New Star Trek Trailer with Spock

TMB International Friend RonSalon tips us off to an updated trailer for Star Trek. How updated? Well it is the same trailer we were introduced to last week… With a little more.

You have to watch the whole thing to see the three seconds of extra footage, but it is worth it to see a very old looking Spock offer a “Live Long and Prosper”

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67 thoughts on “New Star Trek Trailer with Spock

  1. i was just wondering who leonard nimoy was playing

    he couldnt be playing spock,i dont think, unless it is at the end or he could be playing sarrek spocks father.. anyway thats that

  2. Hello people. I just wanted to let anyone who reads this know that there is an official site that is quite helpful when trying to piece together the plot-line (For all the people trying to figure out how “original” this movie is). And for the record, I’m a trekkie that’s excited for the movie. >:-I(Spock!)

  3. thanks again trekky nerds for ruining yet another space reserved for comenting on a long needed movie thats gonna be good who cares what the trekys think

  4. They played this trailer before Quantum of Solace when I saw it a week ago. Pretty exciting stuff. I have to say, it looks like the actors were perfectly cast. I can’t say for sure until I actually see the movie, but it really does look like the choices were well made. I’m especially interested in seeing Simon Pegg as Scotty.

  5. Believe me 790, if I was insulting you then I would have been banned. It was a simple typo 8 is right next to 9.

    80 mil is really high for a Star Trek film. I say at its best weekend it will be 50-55 mil.

  6. Rodney I will say this, I’m sure Star Trek will have a huge opening weekend, prob around 79 mil. But will the film beat Terminator 4? That’s the financial question this reboot has to face.
    T4 comes out the very next weekend…

    I can’t wait to see how this all plays out!!!

  7. Grave / Rodney you guys are arguing over semantics that mean nothing… He’s a trekker I’m not, wgas!

    And Grave don’t insult me by calling me a 780,,, ;-)

  8. @780

    Yea I see your point, So far it looks like its trying to be just a shell of the orginal.


    I never said you already judged the movie without seeing it. Its as you said your buying into the hype. If you dont wanna call yourself a Trekkie thats fine. However, you are a fanboy simply because you have the movies and bought the show and excited about a new Star Trek movie. John’s a fanboy of Star Wars even though he didnt buy the toys or games or likes everything about Star Wars. Im a batman and nintendo fanboy even though I didnt like evey batman movie or cartoon or buy, played everything made by nintendo.

  9. @790, I have no problem with this reboot and if you read the comments a lot of other people are excited too.

    This film will either be embraced or ignored by trekkies, they are already an endangered species anyways.

  10. @Grave, well you have already decided that i am judging a movie I haven’t seen, so I guess you figure its ok to change the definition of a Trekkie so you can call me that too.

    Just because I have seen all the movies and even watched the TV show doesnt make me a fanboy. “Casual Fan of the series” is a far cry from Trekkie.

    But keep assuming you know my actions before I can make them. Makes your arguments so much more effective when you ignore reality.

  11. Everyones got probs with this reboot…
    I expect this film will generate controversy for along time between the Trekkers and the non Trekkers.
    Its practically set up that way now,,,

    As a long time Star Trek fan, I can say that I feel nothing for this film… Its just a shell of the original.
    I couldn’t careless if it bombs or succeeds.

  12. @790

    what point you talking about?


    Well you have all the movies and im sure you watched the show so that would make you a trekkie in my book. But, if you do become more of a trekkie after this movie then the studio accomplished what they set out to do. Of course that also being the case that millions feel the same as you.

  13. I have a dictionary in fact I have two and a thesarus but I really dont need them when it come to movies because Im a pessimist that way its hard to be dissappointed when I find out a movie is not as great its hyped up. Same way with the videogames I play. That doesnt mean i a pessimist at everything either. Whoever wants to see the film will see the film and have their own opinions. I not saying people shouldnt see the film cause thats there choice. Im just speaking my mind. The only reason you are arguing your points over and over is maybe because in the back of your mind somewhere what I say makes sense but your Trekie love for the film doesnt want you to accept that possiblity.

  14. aaron, i said the same thing !!!!! i had to rewind it back to see that…..

    man this trailer is amazing and to be honest with u, i love all star trek movie….

