Dragonball Evolution Dream Casting

I have been converted. Clearly this coming Dragonball movie is doomed because they just wont listen to the fans. They can’t possibly make a good Dragonball movie without first consulting with the rabid drooling fanbase. So here at TMB we have heard your cries and please for mercy. We even started the 68th official petition to stop them from making this movie in hopes that they would take millions of invested dollars and wash them away in the hindsight of the atrocities they wish to inflict upon us.

Here we present you with the REAL way this movie should have been. Like the fans would have wanted!

Goku – Rain With the insane popularity of this mega star (somewhere), it is a shame that this multi-talented genius wasn’t offered the role unconditionally. Yes, he may be barely capable of speaking English, but certainly that can be overlooked since he fits the natural look of the monkey-alien Saiyan race! Obviously with North American successes like a minor background role barely better than a cameo in Speed Racer should have elevated him to super-stardom instantly, but in the role of Goku, Kings and Queens would tremble in his presence.

Bulma – Yifei Liu Bulma is said sometimes to be Hispanic, but fuck it. The character is based on a monk parody from Chinese folk lore, so she should be Asian. They also have to dye her hair turquoise or purple so that she will look the part, but Yifei is a perfect choice for the character named after underwear. Anyone could play this token cute sidekick who is just in the show for fanservice upskirt shots. I don’t see why this wasn’t more obvious.

Yamcha – Jet Li The always serious and gruff Yamcha deserves a better actor than a former pop star. And this cartoon has some serious martial arts in it so why not give the role to someone who is capable of martial arts like no other. Jet Li would be perfect for the role. He is rarely seen smiling on screen, so we know he can do the serious disciplined character that is Yamcha! Besides, he already played the Monkey King and we all know that Dragonball is just a ripoff of that legend anyways.

Vegeta – Adam Sandler No one can take Vegeta seriously, so why not let Adam Sandler have the job. At least he embodies the snark and attitude of Vegeta. He does angry to the point that its amusing, and really who else could we count on to stand up to Goku and be forever known for his very serious Garlic Gun than Sandler. That drives the girls crazy, and eventually he marries Bulma, so we have to have someone we like. I know he isn’t Asian like all the Saiyans are, but the attitude will make up for it.

Master Roshi – Jackie Chan Roshi is a cheerleader type character, always on the sidelines acting silly and making exaggerated emotional outbursts. We don’t need someone we can take seriously as Goku’s mentor. He didn’t need it in the cartoon, why would he need it in the movie! So lets get a comedic actor who can still do the physically demanding stuff that is great at being campy silly in a way we all find amusing. Jackie Chan! Master Roshi manages to offer up words of wisdom in the middle of his goofy tantrums, so Chan can pull that off too. And he looks good in a Hawaiian shirt!

Piccolo – Johnny DeppThe only person who is clearly not Asian in the series, Piccolo could be played by anyone who can pull off a serious Nemesis. And who else to play the angled features and dastardly evil badguy than Johnny Depp. I would have said Matt Damon, but the time has passed where every rumour was that Matt Damon would play a role, so now that job belongs to Johnny Depp. I think the casting of the convincing bad guy should go to the guy EVERYONE wants to see in a movie. So with no real reason other than to go against what they chose to do, I picked Depp to fill the green turban wearing bad guy’s shoes.

Saiyans – Vegetable Platter The other Saiyans are all so secondary anyways, and if they dare cast non Asians in the roles the fanboys will weep. So I think the remaining Saiyans should be played out by CGI characters using a plate of Vegetables as the inspirational models for 3d. Because only such devotion to the inspired brilliance that is the source material cartoon would be worthy of appearing on screen.


I just cannot stand for this raping of such serious and well thought out material such as the masterpiece that is this children’s cartoon. This presentation of flashy hokey antics and the determined story of a monkey boy from space who is destined to save the world with.. balls.


I can’t see how what they put together could be WORSE than seeing a word for word and image for image translation of this movie to the big screen. I am not ignorant to its popularity, and I think it deserves an adaptation that will not leave those who know nothing of the animated series laughing. Even as I admit to not being a fan of the original source material, I am still more interested in seeing what comes of a big screen. The cartoon is fine on its own – as a cartoon. And despite what some might think, it needs to be changed to appeal to the broader market for which it is intended.

And I am pretty sure that was the intention in adapting the movie.

