New Old Enterprise

Maybe you are not old enough to remember it, but back in the day Coca-Cola decided to update its formula and brought out New Coke. Call it Coke:The Next Generation. Well it failed and they re-released Coca-Cola Classic. Which is now the only Coke on the shelves. So the Old coke came out after new Coke making it the New New Old Coke.

So now with Star Trek coming out and looking like its New Coke will actually be better, we get to see the brand spanking new, old Enterprise!

This image has been floating randomly about the net, so no real source to mention. But I have to say I LOVE the look of the Enterprise. As with everything in this movie, it seems that they are giving an updated version of the old without completely ignoring it.

That is perfect.

I would imagine that if they had the ability to make something that looked this good back in the 60s, they would have.

I have yet to see anything at all about this that bothers me. Breath of Fresh air to a stale and dying franchise. I am actually excited about Star Trek.

And I don’t have to feel dirty for saying it!

I added the Enterprise from the first Star Trek Movie for comparison