Eddie Murphy is the Riddler!

I would have posted this far sooner but I just now stopped laughing. The UK rag known as “The Sun” is such a source of reliable media and they bring us the newest tip: Eddie Murphy will play the Riddler in the Dark Knight sequel!

The Sun calls it an exclusive because they made it up!

The Beverly Hills Cop star, 47, has been signed up by British director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to reprise the role played by JIM CARREY in 1995’s Batman Forever.

Execs have also signed up rising Transformers star SHIA LABEOUF, 22, to play Robin.

As if the news of Eddie Murphy wasn’t utterly ridiculous, but since Nolan already said that any Batman film he would be involved with wouldn’t include Robin. He also admitted that according to the timeline this franchise is set in, Robin would be an infant, so why would he cast a 22 year old?

This is just some wanker fantasy throwing out names pegged off on a dart board. Eddie can do fun silly Riddler, but I have yet to see him even a shred of serious in a role for decades. Besides, Nolan is likely to pick from the talent pool. People expect some obscure name, but I don’t think that’s his pattern. But he does choose substance over flash, and all Eddie has for flash is stories about his glory days.

So now that we had a good laugh we can forget about Eddie Murphy as Riddler and wait to see if Nolan is even going to use Riddler in the next film.

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50 thoughts on “Eddie Murphy is the Riddler!

  1. I gotta say, I think the best choice for the Riddler would be Paul Bettany!

    Great well spoken actor with the build to match the character. Plus he has the ability to play serious roles.

    Eddy Murphy is a joke, and Johnny Depp is not that much of an actor. All he does of late is put on an extremely poor “apples-and-pears” english accent (Sweeny Todd, Pirates, Sleepy Hollow)! Besides, he probably would turn it down out of loyalty to Tim Burton.

  2. My prediction, you heard it here first: Chris Nolan will pass on directing another Batman movie, and FRANK MILLER WILL DIRECT THE NEXT BATMAN MOVIE AND BASE IT ON HIS “ALL STAR BATMAN & ROBIN” COMIC BOOK (which Nolan’s Dark Knight set up by ending it with Batman an outlaw, as he is in “All-Star”).

  3. Shane
    that was beautiful

    and the new robin should wear and all black suit with no cape and a thin shoulder to shoulder dark blue robin on it with the small black mask (yes, no cape) and maybe a staff or something who knows

    they did it with the joker, robin could also be the next charismatic awsome character who happens to be SO AWSOME some people will think its cliche to mention him. like the joker. the joker is SUCH a good character that its just lame to talk about him sometimes..i hope that makes sence but i see this everyday..its just that the joker was so great…and i know that if they get a good actor for him itll be great….an actor that will in 2 or 3 scenes emotionally connect with batman (no homo) and at the same time have 5 BADASS fight scenes with loads of acrobatics
    also one scene were batman screams at him in the deep batman voice….

    and have 2 villains from begining to end….riddler and anarchy (or riddler and anyone else but i love anarchy)

  4. I can’t believe you guys actually dignified this “rumor” with an article about it. I mean shit, if the Pheonix Gazette or the Saskatchewan Daily reports that Jack Black will be the new Robin and Alfred will now be played by -hurl- Martin Lawrence, then let’s post that up her too as a casting rumor. C-O-M-E – O-N.

  5. To the people saying that Robin is a useless character I suggest picking up a current comic. I think the problem lies in the fact that so many attribute Robin to the craptastic TV show and the even more craptastic movie. The current portrayal of Robin in the comics is one of a brilliant young detective that Batman himself has said will one day surpass him in skills and abilities. The current comic book version of Robin would defiantly work in the movies as we’re not talking about the “holy batarang Batman” Robin. Robin is no longer portrayed as merely Batman’s sidekick. He’s a more than capable crime fighter in his own right and has been involved in several well done story arcs that didn’t even involve Batman. I’m just saying that before you totally disregard the character, do some research. You might find that Robin is every bit as interesting as Batman.

  6. Yeah, Robin was crap in Batman And Robin, and in the old 70’s TV show. But by the same token, the character of Batman in those was every bit as one dimensional, dorky looking and all round crap. Dark Knight has proven that if you treat any character seriously, they can be great and work in this new Bat-universe.

    No, we don’t want the same character from the old TV series running around in his green underpants. But I noticed a few subtle differences between the character played by Christian Bale and the way Adam West played him too. Perhaps it would be possible to do the same with Robin?

    The Robin character would be fantastic to bring into the franchise at this point because it would be something totally different for Bruce Wayne to deal with. As great as another film will be regardless, do we really need to sit through another film about how Bruce Wayne is a brooding superhero acting on his own?

    With the set up from The Dark Knight being that Batman will now be outcast and seen by many in Gotham as a villain, as Bruce comes to terms with his lifelong friend Rachel being killed… and his one hope of escaping his life as Batman being killed with Harvey… Robin could be the glimmer of hope to pull Bruce from the edge of despair. A reliable friend, who still views him as a true hero, and who offers the chance for Bruce to pass the mantle to someone new.

