Sneak Peak At New Terminator Salvation Trailer

Isn’t if funny how far we’ve come? It used to be trailer promoted movies… and now trailers have trailers. Anyway, Terminator: Salvation is a film I still don’t really know how to feel about. On the one hand it does have Christian Bale in it and the Terminator universe is just awesome (let’s not talk about T-3 shall we?). But on the other hand… it just feels wrong. The franchise has run its course and it’s fricken McG.

Anyway, looks like Entertainment Tonight is running a little promo for when they’re going to unveil the new trailer. Yes… this is a trailer for the the trailer. Enjoy:

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15 thoughts on “Sneak Peak At New Terminator Salvation Trailer

  1. I have to agree. Mixed feelings can’t be helped. The Terminator universe is just interesting as hell. Christian Bale is a wonderful actor who has yet to really let his audience down. At least, he has yet to really let me down. But friggin’ McG? Anything that guy touches turns to crap. Pure manure. I think about the only thing worse than McG is Uwe Boll.

  2. I didn’t even bother with watching T3. I loved the first one and the second one was kick ass too.

    This one with Bale looks amazing. can’t wait to see it.

  3. “Such an 80’s model of show.” – Joey

    “I remember when ET actually talked about the entertainment industry. They even had movie reviews”- Terry

    Joey, what Terry said *was* the 80’s model to mid 90’s model. You think if Roger Ebert disliked a film he got vicious? Once upon a time ET’s Leonard Maltin was a bad ass. If he disliked a film, he showed no mercy.

    Before Jon Tesh devoted his time to his music…oh, how he is missed! I recall those occasional side remarks he used to do.

    Then three things happened. They wanted to go soft and more fluff. That’s one.

    Two, reality shows were the rage and, to some extent, still are. American Idol (not a real bad thing) and Dancing With The Stars (not a real bad thing) get about 80% coverage time. Gossip 10% (including real or rumor, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears) 5% goes to shameless self promotion. 5% is sex topics in Entertainment, be it Playboy, Victoria’s Secret, or no-fur Vanity Fair cover shoots (or Paris Hilton, Britney Spears…). 3% is mildly shameless self promotion including the nails on the Emery board personality CoJo and what vet Mary Hart did on the weekend. The rest is films and TV shows-usually CSI, which isn’t a bad thing, but you’d think that show and Ghost Whisperer were the only non-reality shows on TV. Least filmwise, Bond had loads of ET time.

    Three, every time they give new faces a shot at reporting…those new reporters want to be “stars” themselves, (see the 3%) and leave the show. Aside from the two mainstays (Hart and Jann Carl) nobody sticks around long…although Kevin Frazier is practically a ET vet already. I’m glad they went back to the desk though.

    As for this—teaser of a teaser, I’m not all excited about it. In fact, I’m outright disappointed. Not as disappointed as I am in the TV show, which is getting worse every other week, although it isn’t the actor’s fault.

  4. I never said that 2 wasn’t the best. I just said I could never find time to watch all of it. Everytime I start watching it, I run out of time or get distracted. I never meant I hated the second.

    But what I’ve seen of T2 is freaking awesome

  5. @dragon


    2nd was by far the best. Actually one of the best action films ever. Actually possibly Arnold’s best movie. Well 2nd to Jingle All the Way.

  6. I remember when ET actually talked about the entertainment industry. They even had movie reviews. Now it makes the National Inquirer look like Time magazine. I feel like Cosmo Kramer whenever I hear Mary Hart.

    BTW, T4 looks like it’s on the right path.

  7. I don’t get what is with T3. I freaking loved the film. And I loved the first film. And I can’t seem to freaking finish the second film.

  8. I will continue to be on the fence about this movie because action can look as bass ass as it wants, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be a good movie. Christian Bale is a plus playing John Connor, but McG as director pretty much overshadows that plus.

  9. The footage we saw in London was staggering (and that was still very rough). Just for the record. This film is going in the best direction from T3 (and that is far away from it)

    Makes you wonder how McG has the time to finish his film when he keeps flying round the world to promote it.

  10. I hate Entertainment Tonight and how ridiculous their coverage is. They will go balls out teasing the new trailer they will have, and every time they unveil an “exclusive” trailer, they only show half of it and talk over it the whole time it’s running. It pains me that this type of show is how some people get their movie news, 99% tabloid crap and advertisements 1% relevant coverage. Such an 80’s model of show.

  11. as little as the trailers show they have me wanting to see this movie. i hope that i am not disapointed but it already looks better than T3

  12. same here with me on T3 i didnt hate it but is my least favorit of all the movie. but when i forst saw the teaser for T4 and saw bale in it i could not stop feeling how much u wanted to see this movie i have been wanting to see a terminator based in the fight agains the machines and now we finally have one i am happy and o my god from what i have seen i am excited for this i cant wait

  13. Sign me the fuck up.

    I hated T3. It’s not a “TERRIBLE” film, but its definitely my least favorite of all time. That shit ruined my childhood. The action was boring, the atmosphere was that of a saturday morning cartoon, and it completely shit on the theme of the second.

    But… based only off of the trailers, this thing shows promise. I didnt mind the first Charlies Angels, but that is not this… McGs shown he actually cares about the franchise, and he could just make the transition from bubblegum to awesome


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