Majel Barrett Roddenberry Passes Away

Majel-Roddenberry-dies.jpgSad news. The voice of the United Federation of Planets star ship computers and widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry has passed away. Majel Barrett Roddenberry died at home at the age of 76.

It was just recently announced that she would be reprising her “role” as the voice of the enterprise in the new JJ Abrams Star Trek movie coming out in the new year.

Boldly go Mrs. Roddenberry… boldly go.

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13 thoughts on “Majel Barrett Roddenberry Passes Away

  1. 2008 strikes again. The Year of the Reaper apparently. This news sucks. I really enjoyed her on the Next Generation at Troi’s mom.

  2. She appeared in one of my favourite episodes of Next Generation.

    In it she marrys an alien (David Ogden Steirs) who’s custom was to commit suicide by the time they reach the age of 60. It was a very moving.

  3. Sniff Sniff I wonder if she already got tapped for the movie or not? If she wasnt able to I hope they only use maybe one line of her dialog in the movie as a tribute.

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