  15. What film? I haven’t seen the film so I can’t speak to its quality. All I have is the PR they have shared, and that is all I am commenting on.

    Yes, they are bits of the film.

    You can’t call it the same stuff you have seen before, because they have already made it clear that you have never seen this before and nothing will ever be the same. So this is why I can’t understand how you assume it will all be the same anyways.

    I have only said I have HOPE that it lives up to all the good stuff I am hearing. You are the one trying to put words in my mouth saying I have already decided its over. Which I have repeatedly said is not the case.

    I believe the hype, I hope they don’t let me down. I cant wait to see it. Thats OPTIMISM. What you are doing is pessimism. You need a dictionary.

  16. Again you say your not defending the film but something else yet its about the film. So you are defending the film. But whatever, call it what you want. If people are excited about the film thats fine I understand that. I will admit it looks better than the last two Star Trek films. This is only a discussion on you say tomato, I say tamato. I truly dont feel good about the film. Im not coming on here Trolling and saying the movie sucks because Kirks shirt is black or William Shattner will always be Captain Kirk and no one else. You call it a clean slate for the franchise, I call it the same stuff I seen before. Seems to me the only negativity here is from you and how you can accept a pessimistic opinion about the film you have all ready built in your mind as a blockbuster.

  17. Again you think I am defending a film. I am defending the hype.

    I am done repeating myself so you can just repeat your presumptions.

    Don’t like the hype? Then at least let everyone else who is excited and hopeful about this movie enjoy it just in the chance that it doesnt live up.

    The change is supposed to be big. I am eager to find out what it is and eager to see what they do with this clean slate. You want to call it “fanservice” because they are making an effort to put out a good film then fine. You can call it whatever you want. Doesn’t mean everyone will fall for your negativity.

  18. Funny thing about assumtion, it swings both ways. You say im assuming all these things. But you can make assumtions as well. Again your trying to defend a film that you dont know what will happen. We know the whole cast is their and they will be on the enterprise. Now because we know very little of the past before this alternate time its really hard to say what has changed after this butterfly effect happends.
    I wont disagree on the definition of the theory of the butterfly effect. One change that changes everything. Since we really dont know how Kirk and friends met its difficult to point out what change took place. The studios only put this in place with the story so all the changes big and small would not piss the exsisting fan base off. As far as fan service how about putting Lenard Nemoy in the film. They could have had there new actor look like an old Spock instead and would not have changed the plot. Why did the make the Enterprise look familuar from earlier films and classic show. They could have made a whole diffrent Enterprise and the story would have not changed. Kirk fights Spock in the new film isnt a rekindling of memories from one of the greatest episodes in the classic series next to the tribbles. Thats not fan service ? Come On!

  19. And those names are all that remains of the original. Its not fanservice if it serves the plot. Fanservice means they threw something in there just to make the fans happy and the movie would be no different if it wasnt there.

    From this moment in thier history forward all of these characters will be different. Different lives, different decisions and a wholly different Star Trek Universe. You don’t know that Chekov doesnt die, or Kirk doesnt have a romantic interest with Uhura. And that very specifically IS the butterfly effect. Its not like Star Trek 12 will go back to the future and say “remember when” and ignore all this. Its starting over and its a clean slate. They can do anything they want now.

    You assume it will end like the first. Maybe Kirk dies in the second movie and from that point on the franchise will revolve around the great grandfather of Jean Luc Picard. Who knows? Maybe by the time Next Generation rolls around Picard will have been inspired by a different historical figure and remain a winemaker. Maybe Klingons win the war and dominate the universe and Next Generation will all be about a remnant of idealists fighting to survive in a Klingon Universe.

    You don’t know.

    You base your entire opinion of the film assuming that everyone survives – which is also not certain – Spock died in Khan, had the third film not been about his resurrection we wouldn’t have seen him again. How different would things have been then? And even if everyone does survive – why does that mean that they will end up in the same place? Who says they will always make the same decisions. Maybe someone gets promoted, or demoted. Maybe someone makes a different decision that takes their lives in a different direction. Maybe someone is a traitor and gets sent to jail? Maybe Scotty takes up knitting and goes down in history as the Starfleet engineer who turned fashion designer and recreates the uniform!!! We don’t know what will happen. That’s the wonderment and excitement of it all.

