300 Sequel?


Well, I suppose we should have seen this coming. 300 we be the next film to enter the sequel factory, we get wind of this peculiar news from our friends at comics2film:

Reporting from the 34th Annual Saturn Awards, Collider.com talked to Mark Canton, Gianni Nunnari and Bernie Goldmann, the producers of ‘300’.

“We’re looking for another ‘300’ and we’re looking for Frank Miller and Zack [Snyder] to do thier thing. We’ve had obviously, around the world, such an amazing journey,” Canton said. “It keeps on going.”

I loved 300 and am disappointed by this news. The story was a one off and should be left as such. I am all for the same crew making more Spartan films and/or sword and sandal pictures, but there is no need to have the film associated with 300 in any way shape or form. Few things in life bother me more than sequels that should not be.

The only way this sequel will interest me is if the 300 Spartans end up fighting their way out of hell. If they beat the devil in combat, I could stomach the follow up.

International friends – what are your thoughts? Would you care to see a 300 sequel?

  • jeff

    i think they can relate the story of the sequel to the playstation game GOD OF WAR. hehehe, that would be cool!

  • Marshall

    to add to the guy above, me… youre right, i was just going to say that exact thing! they could keep with the same theme too as far as battle strategy, because Themistocles used the tactics in water that Leonidas used on land.

  • Ray

    Why not the story of the graet sea battle that held the Pursians at bey while the 300 did there duty. This battle fought by Thomisticles was said to be as great as theres was.

  • Jason Tanis

    I SAY MAKE THE SEQUAL!!!! “The battle of Plataea” how Xerxes was defeated by unified greece. And “The battle of Salamis” unified greek navy defeats the vastly more powerful persian navy, leading to the battle of plataea and victory of tiny greece over mighty persia. Without this victory at salamis western civilization would not be anything like we know it now.

    It’s a matter of time until the story comes out on film I say make it now!

  • John

    This is gonna be good. Very, very, very, very, good!!!!

  • Rob Forest

    Kristina said:

    “There’s a lot of Greek influences in our lives today, from democracy to architecture. If not for that battle, we’d be speaking Persian right now in tents with goat lords and wild orgies:)”

    -To me, that sounds like the perfect alternate lifestyle! All hail wild orgies and GOAT LORDS!

  • TKT

    299 of then died in thermophilas.

    So the Sequel will be called 1!?