9 thoughts on “The Wrestler Poster

  1. BIGSAMPSON = people HAVE seen the movie. Its played at film festivals buddy. I saw it already and can say that Rourke really does an amazing job. People say he was a great actor because they saw his films before he left hollywood. Clearly you’ve never seen Rourke outside of the past few years.

    While the role suites him in this film, he takes it to the next level. He truly pours out raw emotion and high intensity that someone like Nicolas Cage (originally rumored) would have ruined.

  2. im not a big fan of rourke…i mean poeple are calling him a awesome actor cause of this film and they havent even seen it yet….no doubt in my mind it will be a good movie to call rourke a awesome actor is over the top…he is type cast cause he looks like a over the hill degenerate. I think i would give the casting agent more credit then a guy playing himself.

  3. That’s actually a decent looking poster and the movie itself looks pretty good too. And, as a wrestling fan, this is one movie I look forward to seeing in theaters.

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