    They can do anything they want now. Just like they could always do what they wanted in the next installment of the films. Its a clean slate and an open horizon.

    And that my friend IS the Butterfly effect. One change can spiral out a dozen other changes and down the road the world is a far different place than you thought it would be.

  20. You say I cannot justify my opinions? I already did that several times. I say fan service and unorginal because the studio is using same characters in another adventure. So what if its in an alternate time line, Theres Kirk, he meets Spock, and will be friends. Theres Sulu, Chekov, Ahura, Scotty. They end up on the enterprise and will all live in the end (hope I didnt spoil the movie) So if this is an alternate timeline then why does the story seem like it will end in the same way its suppose to. This in not what happends in a butterfly effect.
    Im not making (or trying to make) anyone agree with me. However, you cant say you accept what I say or trying to say then tell me how my opinions are not justified simply because you disagree with them.

  21. It does matter what I am defending. If some trailer mastersmith manages to take 5 minutes of snippets from a film and make it look like the second coming, then I can comment on that.

    Having a difference of opinion is fine, and I dont slander yours. I call into question the logic when I see many new ideas being presented while you opine that it is unoriginal.

    I accept that you want to identify this, but when you cannot justify your opinions, I am only reinforced in my own. You say unoriginal, and the biggest complaints buzzing the internet are the “changes” (and I am not talking about a shirt colour) and you call it fanservice, when the fans were not looking to see a more impulsive Spock, a dangerously rebellious Kirk or a twentieth century car in Star Trek.

    And you can call it dribble if you want. Just like I can choose to laugh at the assumption. Didn’t say you have to agree, but you cant make me agree with you either.

  22. Well it not matter what parts of the film you are defending or not. The point is your defending it. You say your prepaired for any movie to flop but when a person (me for example) comes on to say the trailer looks good but I didnt like, this and that. My perception of the film is one of skepticism. I will admit with the dark knight hearing heath ledger as the joker and seeing images of the bat-pod made me skeptic. Seeing the tralier changed that really quick and I saw it the first day. This Star Trek film didn’t do that for me. Im not saying Star Trek is in anyway not as good as the dark knight cause they are way diffrent films. Just that the trailer made me feel the film is treading on same ground as before while changing a few things to make it seem fresh and new.
    Now you having a diffrent perception dont like my opinion and try to defend the films trailer (which is part of the film) by means of slandering my own opinions. If i feel the film from the trailer is unorginal, flat, fan service dribble and I give my reasons why then you should accept that. I have a videogame blog and youtube page where I give my thoughts and perspective on titles Im intrested in. I know some will dissagree with me and as long as they have good reasons I accept and respect them for their opinions.

  23. Grave, I am not defending the film. I am defending a trailer and some tidbits of news and images I have seen so far. My hype is based entirely on the great job they are doing promoting this film.

    I do hope its great, and that it lives up to the hype, but I am always prepared for any movie to suddenly flop.

    I don’t assume a movie will be great, but I can still hope. Everything looks awesome to me so far, so I am good with it.

  24. Yea the whole time travel thing is campy and it was campy the last 13 times they did it in the franchise. However, humor me for a min and think about this. The story excuess for the change is as Rodney said a butterfly effect. The butterfly effect is the theory that if something minor happends in the past it would effect the future significally. Now if we accept this as a sequel then the whole franchise is contradicted because the 15 other times cast members went to the past any minor changes made would have changed their current timeline drassticly. So now lets start calling the movie a re-boot. As far as re-boots go the film has a 50/50 chance of being good. Its all based on if the movie goer is intrested in seeing the film as a Star Trek fan, or Sci-Fi fan. As of now so far Fans already are complaing about little details like Kirks black shirt ( i personally dont care what color his shirt is) so the films expectations are all ready super high. As most movie goers know. If the expectations are set too high then that means that person is more likely to be disappointed. As for Rodney I hope the film meets his super high expectations but I will laugh if Rodney ends up disappointed and all the time he spent defending the film was nothing more than Rodney trying to covince himself the movie would be great.

