Star Wars – A John Williams A Cappella Tribute

STOP WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING THAT YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT AND WATCH THIS! Movie Blog reader Robert sent me this video of a guy who sings a Star Wars song a cappella to the tune of several of John Williams’ classic movie scores. This guy is a genius! Just watch this! John Williams truly is THE MAN!

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22 thoughts on “Star Wars – A John Williams A Cappella Tribute

  1. Close Encounters of The Third Kind.

    Star Wars (He does sing it, I don’t know how anyone could miss it)



    Jurassic Park

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    These are the ones he signs, and he may have had another one in there, but I think that was all of them.

  2. Its actually an a capella group called moosebutter that is singing. Not that guy. They just helped him make the video.

    You can actually see the lip syncing go off track in some parts.

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