An Update On The Status Of The Movie Blog

Hey there guys. For those of you who are not regular Movie Blog readers, this post really won’t be of any interest to you. For those of you that are… this post is to update you on what’s been going on here over the last few months, where Doug Nagy is, and where the site is heading.

I’ll do this in point form for brevity’s sake:

– Back in late 2007 I sold The Movie Blog to Peerflix. Part of the deal was that Peerflix wanted me to stay on and run the site, and I insisted I wanted Doug Nagy brought on as full time staff as well. They wanted us to move to Los Angeles so they offered to pay our rent to make that possible.

– Everything under Peerflix was smooth and wonderful

– In late Summer 2008 I was informed that Peerflix had sold themselves and The Movie Blog to Live Universe, owned by self proclaimed MySpace creator Brad Greenspan. I felt uneasy about the change in ownership, but was excited about the possibilities at the same time.

– Live Universe missed our first payment, rent payment and purchase payment. We got an eviction notice because we didn’t have the rent money. We were not off to a good start with Live Universe.

– We had never been paid on time under Live Universe, getting eviction notices each month

– Doug and myself are owed thousands of dollars in unpaid expense money that neither of us has ever been given. This stopped us from being able to go to movies, special events, festivals etc. It also set us back since all that money had come out of our own pockets.

– I ultimately got evicted from my place in Hollywood due to Live Universe’s failure to pay me

– The Movie Blog was sold on a monthly payment basis instead of one lump sum. They were to pay me a few thousand dollars each month for 2 years until it was paid off. In the 4+ months since Live Universe took over Peerflix and The Movie Blog, they’ve only made 1 of those payments.

– A few weeks ago I warned Live Universe that I was going to cite them for default on the purchase agreement and take back The Movie Blog unless they paid what was owed. They never did. On Tuesday I notified Live Universe that I was taking The Movie Blog back, and I have.

– I’m going to continue to run The Movie Blog or the next few months and then make some decisions about what to do

– Doug Nagy is no longer with The Movie Blog since we don’t have people paying us anymore. Doug has poured his heart and soul into The Movie Blog and it would simply be unfair for me or anyone else to ask him to continue working for free. Doug also got royally screwed in all of this, which just pisses me off even more. If we ever find a way to get revenue for the site (I’m not a sales person at all), I’ll approach Doug about joining the site again. Maybe I’ll be able to convince him to join me for some podcasts if you all ask him nice enough.

– Rodney is still around and you will see posts by him for the time being as well.

– There is a LOT more to the story… but that’s enough to give you the basic idea.

So that’s the skinny folks. Clearly you can see why Doug and I haven’t been able to talk about any of this over the past few months and I’m sure you can understand that I can’t give any more details than what I’ve given here. Thanks for all your support guys. Oh, and go visit and let Doug know you support him and miss him.

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86 thoughts on “An Update On The Status Of The Movie Blog

  1. I knew something strange was happening when posting of the podcast to itunes became so infrequent as to make the show irrelevant. It saddened me. I had enjoyed the podcasts in the round table and just with John and Doug formats since late 2006, but much like the last TV season were the shows disappeared for long periods and it made it hard to rejoin the shows when they reappeared, the once every two months postings made it difficult for me to know if a new show (which needed to be heard within a few days of origin to be relevant) was up and available.

    I hope that when this is resolved and the dust settles that the podcasts are posted on itunes in a timely manner. I miss you guys.

    Corporations suck – too bad they control the purses.

  2. I can understand trying to keep the site ad-free and I think that is cool, but what I love about this site is the frequency and amount of posts… you obviously won’t be able to keep that up without some sort of income… I say put up some ads, and if anyone complains, they can read blogs somewhere else.

  3. Hey John and Doug that’s truely sad news… been wondering why activity was lacking and now we kno why… so so sad! Been checking up on the movieblog 3-4 times a day and always enjoying the uncut shows very much! We all hope you get the site economically up and running again and get Doug back on this!

  4. The Movie Blog is one of the very few sites I check on a daily basis. I hope everything works out for you John. A internet without The Movie Blog is an internet I don’t want to surf.