No one is raping anything, and using “Adaptation” is not an excuse or deception. It is what it is. A movie. And like any movie, they want it to succeed. I would hope that the fanboys would see it as that and at least hope it will be a good movie.

I hope it is, much like I hope ANY movie is good. Might not be, but they are not intentionally creating crap to ruin your fandom. I can assure you of that.

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71 thoughts on “Dragonball Evolution Dream Casting

  1. This is a bit of a mood burst from the past as I’m no longer into DBZ, but I just had to say: Vegeta OMG!!! The whole problem with Vegeta was that he took things too seriously, including himself. The guy had depression problems. They will have a joker play this almost lead character?!
    Wait, of course, this is the [email protected]#$%^& Hollywood we’re talking about, what did I expect…

  2. So has anyone noticed yet that THATS NOT A PIC OF FUCKING YAMCHA. thats vageta with shorter hair and scars where yamcha has them

    remember yamcha? red robes? short spiky hair? ringing any bells?

  3. I don’t know how many female db/z fans are out there but im definitely one of em. im not a goku fan but i dun think chatwin is the right guy. maybe ryan reynolds since he’s built tall. emmy as bulma is fine if she dyed her hair turqoise. i dun really care bout yamcha. the trailer shows tht roshi is so serious. that sucks.. he’s supposed tuh b perverted!.. as for vegeta, i vote for hugh jackman or rob schneider but thts dbz. they look like him and they can act. i was really excited when i heard there’s a db movie coming out, but i dun expect it to be as good as i expect it to be cus of the casting. it sucks big time. i really hope reviews are good so they can come up with a dbz movie so i can look forward to seeing who’s playing vegeta!

  4. i get the joke but i would like to point out that all fans who are pissed at this movie don’t all have crazy reasons like the acters not being asian. i don’t have a problem with the fact that they didn’t follow the story word for word or the acters resemblance to thier characters (although honestly how hard would it have been to but a bald cap on chow yun fat). my beef is that instead of being imaginative & useing some of the origanility of the series when writing the script they decided to pull out the cinematic cliche handbook. way to play it safe hollywood

  5. Dude, this is just Power rangers with super powers. Really, if you don’t believe me, watch the trailer again. Adam Sandler as Piccolo would be retarded, and in fact ruin power range- this movie.

  6. Jesus Kitty Cats…. you might want to READ this site before you ask that again.

    Look TWO comments up…

    If you bothered to use a real EMAIL address when posting I would have emailed you directly.

    I don’t know why you ask questions when you don’t read to see if its answered.

  7. Rodney you are now my favorite writer ever!!!

    I’m a DB fanboy big time. But I also live in the real world and thinking a movie is going to be horible just because it doesn’t have everything from the source is fantasy. When adapting anything into a movie things MUST be cut. Mostly for the time constraint then anything else, and especially when adapting a tv show with 60+ episodes.

    This movie is being made to give fans and new fans a good experience simple. Good explosions, crazy fight scenes, and badass kamehameha glitter. What more could you ask of a DB movie?

  8. That article has a little too much sarcasm for my liking…

    Look, I understand some of the gripes. It will probably not be that dream Dragonball movie that fans “want”(I put want on quote because everybody wants something different out of Dragonball).

    But some pre-criticism that I’ve heard are just irrelevant or just too pessimist, here’s a few examples:

    Goku in High School – This was the catalyst, everybody and their mom spelled doom over the casting that made Goku a High School student… Oh how can Goku be a high-school kid, he’s supossed to be stupid. My answer is: So what?

    In the context of a martial arts film, what difference does it make that Goku has some education as opposed to none?
    Unless, of course, the Internet is suggesting that the director should glorify stupidity and make Goku into something like Beavis and Butthead(of course, at leaast they can tell genders apart).
    Do you really think that having a character who can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman is something even remotely funny or interesting for a live action movie?

    And still, how much high school related stuff is in it? For all we know it could be a quick 5 minute scene just to establish Goku as a teen and he might throw a punch or two.

    Let’s also talk Goku’s etchnicy, also another utterly pointless criticism that contradicts itself in light of some demanding this movie be more like the comic. It doesn’t matter, since the world of Dragon Ball is not Earth, or at least not the Earth we know. There’s no identifiable country in that universe, so there’s nothing here that suggests that Goku should be asian or non-asian. Again, utterly irrelevant.

    Same with Kuririn, made the directors decided that his presence was irrelevant, since this movie is more Goku-centric and second, how are you going to split the focus on both of those characters? That is not to say that he can make an appearance in a future sequel, but for the scope he is not needed.

