movie Blog was sold on a monthly payment basis instead of one lump sum. They were to pay me a few thousand dollars each month for 2 years until it was paid off. In the 4+ months since Live Universe took over Peerflix and The Movie Blog, they’ve only made 1 of those payments.

– A few weeks ago I warned Live Universe that I was going to cite them for default on the purchase agreement and take back The Movie Blog unless they paid what was owed. They never did. On Tuesday I notified Live Universe that I was taking The Movie Blog back, and I have.

– I’m going to continue to run The Movie Blog or the next few months and then make some decisions about what to do

– Doug Nagy is no longer with The Movie Blog since we don’t have people paying us anymore. Doug has poured his heart and soul into The Movie Blog and it would simply be unfair for me or anyone else to ask him to continue working for free. Doug also got royally screwed in all of this, which just pisses me off even more. If we ever find a way to get revenue for the site (I’m not a sales person at all), I’ll approach Doug about joining the site again. Maybe I’ll be able to convince him to join me for some podcasts if you all ask him nice enough.

– Rodney is still around and you will see posts by him for the time being as well.

– There is a LOT more to the story… but that’s enough to give you the basic idea.

So that’s the skinny folks. Clearly you can see why Doug and I haven’t been able to talk about any of this over the past few months and I’m sure you can understand that I can’t give any more details than what I’ve given here. Thanks for all your support guys. Oh, and go visit and let Doug know you support him and miss him.

  • I knew something strange was happening when posting of the podcast to itunes became so infrequent as to make the show irrelevant. It saddened me. I had enjoyed the podcasts in the round table and just with John and Doug formats since late 2006, but much like the last TV season were the shows disappeared for long periods and it made it hard to rejoin the shows when they reappeared, the once every two months postings made it difficult for me to know if a new show (which needed to be heard within a few days of origin to be relevant) was up and available.

    I hope that when this is resolved and the dust settles that the podcasts are posted on itunes in a timely manner. I miss you guys.

    Corporations suck – too bad they control the purses.

  • Matthew C.

    I can understand trying to keep the site ad-free and I think that is cool, but what I love about this site is the frequency and amount of posts… you obviously won’t be able to keep that up without some sort of income… I say put up some ads, and if anyone complains, they can read blogs somewhere else.

  • Julius T. (Denmark)

    Hey John and Doug that’s truely sad news… been wondering why activity was lacking and now we kno why… so so sad! Been checking up on the movieblog 3-4 times a day and always enjoying the uncut shows very much! We all hope you get the site economically up and running again and get Doug back on this!

  • Scott A.

    The Movie Blog is one of the very few sites I check on a daily basis. I hope everything works out for you John. A internet without The Movie Blog is an internet I don’t want to surf.

  • Well, at the risk of sounding like a complete malcontent, for me, Doug’s contributions to the site were consistently negative. (But then, I think he deserves a prize for being able to ruin a piece, mangle a story in so few a number of words. Not sure what that prize would be, but there ya go.) His stuff always read like something out of a weeny, over-earnest high school rag. (And I don’t mean that in a nostalgic, ‘I feel fuzzy all over’ sort of way.)

    Sorry to hear you’ve both been so royally screwed though. Nobody deserves that kind of grief. ‘specially Canucks.

  • ADOX

    that sucks for you both real bad, kudos for keeping the blog running though, someone really should buy this gem from you and keep you on as editor and pay Doug.

    I miss Doug lots he certainly had