  5. Well, at the risk of sounding like a complete malcontent, for me, Doug’s contributions to the site were consistently negative. (But then, I think he deserves a prize for being able to ruin a piece, mangle a story in so few a number of words. Not sure what that prize would be, but there ya go.) His stuff always read like something out of a weeny, over-earnest high school rag. (And I don’t mean that in a nostalgic, ‘I feel fuzzy all over’ sort of way.)

    Sorry to hear you’ve both been so royally screwed though. Nobody deserves that kind of grief. ‘specially Canucks.

  6. that sucks for you both real bad, kudos for keeping the blog running though, someone really should buy this gem from you and keep you on as editor and pay Doug.

    I miss Doug lots he certainly had


  7. I’m sorry to hear about the absolutely horrible way things have gone for you John. I wish you the best of luck in getting this all straightened out.

  8. the live network was a load of crap (never liked it), I think you should sue them for lost of wages that you would have made in advertising on your own, without the sell, also contracted wages not paid, etc…

  9. Hey John!

    I can’t believe you got so horribly screwed. I am glad to have you back in control, don’t ever leave us again. You really do need to sue them to get the money that they owe, for both Doug and your sake. Maybe one of our movie blog lawyer fans can donate his services. Good luck. See if Doug will come out and do some comedy reviews. I will miss those most… The way he describes things… Sigh…It made me happy. We will miss you Doug… Hugs and Kisses!

  10. LiveUniverse has bought and destroyed several companies, including one I worked for… they seem to be collecting marginally or almost-successful sites and then just wrecking them. They’ve bounced paychecks all over the place. Not cool.

  11. Hey John,

    I remember hearing you on the Scott Thompson show back in Hamilton. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished with TMB in just a few short years.

    Live Universe should be drawn and quartered for what they did to you and Doug. Clearly, they had no idea of the following that TMB enjoys.

  12. I’m a big fan of your site and I’m sorry for you, guys. I hope you can find a way to keep blogging and getting enough money to live decently. I mean, without the blogs and the dedication of fans like you, what would Hollywood do?
    Don’t give up the fight!
    PS : somebody suggested that you open a paypal account. You could also send Movie Blog T-shirts online…

  13. Sorry to hear of your troubles Jon. Here’s hoping that silver lining comes knocking on your door soon. The Movie Blog has became an incredible resource whilst you and Doug have been on it full time.

    Here’s to the (surely better) future!

  14. wow I’m really sorry to hear whats been going on. It really sucks Doug won’t be around anymore, hopefully things get worked out and we see him back soon. Live Universe sounds like a bunch of douchebags, fuck them! Thank you for taking some time and giving an update whats been going on. Hope things get better and back to normal and hope this doesnt interfere with your movie. best of luck to you!

  15. Hey John, it’s Dennis, sorry to hear the bad news. I sent Doug a message earlier today.

    I can personally attest to the complete mismanagement by LiveUniverse. They took everything good they could get their hands on and tried to run them into the ground (TheMovieBlog, John, Doug, Rodney, Revver, Chuck, myself, and even more).

    BTW You missed a good hockey game on Monday (probably even better for you, the Maple Leafs won). How was meeting Ray Stevenson? He and Kevin McKidd were great in Rome.


  16. That – – – – Fucking – – – – Blows.

    John, I think it’s a consensus that if it’s at all possible to sue these sons of bitches then you should get on your horse and take care of business. I love this damn site. Doug made me laugh on a daily basis and to see these fudge packers screw with you guys to the degree that they have even pisses me the fuck off.

    Hang tough brother. We’re all still here pullin for ya.

  17. Holy cow, John… I am SO sorry to hear all this. :-(

    I was involved with Peerflix but not nearly to the degree you were, and started phasing out their ads months ago.

    I really hope you can find a way to keep the site going and I’ll do whatever I can to send ad networks your way.



  18. “Wow, I’m really sorry to hear about all this. But thanks, John (and Doug and Rodney, too!), for sticking around and maintaining The Movie Blog even with things being so difficult. The dedication and loyalty you guys have shown means a lot to your readers.”

    And building on what Marc said, Thank You Dennis and Chuck! So sorry to hear about you guys getting let go. That sucks balls.

  19. Wow, I’m really sorry to hear about all this. But thanks, John (and Doug and Rodney, too!), for sticking around and maintaining The Movie Blog even with things being so difficult. The dedication and loyalty you guys have shown means a lot to your readers.