    And so is Lunch, she is generally an irrelevant character in the comic book, makes no sense to have her on board for a live-action movie.
    As far as gun-wielding goes, Bulma already has that aspect covered.

    Next item, Roshi’s personality change is more than obvious.
    Unless, again, the Dragon Ball fans are suggesting that James Wong and 20th Century Fox should glorify a molester, as Roshi in the comic often makes solicitations to minors(as Bulma is 16 in the comic book).
    Imagine that on a movie.

    I haven’t seen much of Yamcha yet, so I can’t really say.

    This is my 2 cents…

  9. Hey Rodney,

    I skipped over everything else but I agree with you. Nobody should ever say that a movie shoulnd’t be made. Any adaptation can work with a good concept and talented people behind the scenes. The problem with Hollywood today is that there are so many talentless people putting out shitty movies. That’s just a fact.

  10. Reading these posts has really gotten me thinking about how prevalent crossovers are in almost everything we watch/play. per example…justice league, avp, law and order, csi and without a trace did a cross over episode. I even played a game back in the day for snes for robocop vs terminator. People have always been fascinated by combining similar franchises into a singular story. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with it. It gives people who are fans of one half to be introduced to the other half and we get at the same time to be treated to a new story that has the possibility of more branches. If people have an issue with stories like avp then think of it as an alternate universe but don’t whine and complain for those of us that want to be immersed in a particular universe that we enjoy for a few hours.
    COFFEE BREAK————————-
    Tying this in with db, I am not suggesting that everything that can be made…crossover or adaptation…should be made. Not all mediums are meant for the silver screen, but none of us I feel have the right to dictate what makes that cut for production and what doesn’t. If someone pitches the idea and a studio says ‘ok I like that here’s x dollars’ then all the power to them. We aren’t socialists after all. I wish every movie I saw was perfect in every way possible but that’s not how it works. I would like to think a movie like battlefield earth paved the way for many mistakes to be learned from. Without mistakes how can we progress? Without the creation of Batman forever and Batman and Robin can you seriously tell me that Batman begins and The Dark Knight gets made in its current incarnation? Or should have kirk tell spock to “begin your calculations for time warp” and just pull the plug on those two predecessors to possibly the greatest superhero movie(yes I know batman its a true superhero but I ask for some leniency here) every made?
    All I am trying to say is that even if this DB movie bombs hardcore it doesn’t mean its the end of the world. Just just means learn and move on. Eventally people will get what they want because in the end we hold the choice to buy that movie tickwt or to buy that dvd.
    If in 5 years a new DB movie is made the just rocks I won’t post just to say I told you so :)

    Ps. For those of you that made it to the end thanks for wasting your time lol, I just had strong feelings on the issue.

  11. Rodney we will have to agree to disagree, I understand why you don’t see my point of view and I understand why you think I’m wrong. I just would rather something not exist than exist and be bad. I’m only judging the DB movie on what the company has given us and so far it looks terrible, I highly doub’t it will be any good when it is released but if it is I will be the 1st to admit I’m wrong.

    BTW Alien3 Assembly cut is better than Aliens

  12. I agree with Rodney. “Transformers” was a prime example of how a movie can pull a complete turn-around at it’s release – and that one had to fight through the stink of Michael Bay. Not a best picture of the year by far, but it definitely grabbed a lot of surprisingly positive reviews from critics.

    Besides, it’s nice when you root for an underdog movie and it ends up being good.

  13. @Anti-Septic…. maybe you should read the article.

    I am not mentally challenged, but if you actually read instead of scanning over the pretty pictures and jumping to comment you might have seen what I was up to.

  14. I almost took you serious until I scrolled down and saw both Adam Sandler and Johnny Depp. I dont even know how to respond to this list now other than to ask if you are mentally challenged?

  15. AndyS, I was around when these things happened and LOTS of Aliens and Predator fans alike (which there is a LOT of crossover fandoms) were in support of the mix. You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise.

    And who says I support bad movies??

    I only support movies that I liked. And I only go see movies that look interesting to me (aside from ones I have to see for the site)

    I am not supporting anything that has proven to be a bad movie, and any movie does deserve to be made provided that an idea can blossom as far as the stages that bring it before a studio willing to take a chance on it.

    I don’t judge a movie before it comes out. I can only speak of my feelings towards what PR they put out and decide if I am drawn to see it or not.

