Russell Brand eyes Arthur Remake

Around these parts we have 4 Rules Before Making a Remake that trump any whining about originality in Hollywood. Remakes are hard business. But when I heard they were taking Arthur – a Dudley Moore classic, and remaking it with newcomer Russell Brand, something clicked.

That sounds like a great idea to me!

IESB says:

Russell Brand might soon be caught between the moon and New York City.

The British comedian is developing a remake of “Arthur,” the 1981 comedy that starred Dudley Moore, for Warner Bros. as a potential starring vehicle. Brand is meeting with scribes to write the screenplay, which will be produced by MBST’s Larry Brezner, whose credits range from “Good Morning, Vietnam” to HBO’s recent “Little Britain USA.”

I really like Brand’s charm and his Brit casual aloofness would be perfect for a drunken millionaire who falls in love with a common girl.

The original is old enough that most people today have not seen it, and relevant enough that it would serve well as an updated remake. I just hope they retain some heart to the comedy and don’t dumb it down to puking-on-yourself-drunk gags.

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20 thoughts on “Russell Brand eyes Arthur Remake

  1. Arthur worked because Dudley Moore was cute and funny. Russell Brand is neither. I heard Sir John Gielgud might be replaced with a woman. This movie won’t work. It is a classic and if it to be remade then a lot of time needs to be given to a cast this sounds like a rushed idea that won’t work.

    1. They replaced Starbuck with a woman and people said that woudlnt work either. And Battlestar Galactica had a bigger following, and is more well known than Arthur.

      The grand majority of movie going audiences have never seen Arther, nor do they care about the original film. This makes it perfect for an update.

      And Brand has proven that he plays drunk and vulnerable very well. You don’t know this won’t work. You are just assuming.

  2. Took a while before someone had to try to rant that there are no original ideas in Hollywood.

    I bet you thought it was original to complain about originality. Ironic that you keep saying that and it still doesn’t apply.

  3. What I forgot to add earlier was: why can’t people make their own GD movies anymore? Write your own story. If I had the privilege of making movies, I’d rather fail on my own work than succeed remaking everyone else’s. (Or: if you actually deserve the privilege, succeed with your own stories.)

  4. Arthur was one of my favorite movies as a kid; is one of my favorite comedies today. I’ve always been positive about Brand even amongst this hate orgy that’s been going on lately, but this is too much. That is Dudley Moore and John Gielgud’s movie. Resolutely. Just because it doesn’t have holy cow status doesn’t mean it should be remade.

    This is a bad idea.

  5. I think this is a GOD AWFUL idea. Nobody can replace Dudley Moore or Sir John Gielgud, NOBODY. I am so sick of remakes and all of the justifications for them, I just watched “Arthur” again last week and I still laugh my ass off, it is just as funny today as it was 27 years ago when I saw it in the theaters. This is a remake that in no way shape or form should ever see the light of day. I won’t be seeing it.

      1. Because it could be better. To say it can’t compare is pointless. You don’t know that they wont do something that is better.

        They said no one would ever so a better Joker than Jack Nicholson, people said you could never do Lord of the Rings justice with live action, and people said a movie about Facebook would be a stupid idea too.

        We wont know until they try.

  6. pfft w/e who cares this guy is a hack…his routine isnt even funny at all…its cool u have resident comedians who are involved with this site and i think u guys are funny as shit when u add your funny comments…my question how do u feel about this guy…i mean lets be real his role in the movie sarah marshall was the easiest role in the fricken world to play…..wasnt even that funny just a guy acting meh…..seriously im funnier on my bad days concocting assinine jokes about farts!

  7. Sounds like fun especially if they make it a little more edgie than the first version. I found Arthur a tad sacchariney.
    As for a person to dole out insults, I rather think Stephen Fry would be good…instead of slapstick insults have more intelligent, sarcastic digs.

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