  20. I know what your going through John isn’t easy. It will take more than being told everything will be all right. Thats always just the beginning. Hang in there and keep plugging away at life! With the sites traffic you should get in contact with one of the big internet marketing firms like Gorilla Nation and pitch them on your site.You don’t have to be a saleman to believe in what you do. Sometimes the facts sell themself. Its a fact that they back a few other big movie sites on the net and it seems there doing pretty well. Your voice in my opinion is better than any of them! Good Luck!


  21. Hey John, I really have enjoyed your site and loved your daily blog and was wondering what was happening when everything started to get changed. I wish you the best of luck and Doug, hopefully you will find a way to get this making some $$$ again. You could always try and get a tv show on a premium channel with no censors :-)

    P.S. Is this going to affect your film you were making in anyway?

  22. Thanks for this post John. I am going to pass the word along about what happened to you and copy paste some of this to my own blog, if you’re okay with that.

    I hate what they have done to you and Doug. Your post is important as a caution for those of us who make money online.

  23. Dear John,

    I was real shocked to hear what is happening to my most beloved movie site. but somehow I know there’s a silver lining coming your way. it will all be better (damn right it will or all of the international friends will raise some hell upon those yuppie scum!)

    The Movie Blog is like a cool camping site. John provides the tent and food and Doug brings the campfire entertainment. and the other excellent writers / contributors adds more colors to this one of a kind camp!

    let’s all listen to Creed’s song – Don’t Stop Dancing and spread the word to all international friends to do all we can to help the best movie blog in its time of need.

    Be strong John. this site have been here for some time now and it will take a lot more than this to put it down. and to Doug, we all miss your extremely poetic trash talking insights on the world. and I know he will be back someday…with a vengeance!

  24. You should seriously look into having ads on the site John. There are many ways to have ads on the site but Google’s AdSense for one is VERY easy to set up and needs little effort after that.

    My friend has a site with about ~26k visitors a month and the way he started having ads on his site was he just posted the site’s traffic stats and asked interested advertisers to contact…now he gets paid 250euros (~320USD) for having a small image on the site. I truly love this site and specially the podcasts. Hope you have the will and the possibility financially to keep this site up. Will keep visiting no matter what!

  25. john writes like a lawyer so he may know the legal systems, so he maybe looking into legal action… we may never know cause…. it’s none of our business. nonetheless best of luck to you and the guys.

    @rodney, do you have a site that we can follow? i know nagy has and i visit that from time to time.


  26. that really was a crazy story. it sucks. but on the plus side you were able to regain ownership of the movie blog.

    i am sure everything will be ok if you are patient.

  27. That’s terrible John. Sorry for all of you. You should have sued the asses off of Life Universe once they missed the first payment. Don’t let them intimidate you. If there is a contract and they don’t make their payment then that’s grounds to take legal action immediately. It’s all about the business. If they forgot it was then you need to remind them with some serious legal action. Don’t tolerate any bullshit when it comes to business.

    Great blog btw!

  28. i love how darrens seeleys coments are always HUGE!


    they dwarf everyone elses little comments…i feel irrelevant but still think its a funny fact

  29. That really sucks, John. I’m sorry that you’re going through such a hard time. You should definitely look into bringing Live Universe to court.

    I’ll put you in my prayers, and I hope everything works out for you.

    Whatever you do, don’t give up! =)

  30. “John if you’re looking for anyone to write for the site (for free of course) I throw my hat in the ring.”

    Ditto for me…however, I can’t say or write “Holy fucking cockshit” the same funny way Doug can; and I’d be just as thrilled if Daarren Connelly stepped in now and then, Wormwood, or…wherevever Sharon Dewitt is hiding nowadays. Give Brux a call. Someone. Anyone. Live should pay what is owed, something under your Christmas Tree with a big red bow.

    The Movie Blog will not die!
    The Movie Blog should live on!
    Or at least…”The Anniversary”

    So are you still stayin’ in LA area (if Anniversary is still on)? Or back to Hamilton?