  25. @ Rodney,

    Yea, Judy and Gar Reeves-Stevens were the writers behind the book. They also wrote “Federation”, the best ST book ever in my opinion. The team of Reeves-Stevens were also brought in as head writers for the fourth season of Enterprise, and it showed with greatly improved stories and episodes.

    Maybe if they had been brought on earlier Enterprise would still be around :P

  26. @1138, This is a sequel and a reboot. Grave can call it campy if he wants but it wasn’t campy the last 15 times they time traveled in a Star Trek film or TV episode. It just seems that every time they do, nothing bad happens and history remains unscathed.

    The intention this time is to offer a fresh updated look which you cannot deny they have, and have something change in the history that will butterfly effect and change everything from this step forward.

    A reboot means to take the same idea and start it over. That’s what they are doing. What more could you want in a reboot?

  27. @1138

    Yea I feel yea too on this. Seems like we seen all this before either from old Star Trek TV Episodes or the films. It is a reboot in the main vision but to get fans to except the new/old cast and new look they tried to make some campy story dealing with time travel and an alternet time line. I really dont like this trailer and its possible I wont like the film either. I know im going against the grain with most Star Trek fans but thats my opinion just like im one of the few Star Wars fans that like the prequels.

  28. I don’t Know…is this a reboot? Because it doesn’t seem fresh to me. Bah humbug I wanted a reboot. I love trek but I really wanted a really fresh start. As of now it seems rather familiar. It really doesn’t seem fresh. But I am still going to see it. Hope it is good because if it isn’t this could set Trek back many years

  29. If it was up to me I would consider it canon. One of my favorite Star Trek novels, I highly recommend it.

    Unfortunately, it’s only the first in a series of novels by William Shatner that just gets worse with each new book. A

  30. The Enterprise does get slapped around quite a bit.

    NCC-1701 – Survives 3 movies – Destroyed in Search for Spock
    NCC-1701-A – Survives 2 movies – The Final Frontier and The Undiscovered Country (destroyed in a canon novel)
    NCC-1701-B – was just in the beginning of Generations and where Kirk “dies”
    NCC-1701-D – The Entirety of TNG TV series and is destroyed in Generations
    NCC-1701-E – Not Destroyed appears in First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis

    So really the Enterprise only gets destroyed Twice in the movies. But the destruct sequence runs a few times more (and cancelled) than that.

  31. Oh no! Not the old Enterprise debate again. I’m not getting drawn into that one again Rodney, no sir!

    I agree with Rodney, stop posting the same crap again and again. Dragonslayer you keep posting that you hate Star Trek, WE GET IT. Just stop reading the ST related posts.

    They have to include action, SFX and hot babes in the trailer because they are trying to appeal to a mainstream audience rather that just Star Trek fans. Those three things are also, in my opinion, important parts of any Star Trek film anyway, but including them in the trailer does not mean that the movie will be lacking in story, plot, or good acting.

    I think that this movie will be good, maybe even great. I’m trying real hard not to overhype it the way I did with Quantum of Solace. QoS was good, it just wasn’t the second coming of Bond films I thought it would be.


  32. I didnt say all your posts were about remakes… just the posts ABOUT remakes always have the same thing in them.

    And Star Trek Trailers always showed the action. Youtube it. Lots of action in those counterbalanced by some storyline.

    This IS a new crew and a new story. Events that took place will butterfly effect into a whole new tangent. The entire franchise will take new shape and new direction. Seems only the names and archetypes will be the same.

    You want them to come up with a new cast setting and story altogether? They tried that … it was canceled. They are building on what works and going in a new direction on top of that. Its a win-win in their books.

  33. Not every post I make is about reboots or remakes. Hell I have no problem with remakes or reboots. I like the Hulk reboot, I love the batman reboot even more. Its not my fault if the majority of remakes are subpar in my own expectations. I just dont like the idea of using the classic crew and the enterprise to reboot the franchise. I love DS9 for the reason it wasnt the same set up like the last two shows. OMG! I think thats what they call original. As I said before, the reason the studio is using the classic crew and enterprise again is for fan service. Some will like the movie some wont. Its a fact. From what I seen in the trailer it looks big and flashy with action but thats not what made Star Trek great to watch.