    But I am not going to presume a movie will suck just because I don’t agree with some of the changes they made in adapting it.

    Ask John. I was AGAINST a Transformers movie from the start because of all the “changes” and I ended up loving it.

  16. Predator fans were interested in an AVP film. The alien skull in Predator2 pissed off alien fans.

    Yes your attitude helps to bring around terrible movies since you believe and support for any movie to be made regardless of whether it is good or not. I’m assuming next summer you will be praising the GI Joe movie.

  17. @AndyS …My attitude brings terrible movies? And somehow I am supposed to not be offended by that?

    The Darkhorse AVP comics were classic and VERY well receieved. They did a LOT of crossovers having aliens vs superman and a dozen other takes just based on the success and popularity.

    You can NEVER say a movie shouldnt be done. And the only thing that KEEPS getting movies of a type made again and again is money. People go, so they make more.

    I dont PAY to go to movies I am not interested in, so I am doing my part to stop bad movies from being made. The current breed of spoof films are horrible. They do not get my money. But the more people line up for Jackass2 and Meet the Spartans, the more the studios are going to greenlight these projects.

    And at the time Aliens fans were excited to see the posibility of the two franchises meeting for a decade before the buzz brought around a video game and the idea of an AVP movie. FANS eagerly brought that about because it was popular.

    Its drooling and dedicated fans that urge studios to make movies. So in reality it is fans like you with your dedication and devotion to a franchise that gets movies like this moving forward.

  18. I laughed so hard (and still am) while reading some of the feedbacks to this article. I’d definitely see this movie now. If only to see who was right: those who think it would suck or those who think it would be great.

    By the way, after someone pointed it out just now, I also think that Jet Li would make an awesome Vegeta..

  19. Those Dark Horse comics are campy and terrible oh and btw not canon within the Alien universe, they simply feed the Predator fan base just like the AVP films. My comments towards you were not meant to be taken literally (you know that) I simply said your attitude is the same attitude that brings about terrible movies due to the belief that if it can be done it should be done regardless of whether its good or not. Oh and I’m aware an alien skull was shown in Predator2 which is a horrible movie and that scene pissed alien fans off, it made no sense and only pissed on the alien franchise.

  20. formless
    and my 2nd comment wasnt directed at you

    i KNOW! that trailer ruled!!
    the wolverine one is awsome too i saw it in the day the earth stood still last night

  21. Well while I was filming AVP and AVPR (which some people like even if your lordship does not) I didn’t consider the torment I would be causing you. Since it was my fault that it was made.

    Thomas Jefferson said of his invention of the light bulb was that he didn’t figure out how to do it, but that he found thousands of ways NOT to. That was more valuable to his inventions than the success.

    The material is not made for live action, thus they made changes so that it would be. Doesn’t mean they shouldnt try. What if the movie is a success? What a shame it would have been to have missed out because of your logic. I am sure some will like this movie even though you wish to curse them ahead of time.

    Maybe with your grand supernatual ability to pick and choose which movies deserve screen time or not, you should work for Hollywood since you know SO much better than them.

    And the idea to put the Alien and Predator together was revealed IN the Predator movies. It also spawned a number of very successful comic book crosovers by Dark Horse. Do your homework.

  22. Rodney people like you are the reason we have AVP and AVPR. Just becuase it can be done does not mean it should be. This movie will be terrible becuase the source material is not made for a live action movie. Kinda like how putting Alien and Predator together is a laughable idea and has been proven not once but twice.

  23. The whole Goku should be asian thing is silly. I never thought about Bulma as asian but Chi-Chi should be and maybe Roshii and Yamcha. One think Im not hearing the fans complain about is the costumes lol.

  24. @hazmat:

    Unfortunately, it’s you that’s coming off as retarded. How can Goku be asian if he’s from ANOTHER PLANET? How can Majin Boo be asian if he’s NOT EVEN HUMAN?

    Btw, the “kid” they’re using in Dragonball Evolution is named Justin Chatwin and he’s not kid. He’s 26.

