4 New Speed Racer Posters Revealed

SuperHeroHype has a new Speed Racer poster and though I was thinking this would be crappy, I now find myself anxious about seeing this movie. Its a major cheese fest waiting to happen, but it looks like fun. The posters seem to say that and more.

I like how this poster focuses on the car. Its about a race car driver, but you know all we want to see is the flashy cars on the ridiculous tracks pulling insane stunts.The other posters seem to focus on the characters (RacerX, Trixie & Speed) and they dont suck me in nearly as much.

SuperHeroHype has links to 3 more posters, but I like this one the best.

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    lol that was it?? sheesh…
    hey is anyone here pastaferian?? flying spaghetty monster?? if so please let me know

    oh…yeah…cool beans

  • 790

    May his Shadow fall upon you Rodney.

    I liked both shows enough to buy all the dvds.
    Lexx is prob in my top 3 shows of all time.
    Farscape never went as over the top as LEXX. Check season 4 for example.
    But its also in my top 10.

  • 790 was the little robot head on Lexx.

    Yes, I once used to worship his shadow. Good show, lots of potential. I think Farscape did a better job nailing that “offbeat” scifi for tv.

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    Well I don’t want to hiJack this Speed Racer thread,

    I will say no (COOL BEANS) Jamie, 790 is a character in a very popular Science fiction tv show.
    If anyone cares at this point:

    If nobody comes up with it in the few days I’ll reviel it here.

    Go Speed Racer Go!

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    Jamie, that’s what’s soooo cool. Speed Racer is a Japanese cartoon.

    When it was shown in USA they had to overdub the voices.

    Its like a karate flick if you watch the original cartoon you’ll know what I mean.

    The Wachowskis are trying to stay true to the cartoon. I don’t think all the voices will be like that in this new film but clearly it looks like Racer X will be done that way. Very cool!

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