Friel and Eisenberg take on The Wedding

Its no secret in these parts that I am a Bryan Fuller fan, and my latest addiction is Pushing Daisies. Well two things come from Pushing Daises end that are at least somewhat good. Fuller will be returning to assist the writing staff of Heroes, and the loveable Anna Friel is open to do movies.

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The Hollywood Reporter posts that Jason Reitman and Daniel Dubiecki are producing a new romantic comedy called The Wedding, which will star Eisenberg and Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel. Eisenberg will play a young man who is so infatuated with Friel’s 30-something character that he crashes her wedding.

I am very keen on seeing Anna Friel in anything, and I am happy to see that she is finding work even after Pushing Daisies faces its inevitable end.

But this, like any RomCom, sounds like it could wander into dangerous territory. The premise is simple. Man falls for a girl and tries to win her away from her current relationship by crashing her wedding. No doubt the current guy will be a jackass and you will wonder why she is with him to begin with and the charming protagonist will lure her away from her fated doom.

With any luck the comedy will rest on him trying to break up a perfectly good relationship and the much younger Eisenberg embarrassing himself in trying to thwart it.

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