  25. Lol, soon as i saw another dragonball post, i knew rodney opened up another can of worms.
    It’s cool that ur the only one the remains optimistic about this movie.
    Everyones gotta calm down, wait till the movie comes out, and hope its not a fantastic four (which im specifically hoping its not, look at the new posters, it does have a very f4 look to it =-/

  26. lmao everyone here that says that goku cant be asian is retarded

    i only say he cant be asian because the dude theyre using right now is perfect (hes SUPPOSED to be a kid in dragonbal)

    you guys…in dragonball they never tell you what race they are..THEIR EYES LOOK LIKE SPIDERMANS EYEPIECES!

    the only one thats obviously japaneese is fat majin boo

    the only reason why id prefer the kid theyre using in dragonball evolution as goku is because i think he looks perfect. then in dragonball z when hes grown up they can get a grown up to play goku

  27. Wow so many things to say at once. In my opinion the movie isnt what fans expected on any level. The casting while fair in hollywood judgement, just shows this movie wasn’t supported by people that loved the series.
    Its true that any book, cartoon, comic, or videogame can be made into a great film. Also when tranversing that from TV or paper to film changes have to be made. However, at some point too many changes can result in making a film that has very little to do with the orginal media it came from thus resulting in overly demainding fan bashing.
    Sure people said that a LOTR movie could not be made in the past cause of one reason or another. But that was then and this is now. My real question is why make a Dragon Ball movie after the franchise success has died out? I know some might say to me what about Transformers or G.I. Joe? Well, to that I say that Transformers and G.I. Joe still had shows on TV even after its big success was long gone so the franchise lived on. Same as Master of the Universe or TMNT.
    To me Dragon Ball could be a great movie if done right and the only impression I got when watching the trailer was 4 words “Street Fighter The Movie”. If I had the choice I would re-invent the cartoon and see if its a success and if that works then I make a film based on that.

  28. I think this movie will be a surprise hit, young boys and men will flock to the theaters to see this movie. This is the exactly the type of movie that will draw them in.

  29. I’m a big fan of Dragonball and so i’ll go see the movie when it comes out but i’m honestly not that excited about it’s release. To me the trailers didn’t look that great and i’m worried it’s gonna end up being super cheesy, I think they could have gotten better actors for some of the key parts though, even a crappy movie can be made watchable with some decent performances, hopefully that will happen here.

  30. Ha! I like this post. But I saw where you were going as soon as you brought in the fan choices for Jet Li and Jackie Chan. Given the power, the hardcore fans would’ve made an even worse film.

    I’m still convinced that Dragonball movies have more of a right to be made than Superman movies, and have a better basis for a story too. They just need the proper modifications, just like “Transformers” did. I would’ve done things differently myself, but even my choices would’ve been regarded to as “rape.”

    The funny thing is – both Stephen Chow and James Wong ARE hardcore fans, and have been fighting with Fox to put a lot of the original story back into Ben Ramsey’s script. So I don’t think the question is “did the director even read the manga?” but more like “do fans even know how to make a movie?” (and the answer’s not “Put Christian Bale in it.”)

  31. Dude, you are my hero. lol I have been a DB fan since in was 12 and im just happy this movie is being made! lol i hate all these other people who say it HAS to be just like the anime and manga. THINGS HAVE TO CHANGE. This moie MAY end up being a even BETTER story line than the original. ANYWAY, great job man

  32. You know at FIRST I thought you were serious, and I was like “What is this man thinking?” but thank God you aren’t. The rage and outbursts of the fanboys make me ashamed to be a Dragonball fan lol. And you’re right about one thing, most definitely, the Dragonball source material was never gold. It was bronze at best, so I don’t see why people get so crazy over adaptions.

    Bulma is an essential to a Dragonball movie, whether you want her or not. She single-handedly kicks the story off. Had she never found Goku, Dragonball would have never happened.

    I feel Yamucha as Jet Li would be a poor choice, only because Jet Li is too good to play him. Yamucha always TRIED to be awesome, but ended up failing miserably and becoming an (almost) joke character. Jet Li was always my Vegeta choice even though I’m one of the faithful “Saiyans = not asian”. He just has the look, and attitude (and height) for Vegeta.

  33. @Matt, Aeon Flux had a LOT of potential and just fell flat. It still had a good story at its heart and was visually amazing, but just didnt quite hit.

    Speed Racer was tried with some over stylization and flash based on a cartoon that was also very silly and immature. They tried something they thought would make it amazing (I was sucked in to the racing scenes in the trailer – looked great) but it also failed to have broad appeal.

    I am certain they are trying their best to put out a good movie, but that doesn’t mean it will be. But it doesn’t hurt to hope.

    And this looks NOTHING like Power Rangers.

  34. @Fool. I am starting to wonder if you are intentionally making up crap to sound like a fool or if you really believe the garbage you type.