    But regardless of whether or not you bring in the old crew or ask Rodney to pull double duty (and, despite a few disagreements I have in a few of his posts, he is doing a wonderful job) or take me n’ Ross for peanuts (or bring back “Community”) …

    It’s still cockshit because the podcasts…The best damn podcasts on the net will not be the same without you and Doug. It goes without saying the podcasts are missed. The other day, it was damn near a celebration. Also missed are the vid reviews. But I understand these things take time and with all the junk shoved at you right now it’s a small miracle there was a podcast the other day.

    Bring back the ol’ Google ads if you have to. I don’t like popups anymore than you, but the loyalists will take the medicine if we must.

    The Seeler has spoken!

  31. Sue their asses John!

    Doug will be missed. Aren’t there any other companies that you can collaborate with? I mean, real companies that handle their businesses.

  32. First and foremost, thank you for clearing this situation up so these rumors can stop flying around about what is going on.

    Second of all, this is royally fucked up, and I’m pissed off that you guys got screwed like this. Failure to make payment is cause for a lawsuit, but any money you’d win from them would get immediately depleted by paying off court costs and lawyers’ fees.

    Third…I miss Doug…and Miss Mittens:)

  33. I check on this site daily-it is at the top of my favorites and I would miss it tremendously. Just know you have fans-and people who love this site – your reviews and recommendations-which I listen to more than any other newspapers, critics etc. we all love you guys

  34. I may not say much, but I’ve been a fan and avid reader of this site for the last 3-4 years now, and I’m glad you found the nerve to show Live Universe the proverbial door. If they hadn’t been paying you on time, I recommend that you should try suing the company over their failure to honor the financial support promised to both you and Doug in advance. If there was a contract singing or two involved, you can rub it in their faces and wholly expose them as the lazy frauds they are should you ever drag them to court.

  35. This is truly terrible news! As a long-time reader of The Movie Blog, from back in the day when its podcast was called The Audio Edition and when John, Doug, Bruxey and Darren made up the Monday Roundtable, I beg you not to give up hope!

    To paraphrase Morrie from “Goodfellas”, Fuck Live Universe! Fuck ’em in the ear! Fuck ’em in the other ear!

    No matter in what shape or form, with Doug or without (preferably with, of course!), The Movie Blog MUST continue!!! Good luck in finding a rich, respectable and TRUSTWORTHY company to continue paying you to run it.

  36. This is unfortunate but as long as material is updated and we get to download some Movie Blog hilarity once in awhile, I’ll stick around.

    Has anyone else tried to contact Live Universe? My email was returned! Just goes to show…’nuf said.

  37. John, I’m really sorry to hear about all the dramas you have had. I stumbled across your website nearly 2 years ago now and have checked it out everyday since. You and Doug have done a great job building it up to what it is today and I reckon it’s one of the best movie site on the net. I pimp it out to all my mates and are forever telling them to visit movie blog for their flick news.

    I really hope you’re able to keep going and get what is owed to you. Stay the course. Fight the good fight, and I’m sure you’ll come out on top. Best wished for the future and continued success with movie blog :-)

  38. I only recently discovered The Movie Blog and totally fell in love with it. You and Doug and the rest do an awesome job. I feel for you and hope that it works out. Espeically in a way that gets Doug back onboard.

  39. That’s terrible! I’m very sorry to hear you got screwed so badly, but I am happy the Movie Blog is back in the right hands. This is by far my favorite movie site and I really hope things get better for you. Good luck, and I hope to be reading real soon someone with a bit better relations, and more money wants to pay you to run your site!

  40. It sucks to hear how you guys got ripped off from this. Lesson be learned: Just like Patrick Swayze, don’t fuck with The Movie Blog!

    Shame that Doug has to go. I shall miss his uncensored wisdom on the facts of life.

    ‘Til next time, May the Schwartz Be With You…

    I’d say “the Force’, but you need midi-whatchamacallits for that to happen.

  41. Thanks so much for the update John. I’m SO sorry to hear this situation has been so miserable!

    I’m going to miss Doug! You guys have such great chemistry.

  42. no more fucking doug!?!? doug rules! what the fuck! well at least we got rodney and john…who are also cool….but what are athos and prothos going to do without aramis???

    damn the podcasts are going to suck now….unless…you do what ive been asking for years and bring rodney in them…

    no more name that torso….laaaaaame

  43. Hey John, sorry to hear about your situation, and i totally agree with THE DUDE comments. Hope the things to get back to as usual with Doug back!!!

