The Worst Films Of 2008

Worst-Movies-2008-puke.jpgWell, as we approach the end of 2008 it’s time to continue the tradition and announce The Movie Blog’s 10 worst films of 2008. There were a LOT of horrible movies this year so it took a while to narrow down the bunch to just 10… but we have them here now for you to focus your disgust at. These movies represent the very worst of Hollywood and painful memories of wasted money at the box office. Thank goodness we had some really great films this year too… but that post is for later this week.

So for now I present to you for discussion, The Movie Blog’s 10 Worst Films of 2008

Worst-2008-spartans.jpg#1 – MEET THE SPARTANS
I don’t know that I have it in me to think about this movie long enough to make a statement about it. The fact that it made $30 million on it’s opening weekend proves that “Idiocracy” was more of a prophecy than a movie. Hands down the worst film of 2008.
Worst-2008-guru.jpg#2 – THE LOVE GURU
Should have just called it “Austin Powers 4 With A Different Accent And Without The Humor”. Myers… what happened to you dude? Yes, it was even worse than…
Worst-2008-witless.jpg#3 – WITLESS PROTECTION
How can a guy who is so funny on stage (yeah, I actually dig Larry as a stand up comedian) be so flat out horrible on screen each and every time he’s up there?
Worst-2008-Rocker.jpg#4 – THE ROCKER
I knew this film was a train wreck after being on set for just 5 minutes. Rainn Wilson was poised to become a big comedy movie star… after this flop it just ain’t gonna happen. Damn movie made less that $6.5 million. OUCH!
Worst-2008-X.jpg#5 – X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE
I wanted to like this movie so badly, but it’s like the filmmakers sat down one day and said to themselves “how many ways can we really screw this movie up, and how fast can we do all of them”. Good job guys… total success!
Worst-2008-88.jpg#6 – 88 MINUTES
Al Pacino holds the honor of being the only performer to headline 2 films on this year’s worst of list. Can anyone remember far back enough when this guy being in a movie meant something?
Worst-2008-body.jpg#7 – OVER HER DEAD BODY
Turns out Eva Longoria actually can’t act or attract an audience and just fluked out with Housewives. Wow this movie SUCKED! Why did Paul Rudd agree to be in this?
This is another one I so dearly wanted to like, but instead it just rotted like bad pork in the sun. Some great visual effect stuff in there… but aside from that just about nothing redeemable about the film whatsoever.
Worst-2008-Righteous.jpg#9 – RIGHTEOUS KILL
The long awaited team up of Al and Robert was made about 7 years too late. And why the hell would you get the director from 88 Minutes to do this??? A horrible piece of crap movie which only served to push Pacino and De Niro further into irrelevance.
The worst unforgivable sin any comedy film can commit is to not be funny. This film was not funny. Not even once. Not one giggle, not one smile, not one grin. Can someone please tell Michael Cera that he’s allowed to play more than one character? Yes, I get it Cera. You’re a mildly awkward, good hearted, understated and sympathetic post-teen who struggles with identity and self confidence despite having a lot to offer. Oh wait… which one of his characters are we talking about? Oh that’s right… ALL OF THEM!!!

So there you have it folks. The list of the very worst films of 2008. I’m sure there are others you’d like to see on there, so why don’t you guys fill out the rest in the comments section. Which films do you think deserve the “honor” of being on there… and which ones would you take off this prestigious list to make room for them?

In a couple of days I’ll be posting the Annual “Movie Blog Awards” listing the best films of 2008 including the categories of “Best Film”, “Most Surprising”, “Biggest Disappointment”, “Most Underrated” and a few other.