    Lord of the Rings sucks? And Titanic and Forest Gump were both Oscar Best Picture winning films.

    No filmmaker produces a film with the intention of making a bad film. Any good idea with the backing of a Studio has the right to be made. You don’t have to watch them, and you dont even have to like them but to go as far as to look at the popularity of the series and then make the random assumption that they shouldn’t make a film out of it is just ignorant.

  35. I love you

    “The anime wasn’t citizen kane, and neither is the movie.
    It should be good, clean, family fun with explosions and popcorn! Or something.”

    “Yipee, DB sounds like a lot of fun – girly voice”
    You’re a sick person and you deserve to go where you’re going. Go watch Titanic, Legally Blonde, Forrest Gump or something since you like easy to comprehend trash.
    Lots of movies shouldn’t have been made charlie, for example, Howard the Duck, Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter. LOR sucks! (There is only one trilogy)

  36. @rodney

    i completely agree w/ what ur sayin man, but they should have learned from speed racer and aeon flux and that is that anime films are good b/c they are animated and to be converted to live action they have to make changes, but they have so drastically changed that film that it doesnt even give off the seem like dragonball just a power rangers ripoff.

  37. i dont see why dragonball fans insist that a live action dragonball movie should have an all asian cast….
    dragonball doesnt exist in our universe, theres people with blue & green hair & talking pigs, bears & other animals… o & dinosaurs still exist…
    yes the original dragonball is inspired by the chinese story,
    Journey To The west, but its a “racially mixed” universe.

    also, for people complaining about bulma not having green hair in the movie… how ridiculous would it be if she did have blue hair in a live action movie? & besides, bulma’s original hair color in the manga was purple, but no one complains about that…

  38. @AndyS … that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And you have said it twice now. If the trailers looked good you wouldnt say that. You assume its going to be bad so now you make that crap up? Seriously man.

    They said no one should ever make a Lord of the Rings movie either.. but that worked out fine.

    There is NO movie that should never be made. That is the most short sighted and ignorant approach to any movie ever.

  39. I agree 100% with MIKEY!!!!

    Goku is NOT asian and in no way resembles one, he is a alien from space that is closer to being white than anything!!!

    Bulma is also definetly NOT asian, in the show she is from “west” city and is as white as they come!!!

    1. Omg dude ahaha and this is actually going to everyone, DB is a “Japanese” cartoon alien or not everyone in it is Japanese and Japanese is “Asian”. I’m pretty sure they were thinking nothing i repeat “nothing” of white ppl when they made it lmao so to settle this once in for all, its just a freakin cartoon it honestly doesn’t matter what they are but i know they’re not white especially if (like i said like 100 times already) it was made in “JAPAN” lmao xD guys really enough of this “white” stuff no character in db is white end of discussion lol

  40. the only non asian? GOKU IS WHITE….not one thing about him says asian except that he wears a gee (sp I know). i think this movie was doomed because if you say something long enough its bound to come true. no one gave this movie a chance…

    1. Dude.. Dragonball is an “Asian” cartoon it was made in Japan and copied in America theres not one single white person in it. Japanese ppl are really light almost like a white person but you can tell they’re not white 1. Their eyes and 2. “black” hair. Now obviously you can’t use the eyes because it’s a cartoon and you usually can’t tell but Unless mixed with a race with black hair white ppl don’t get natural black hair and i’m pretty sure the setting is Japan because like i said it was made in “Japan” plus Goku eats a lot of rice (another asian aspect you totally forgot) lmao dude to some all of this up if you honestly think Goku is white you have “serious” issues ahaha

  41. I love you Rodney.

    You are the only writer on a movie blog that isn’t retarded when it comes to this movie.

    The anime wasn’t citizen kane, and neither is the movie. And it SHOULDN’T be. It should be good, clean, family fun with explosions and popcorn! Or something.

  42. vegeta doesnt kid around or joek around like adam does…vegeta is the badass one thats always in a bad mood. a snarky character would have been young trunks…..

    people need to stop trying to get johny depp into “freak” roles

    im not raicist but i think that a jap goku would suck. i like the kid theyre using as goku because in dragonball hes only 5..in fact the actor theyre using is TOO YOUNG. i think hes perfect though

    jet li as yamcha though…kudos to you rodney..thats a great call. although jet lee might be too expensive for yamcha, sinse yamcha isnt that big of a character

    the bulma choice was also really good BUT….i never wanted bulma in the movie

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