    There are so many set ups with the themes of the films so far, that Robin would be such a perfect fit at this point.

  7. just because shoemocker fucked robin up doesnt mean that if they make a new movie with him in it itll be the same. thats like saying “we cant make batman begins! did you SEE batman forever!?” i mean they can always CHANGE things and make him looks good dude

    and george shoemocker apologized in public for batman and robin. he APOLOGIZED for it. it was great and its on youtube

  8. @hazmat

    lol i agree they should bring in robin and kick nolan out, and at the same time why not just bring back joel shumacher to direct and have another gay batman w/ nipples.

  9. guys i understand that htere are some that love the character of robin, but hes just isnt a great character, hell when he was introduced in the last batman series all he did was get captured and got his assed kicked, he is just a nuisance and has no place in anything related to batman what so ever, i dont even see the point in robin only good moment he was involved in was when the joker butchered him, and why would a person dressin up like a bat that fights crime bring a fucking kid in to the job

  10. I hate it when I hear guys like Bale and Nolan flat out refusing to have certain characters, because they “don’t fit”. Rubbish! Seriously, if you can make a character like the Joker seem as real and frightening as they did, and to make Batman a deep and complex character, then they can EASILY make a remarkable story about Robin. Even the silliest of characters like Mr Freeze or The Penguin could fit in, they just have to alter the parts of the character that are too silly, and rely heavily on the characters motives and the parts that would ring true in the real world.

    Two Face is a good example of how they can take things, mix them about and make them work. I thought the way they gave him the name (being a nickname he resented), so that he was “called” Two Face in the film, but without it being a name he took on himself.

    Man, Robin would be a great fit. Really, in the films Wayne needs the likes of Rachel, Alfred and Lucius to keep him grounded. But he lacks that when he is Batman. If he came to realize that he had someone who believed in him, and was capable of looking after themselves in such extreme situations (so they weren’t in harms way). Also training a replacement would fit in with the way Wayne has shown so far that he really does want a way out.

    I’d love to see a story of Robin. I’d love to see the evolution into Nightwing. I’d love to see the replacement Robin’s. I’d love to see Azrael take on the role of the replacement Batman. These would be fantastic stories for Nolan to consider. Especially since so much of it all fits with how they’ve established the Batman character so far. I REALLY hope we see these tales told at some point, because I have such confidence that they could do them extremely well.

  11. FIRE nolan for christs sake!
    robin is SUCH an important character!!

    this is EXACTLY when he should come in…right when batman lost rachel (who wasnt in the comix) and when hes got almost no hope..thats when robin comes into the story

  12. nolan has stated not one but a thousand times that as long as he is involved robin will not be in the movie unless the studio forced it, but the way nolan has made this batman series i doubt they would decide to screw him over like that.

  13. I can not beleve Chris Nolan seriusly wants Eddie ‘Raw’ Murphy as The Riddler, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt Or Robin Williams would by far stand out as candidates. I do not believe that Robin will be in the new film unless Nolan believes he can bring the right substance to the character and more importanly the film. Dont fix what aint broken.

  14. Rodney
    i love you for the fact that you
    1) like robin
    2) admit that he can be just as badass as batman
    3) know that IF DONE RIGHT he could be in the dark knight sequel
    4) know that he has soem really good story that will be great on screen

    really, i salute you my friend
    (its just no one ever agrees with me when it comes to this)

  15. Yes. Inside sources are confirming that indeed Eddie Murphy will play the Riddler. They also let some details of the plot spill out to me. Lucius fox will be replaced by Carrot Top, the Rachel Dawes character will return, but in this film she is reincarnated as a Ghost Dog. Also, the genre is different; in Begins it was more a origin epic, in Dark Knight more a crime drama….and in this new bat film it will be more a Romantic Comedy. Can’t wait!

  16. Hi everyone.
    I just wanted to say that its just not posible than Nolan would use Eddy Murphy for the riddler….it just doesnt fit in!!!
    And talking about Robin….the is not going to be a Robin, it is known that one of the thing that Christian Bale told Nolan as a recuest for signing the contract and playing Batman was that he didnt want Robin in any of the films. Because in the kind of story that they did Batman would never allow a Kid to be in harms way. So please people forget about Robin….an i think yo can forget about Catwoman as well….i would love to see catwoman again in a batman film but i dont think it would fit in on these Batman universe of the movies….
    See ya!!!!
    I hope to see another Nolan´s Batman Movie!!!!

  17. Yeah, Jason, shia is a disrespectful stupid stuck up kid. My friends have worked with him on set and he was just rude to them! That kid needs to be taught a lesson!

  18. Guys, Eddie’s career is done and I nearly passed out when I saw the head line. Thank god it was the Sun reporting it, they’re a bunch of bullshitters.


