Halloween Reboot May Get Theatrically Released Sequel

I was surprised when I heard that Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake was going to be getting a sequel. I was more surprised when I heard he wasn’t going to be a part of it, and wasn’t surprised at all when I heard that the film would be direct to DVD. Now it appears that opinions have changed and the film will get a theatrical release. We get the following scoop from out friends at the Movieweb:

Despite Dimension Films announcing two weeks ago that Halloween 2 would be a Direct-to-DVD sequel, producer Malek Akkad said at this weekend’s Halloween: 30 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena that any and all sequels would first have a theatrical release. According to Bloody Disgusting, the next installment will be a direct follow-up to Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake.

Though it is not known if this next film will follow Michael Myers adventures in a hospital, as 1981’s original Halloween II did, it was reported that Tyler Mane, the man behind the mask in Zombie’s installment, would be returning as the omnipresent killer.

I think this would actually be better as a direct to DVD release.

I’m uncertain why they would switch directors up but still keep parts of Zombie’s vision for the character. With a new director on board wouldn’t a fresh remake be superior to a continuation of Zombie’s work (sans Zombie)?

Having two Halloween films is bad enough, now we’ll have two Halloween 2’s to choose from the rental shelf. Sequels to remakes is something that I cannot get behind. A remake is usually a no no in my books, but a sequel to a remake just seems like you are beating a dead horse into parts.

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