Star Wars – Steampunk Style!

Some really cool Star Wars pictures were put up online recently with the twist of what Star Wars would have looked like if it was Steampunk style!

/Film shares:

The CG Society challenged its members to create computer models of Steampunk versions of classic Star Wars characters, creatures and vehicles.

I think these show a great deal of creativity. I have always had a soft spot for steampunk stuff, and to see the styling applied to my favourite movie franchise is fantastic. I don’t know that I would want to see Star Wars remade this way, but a Steampunk animated epic would be made of awesome.

Click here to see all the entries! (link fixed – thanks!)

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10 thoughts on “Star Wars – Steampunk Style!

  1. That’s pretty interesting. It would certainly be cool to see an animated re-imagining of Star Wars in SteamPunk style. Though I’m not sure if George Lucas would ever let such a thing happen. But it’s cool to think about. Maybe one day. You never know. …If not a film, then a video game might be extremely interesting. With today’s technology, they could certainly do something extraordinary with it.

  2. okay seriously, those are tight pics, BUT you act like everybody and they mamma knows what “steampunk” is. I have no idea what it is. Whatever I guess you have forced me into googling it.

  3. Very interesting, shows how much Star Wars still fires up imaginations, even after the life was sucked out of the mythology in the prequels. There seemed to more in the Clone Wars cartoon than the digital renderings of the films, such a far cry from the grit and possibility of The Empire Strikes Back.

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