47 thoughts on “Brad Pitt As Lion-O In Thundercats Movie

  1. Pitt As Lion-O yes
    i well love to see Angelins as cheetara
    Vin Diesel as Panthro yes
    But Hugh Jackman as Tigra no no no
    Tigra is my best thundercat & Hugh Jackman is not Tigra
    I like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine but not tigra

  2. I wish a movie like this would come out because I love Vin Deasal. But I could identify at least 7-8 parts with Vin Deasal in the trailer that were from “Pitch Black” and “The chronnicles of Riddick”.

  3. This is an awsome concept as i am a massive thundercats fan myself & i’ve got all the boxsets on DVD, I must say you did an awsome job with photoshop on making this trailer but it must have taken you like forever to make, anyway back in 2007 i read online that there was going to be a thundercats movie made & was going to be due out either late 2009 maybe early 2010 & the line up was gonna be Nicole Kidman as Cheetara Hugh Jackman as Tigra The Big Black Guy from the Green Mile movie i forget his name he was gonna play Panthro but it didnt say who they were thinking of getting to play whiley kit & whiley kat but last & not least Lion O & you wouldnt believe who they were going to get to play him…yep you’ve guessed it Tripple H from WWE Wrestleing & when i saw that they were gonna get him to play Lion O i was like Oh Hell No!!! he is a poor actor! a good wrestler but a poor actor & not only that he doesnt even look like Lion O or even has his voice as Triple H’s Voice is to like Husky rather than a normal deep voice, but anyway not only a month later i went back on this site to see if there were any updates on who they may have got to play the rest of the thundercats & also maybe the bad guy’s in the movie & there it was as plain as day & it said that the making of the ThunderCats had been scrapt, so i was like oh great! in a sarcastic manner, but atleast one good thing has come out of the movie being scrapt & thats Triple forhead H wont be playing Lion O, but wether they’l reconsider actually making a ThunderCats movie in the near future i do not know, we’l just have to wait & see i surpose.


  4. The real movie is expected to come out until 2010. It’s categorized as “in development” in IMDB, so there are not details about it.

  5. Whoever made this did an amazing job my cousin actually called and ask me if I wanted to track down the movie and see it with him. Needless to say he was more then a little disappointed when I told him it wasn’t ever really a movie. Although I think it would be great if they did.

  6. Brad Pitt looked less beefy as Lion-O.. Had no problems with Panthro, Tygra and Snarf.. but Cheetara!! No way.. There has to be a better babe to fit in her role.. hehehe.. Snarf was kinda cute.. Even if there was a real Thundercats movie coming up.. having the original voices from the cartoon brings back memories..

  7. Wow I can’t believe people actually think this is cool. That looked so fucking cheesy, and I think that was the point but people here are actually excited about this? Come on!

    People with too much god damn time on their hands.

  8. For every moment this trailer engages me I look at the actors and realize how ridiculous this looks. “It’s an animal thing.” Lord have mercy. :\

  9. lmao every single comment is like idolizing whoever made this trailer lmao “..kudos..” “serious props…” “..awsome…”


    yyup its gonna be warner bros and jerry o’flaherty is directing it (whoever that is)

    as for it being CGI….idk..it says itll be “animated” but im sure that just means itll be like TNMT in which case ill still be game for it

    thunder thunder thuncats!!! HOOOOOOO!!

    and i want fucking christian bale playing bengali….or doing his voice if its a CGI movie

  11. That was AWESOME! Vin Diesel looked bad ASS as Panthro and would be PERFECT! DAMN THAT WAS TIGHT! I love how the fan got it perfect in having Brad Pitt say “thunder cats hoooo!” that was tight!

  12. Better than the fake Zelda trailer from IGN.
    I think there were scenes from Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome.

  13. wow… I was truly convinced that was real. Amazing job, though Brad Pitt was wayyy to much like troy of course lol, but everything else… shit, Vinny looks like he would kill that role. I mean like, bring his career maybe half back from the grave

  14. ohmygod.

    best fake trailer ever.

    arent they making a real thundercats movie with tyreese gibson as panthro though?

  15. Cmon Hollwood step up! When fans are making better stuff than you, they make you look bad. I’m talking to you anyone involved with Seven Pounds.

  16. Wow, that’s crazy, can’t imagine how much time went into covering Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman face’s digitally to look that good.

    Looks great, that must be one serious fan.


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