  34. Dragonslayer… how about you do us a favour and NOT say that in EVERY Star Trek related post.

    We get it.

    If you have nothing constructive to offer, or something towards the discussion at hand, what does this serve?

  35. That last three seconds was great, kind of like having Scotty talk, and Eric Bana’s character say “The wait is over”. This trailer should have been in front of Bond, as it would have had a bigger cheer.

  36. I didn’t say he wasn’t entitled to an opinion. I never rob anyone of that.

    But when his opinion is that this will suck because its unoriginal, then complain that everything is different is contradictory.

    He can be pessimistic if he wants, but in EVERY post about a remake/reboot/retooling he has to post the same rant? We heard it.

  37. @Rodney, we heard the first 19 times you wanted to rant about how Star Trek is going to be best movie ever.

    If you’re entitled to be overly optimistic, then people are equallly entitled to be overly pessimistic. Doesn’t make them wrong, liars or people who make stuff up. Doesn’t make you wrong, a liar or a person who make stuff up.

  38. My penis just beamed up.

    Does anyone else here feel like J.J. will either hit this one WAY out of the park or it will fail so badly that whole countries will be lost by the bloodbath that follows?

  39. Grave, have you interviewed these millions of people who are NOT going to remakes and reboots? Seems to me if such an overwhelming amount of Movie patrons felt as you assume they do, that they would not make money with remakes. And Hollywood doesn’t do anything without trying to make money.

    And I do not know for sure that the Enterprise does not get destroyed in this movie, but I do know for sure that it doesnt get Destroyed in the trailer. That much is certain.

    And Spock is HALF Vulcan (always torn between two worlds.. mentioned in the trailer) and constantly struggles with his base human instincts that rebel against his Vulcan upbringing. He has had the occasional outburst.

    And your contradiction is that you complain about things you call “differences” and then complain that there are no original ideas. Yeah, I have said that twice.

    Lastly… I am not lashing out, and for the record, I own all the Star Trek movies on DVD (2 Disk Special Editions at that!) so by your logic, I officially know more than you… by your logic.

  40. Yea I will admit that I do rant about how “hollywood has no new ideas” but so does millions of other movie goers.
    Sure I am assuming based on what I seen on a trailer. That just means there little chance of me being dissapointed. Also YOU are ASSUMING the Enterprise isn’t destroyed. How do you know for sure?
    Yea Kirk and Spock dissagree but in the split second you see Spock violently attacking Kirk (or someone). Thats against his Vulcan Logic, and I know many will argue on that aspect.
    If they wanted to reboot the franchise they could have tried something else. Maybe a crew of space salvagers instead of the ol crew of the enterprise or new crew of a new enterprise.
    There no contradiction in my reasoning and its wrong to lash out at me only because of my own opinions.
    And for the record i own Wrath of Kahn, Voyage Home, and Undiscovered Country on DVD.

  41. @Grave, and we heard you the first 19 times you wanted to rant about “no new ideas in Hollywood”

    Seriously dude… get over it. There is NOTHING wrong with attempting a reboot or remakes. Not all of them are bad, and this one is looking decent.

    Maybe you never watched the show, but the Enterprise gets fucked over a number of times (and for the record – Enterprise isn’t destroyed in the trailer) and Kirk and Spock don’t always agree. You think they were best friends right from the first handshake? Two seconds before that Kirk attempts a high five with him.

    I find it ironic that you cry that they “cant do anything new” and they cry that they have things that are new?????

    You ASSUME that this will lack substance, but this very new and original take on the Star Trek story looks good. If you don’t want to like it, that’s fine.

    Just wish you had a reason that didn’t contradict your reason.

  42. I would have been more surpised if you havent had mentioned about the spock scebe at all and only say something about surprise. Now i felt little spoiled..

  43. I think it bullshit! They just cant come up with anything orginal. I like most of what the tralier shows except the kid ver or kirk, the enterprised being destroyed and kirk and spock fighting. Mark my words this movie will be all pervious Star Trek fan service with no substance.

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