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Michael-Moore.1Michael Moore’s new documentary is setting its sights on the current financial woes of the U.S.A. We get the following scoop from our friends at movieweb:

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Moore’s new documentary, for Paramount Vantage and Overture Films, will turn its lens to America’s tough economic times. The film is currently without a title and according to some it will have “an end-of-the-empire tone.”

“If Moore offers a prescription for how to improve things, he may indeed find an audience that at this moment is eager for change,” said former Bill Clinton aide Craig Minassian. “But it’s going to be hard for him. What this election shows is what’s right with America, and sometimes what Michael Moore does is highlight what’s wrong with America.”

IOUSA was a film that did what Michael now set out to do, since the meltdown however, new news has no doubt come to light. This film will be like Roger & Me on a global scale; the world has become Flint Michigan (no disrespect to Seeler).

Since I was a kid I have known that times used to be better for most folks. Tales of a booming Welland before my time all I saw were rusty factories, and fading opportunity. In recent times jobs have been leaving my hometown at an even faster clip leaving many to wonder “what the hell are we going to do…move?” This current financial crisis continues to wreak havoc and if the people responsible can be fingered for their part in this, then fingered they should be.

Like Michael Moore or not, the man sparks discussion, and for that I will always be thankful.

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9 thoughts on “Michael Moore Makes Money Doc

  1. Well this should be interesting. He’s a liberal and a registered Democrat so of course he is going to blame everything on conservative Republicans. Sit back and watch the master lie, twist facts, and manipulate the viewer in believing what he wants you to believe. And that is far from the truth.

  2. Moore manipulates truths to make (or create) a point. It’ll be tougher now, because he’s run out of Republicans to mock for the time being (and) there are some Democrats who are also responsible for some of Wall Street troubles, and he most likely won’t go after them. But he better go after AIG, especially the stunts they pulled after the bailouts. He would be foolish not to.

    The Downside:

    I once worked at AutoWorld, which was last seen at the edge of a wrecking ball;

    Also I do know of some people personally who he has misled, even from Roger & Me. I worked in a factory (Mehra Tube) ten years ago, and on the same line was Rhonda Britton (aka The Rabbit Lady). Last time I saw Rhonda again, it was at the Flint Film Festival last year, as she was re-interviewed for an anti-Moore doc that played there.

    By the way, a few years after I left that job, the owner went back to India, taking half the company with him; the company-factory was sold, and when I last saw Rhonda she informed me the factory had closed the doors for good the year previous.

    The Upside:

    When I attended the Austin Film Festival in 2002, being from Flint got me a free beer as the subject of Moore came up during a panel with Harry Anderson and Turk Pipkin, so, there are some good things that come out of life.

    So in short Doug:
    no offense taken. Besides, if *every* place in the US started to look like Flint, it wouldn’t be that depressing. There would just be the same old crap.

  3. Maxxed Out was another movie of this ilk about the credit card companies.

    I like what Michael Moore does. (Although I haven’t seen Sicko).
    His tactics may be unethical, but his point does get across.
    As W. sticks his head in the sand, and pretends everything is gonna be ok, we need to realize that the window is closing on us to do something about our economy. Give Clinton and Gore some credit, they basically “invented” a new industry in the internet.

    Obama should do the same, by calling for innovative thinking. The Real Estate and Banking industries have been in bed for many many years, controlling access to property and money. Look up the meaning of the term broker. It basically means MIDDLEMAN. If we eliminate the MIDDLEMAN things should become more affordable and accessible for the EVERYMAN.

    Their should be no such thing as a Real Estate Broker or Mortgage Broker. If you want to buy a house, you should go to your bank, who would assign you an agent and loan officer to work with you to find an AFFORDABLE home on your budget and credit history. The bank would then service that loan or sell it, but the bank themselves are guaranteeing it not FNMC or FNMA.

    The auto industry would be smart to eliminate the dealership system and sell direct to consumers. Dealerships could still be used to service and test drive vehicles, but the sales should be done on the internet or by phone. With no phony fees and add-ons peoples satisfaction with the industry would increase.

    The Education system could be updated (at least at the High School level) by using video teleconferencing and a few specialists to teach lessons at the district level and TA’s on site to lower school budgets.

    My 2 cents…

  4. Oh goody, another Michael Moore movie. I’ve got to give the guy credit, he makes a great documentary. He’s also managed to peddle lies and outright propaganda and not be called on to the carpet for it. He’d make a good politician.

  5. “But it’s going to be hard for him. What this election shows is what’s right with America, and sometimes what Michael Moore does is highlight what’s wrong with America.”

    Yea, I bet Moore’s next film will show children playing in the streets, rivers of chocolate flowing through the forests and little bluebirds chirping and singing. What a wonderful world!

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