  19. I have been a big batman fan since I was a little kid. I really liked the new movies. If these 2 rumors are true, I will not see the next movie. Murphy as the riddler is horrible and I cant stand Shia at all. He sucks straight up, and bringing in Robin. Way to kill the franchise again.

  20. I agree about Robin. The character grounds Batman and keeps him from slipping into becoming that which he fights.

    I think handled well they could do a Robin. People give him a bad bag because of the fairy outfit he wore up to the 80s. The latest Robin has shown that a jr batman is possible and he doesn’t look like a fairy.

    They made Batman look cool and he just wears black pajamas with the underwear on the outside, so why couldnt they do that with Robin.

    But it doesn’t make sense with the timeline. Batman is barely late 20s early 30s in the franchise and in the comics there is a 30 yr difference between Bats and the teenage Robin.

  21. Eddie Murphy was so good in “Dreamgirls”, he got robbed of that Oscar. But it’s sad seeing him go from Dreamgirls to Norbit and Meet Dave, I wish he’d take his career more seriously.
    Oh and thank god for Nolan not putting Robin in a movie, it would look ridiculous.

  22. Yeah, I knew this was just made-up as soon as I saw this ‘news’ elsewhere.

    On the issue of Robin, I don’t know why he gets such a bad rap from the guys involved in this franchise. Sure, Robin is pretty goofy in some old comics or the old TV series… but then so was Batman. A tale of Robin done in the same tone as this tale of Batman, could be great. The 2 films so far have touched on how Batman influences and inspires people to do what he does, in the form of impostor vigilantes and Joker upping the criminal ante.

    It would help freshen things for a third film, instead of having Batman still just a brooding crime fighter, to have to come to terms now with his role as a hero and inspiration to people. To decide to take a troubled young man under his wing would be a very interesting story, which I would love to see Nolan take on. It could show a new angle on the character. Then in the future, you could have a fourth or fifth film where Robin leaves to become Nightwing, and the replacement Robin getting killed. That kind of rejection and tragedy would then have a profound impact on the character moving forward.

    There’s a lot that Robin could add to a character driven series like this. It’s looking at things too simplistic to just write him off like that.

  23. Sorry Joe, I don’t much care what they “want” but the news is that the Sun are a bunch of liars who make shit up.

    So you did exactly what I wanted you to do. Come to this site and comment about it.

  24. ok this has to be false becuase Christian Bale says he would stop doing batman if Robin ever got involved. and Eddie Murphey as the Riddler. How stupid does that sound.

  25. We’re so much closer to all Batman movies feeling the same than the majority of us want to admit. One day, we’ll look back on those character posters for Dark Knight, and we’ll think how much they were like Batman Forever… and we’ll collectively wonder something deep, and then move on. Until then, I’ll continue hoping there will be a Batman movie that isn’t a Hollywood Halloween party.

  26. Well there almost right from the source I’m hearing from. Shia LaBeouf is without question the favorite to win the Robin role but Eddie Murphy as the Riddler is just crazy.

    Nolan & Co. don’t know what villains they are going to go with yet but they are spit balling idea’s and who there ideal actors are for the roles of upcoming villains.

    So the Eddie talk isn’t completely false, they want him to be a part of this franchise just not in the role of the Riddler, more likely Black Mask.

    The 2 actors they like for the role of the Riddler are Lou Diamond Phillips and Jan-Michael Vincent.

    ;) LOL

  27. “In all fairness, Murphy was excellent in Dreamgirls”

    But that was a serious role that is just serious.

    I don’t know that Eddie has the capability to be serious in a role that is kinda crazy. Eddie doesn’t have that balance.

    Riddle me this! Ha-ha-honk-ha-honk

  28. I’d have believed it 14 years ago when Schumacher was in charge of th franchise (and I was much younger and more naive) but… yeah, woe betide anyone who takes anything the Sun says seriously.

  29. I love the Robin story and I would love to see a serious take on the character, but its just not time. I don’t think Nolan is crazy, but I disagree that it could never happen.

    It would just have to happen like 4 movies from now so that they could justify the passage of time for Robin as a teen. (Or skip ahead on purpose)

  30. I’ll admit, it is a bit out of the box, but in addition, this flies in the face of Murphy’s recent announcements of returning to stand up and, aside from any future possible ‘Shreks’, is staying away from films for awhile.

    The Sun also says Rachel Weisz is a serious contender for Catwoman. Okay–that’s a damn good rumor. Shame, too. Because it is in same story as ‘Riddler and Robin’…and the script isn’t written yet, not even in a first treatment/draft, Nolan is still iffy on directing because of Dark Knight being such a high…*and* under his watch (as you noted, Rodney) Robin isn’t in the mix.

    Also, I think co-writer Goyer said something about the Joker/Two-Face story being the only planned film that involves Bat foes who previously appeared on-screen. There is a desire to see Bat-foes who haven’t been tapped yet.

    But getting back to the Robin thing. I’m somewhat curious about this- *nobody* really wants to see Robin except for………………

    …those who want JLA Mortal to rise from the ashes?

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