Akira Live Action 2011 – Hollywood Style!

People are worried about Akira being translated to an American audience in a live action epic. Well fear not true believers! We get a peek at just how the candy coated Hollywood Machine will make this movie apply to your weak willed anti creative thinking marshmallow minds!

The original anime holds up, I see no need for them to “Americanize it”, and my nightmares about it usually look like that funny clip. If they could stay true to the story and just make it exactly the same, but live action (and major effects studio behind them), then it will be made of awesome.

Now if the people hoping to do this adaptation can watch this video and then DON’T do anything that happens in it we will be alright!

  • Not going to work…

    My ranking for Live Akira: -32.It’s one thing to “Americanize”this movie,but to exclude Japanese for this movie? Oh no, that isn’t going to work.

    Akira is a Japanese themed movie. How can you just botch that up? Even if it’s in being filmed in the United States, it still look like they would have some Japanese-Americans in this movie. The book doesn’t read like that.No matter how Americanized this movie, there is no away around taking away the cultural aspects of it. You just cannot do that.With Akira, Hollywood should have let well enough alone.

  • toddomy

    OHHHHHHHHH come on hollywood f’s up about 65% of the movies they produce, what’s the chance they can make a 1/2 way decent live action adaptation of a japanese anime, that was itself only a 1/2 way decent adaptation of a japanese graphic novel…

    my bets on slim 2 nil.

    • And 89% of people make up percentages to sound smarter.

  • I hope they do not hold back on this movie. It be real cool is scene from scene is done exactly like the animie! They did it with Watchmen so please dont fuck this movie up and make it like a gung ho US pride and glory spirit movie with a pg rating. Make this movie the violent epic. The movie will make money for sure if it is rated R. original soundtrack !!!!!!!!