  44. I could tell something was up, but damn, what you guys have gone through and been put through is horrible. I wish you all the best and hope it all straightens out. I’m going to miss Doug and hopefully he’ll make appearances in the future.

  45. I hope you learn the lesson here. Don’t sell off the MovieBlog again. Even if you trust the group you sell to, you never know who they might have to sell to afterward.

  46. @ John:

    It is good to hear TMB is back in your hands and away from Lag Universe.

    Is Rodney staying on? And how will these events effect “The Anniversary”?

  47. Wow, I hope Live Universe contracts Patrick Swayze’s cancer and dies a slow and painful death. What a bunch of douche bags.
    I’m glad to hear you stuck it to them and the Movie Blog back John, even though it meant Doug had to part. That sucks. I miss you and him sharing each other’s company. I hope he finds ways of visiting!

  48. Wow, I can’t believe how unprofessional Live Universe is. Are they run by a retarded baby monkey or something. This sucks so bad for you guys. Hope everything works out for the better and Doug and join TMB again. Good luck, and fuck Live Universe.

  49. I was so sad yesterday when Doug got on his 2:00pm show and declared his having to quit due to lack of payment. I think that the shit that these people pulled is a gross statement of the Corporate Structure. I feel equally as bad for you John and your perdicument. I’m a fan of the site and now that I have the complete run down I will stay on and keep an eye on where the future might take you.

    You and Doug have a mass following of fans who support and love you guys and your sites and we want nothing but good things to happen to you both in the future!

    I wish you well… NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!

  50. This is total bullshit John. Sorry to hear about all the troubles you and Doug have been having. I’m sure you will both come out the other side stronger and better for it.

    Good luck and all the best.

  51. John, appreciate the update. Like others have mentioned, I’ve been wondering where the reviews, etc. have been recently and now more than understand. (Never stopped reading, though!) Definitely sounds like a total screw-job.

    Just wanna offer a vote of support. Love the site. Love “P.o.P./G.o.W.”. And hope stuff with the new film’s going well.

  52. That really sucks, damn. I hope everything worls out well in the end. The Movie Blog has been one of my favorite sites for several years now, and i hope it stays on the “air”

  53. It is sad news that Doug won’t be with us any more; he gives the site the comedic, Swazye loving, barbarian tit movie hailing dimension that I think John would even himself admit he wouldn’t be able to uphold without Doug:P

    I might as well do it before someone else ienvitably does: John if you’re looking for anyone to write for the site (for free of course) I throw my hat in the ring.

  54. Hi John,

    I’ve been wondering where you’ve been lately. This whole situation sounds just really shitty. I really hope that Doug will be back. I have no doubt that you guys will bounce back.

    There are many ways to monetize a blog site, as I’m sure you are aware. Just so you know, as a loyal reader, I would not mind in the least if you put up some banner ads, google ads, text link ads or affiliate links.

  55. This is horrible news. You could always give a paypal link to those that want to donate. Cause I don’t know about anyone else, but in the months that I have some extra cash to spend, I have no problem at all donating 40 bucks or however much I can.

  56. Yeah, Doug just dropped the bombshell on us during his show yesterday and it’s shocked me. I know how naive it sounds but it’s just just thoroughly unenthical and wrong what has happened to you guys. As I told Doug yesterday though, he has his health, his talent, the pleasure witch and beef croquettes. He’ll be ok.

    Regardless of what happens John, you can take comfort that you have a loyal audience here. We’ve been puzzled about things over the last few months but we haven’t abandoned you and we won’t.

    Now I shall call Bob Geldof because we’ve clearly got a fundraiser to get organised:)

  57. This move from Life Universe is not surprising. I interviewed with those guys for a development job and when I asked them how they plan to monetized their site, they couldn’t give me a financially sound answer. Needless to say I passed on them.

  58. I was getting a vibe that there were problems but I hoped that it was only your own movie plans that were getting in the way. At any rate, wish you the best and I’m sure you’ll get it figured out soon.

    I’ll keep reading.

  59. wow, thankyou for updating us John!!!

    BTW, the folks at Live Universe sound like a bunch of asses for not paying you guys. i hope Doug can come back, good to know you took it back!

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