Halloween Reboot May Get Theatrically Released Sequel

I was surprised when I heard that Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake was going to be getting a sequel. I was more surprised when I heard he wasn’t going to be a part of it, and wasn’t surprised at all when I heard that the film would be direct to DVD. Now it appears that opinions have changed and the film will get a theatrical release. We get the following scoop from out friends at the Movieweb:

Despite Dimension Films announcing two weeks ago that Halloween 2 would be a Direct-to-DVD sequel, producer Malek Akkad said at this weekend’s Halloween: 30 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena that any and all sequels would first have a theatrical release. According to Bloody Disgusting, the next installment will be a direct follow-up to Rob Zombie’s 2007 Halloween remake.

Though it is not known if this next film will follow Michael Myers adventures in a hospital, as 1981’s original Halloween II did, it was reported that Tyler Mane, the man behind the mask in Zombie’s installment, would be returning as the omnipresent killer.

I think this would actually be better as a direct to DVD release.

I’m uncertain why they would switch directors up but still keep parts of Zombie’s vision for the character. With a new director on board wouldn’t a fresh remake be superior to a continuation of Zombie’s work (sans Zombie)?

Having two Halloween films is bad enough, now we’ll have two Halloween 2’s to choose from the rental shelf. Sequels to remakes is something that I cannot get behind. A remake is usually a no no in my books, but a sequel to a remake just seems like you are beating a dead horse into parts.

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18 thoughts on “Halloween Reboot May Get Theatrically Released Sequel

  1. Just to think that they are actually going to carry on from the amazing Rob Zombie remake – so more bad dialouge, ridiculous 70s music that fits scenes like a fat woman fits into a size 10 dress, baffling character actor choices, and characters that we dont even like being killed off.
    Halloween 78 – 98 : Thanks for 7 flicks, 2 of which were completly awful but the other five were pretty damn good and included a classic.

    Halloween 2002- Present : Thanks for nothing.

  2. What the hell is the point? Apart from the studio rushing and making more cash? Sure is not quality film making on their mind.
    The remake sucked, it was awful – one of the worst remakes I have ever seen.
    To make a part two of that can of cack – Oh my goodness.

  3. I really hated the Halloween remake and how it spent all this time on Mike Myers making him much less mysterious and creepy and now there is going to be a sequel to the remake, a reseqmake!?

  4. Money talks. Bullshit walks.

    Yes, in Zombie’s version Myers wasn’t “The Shape”, a mysterious bogeyman who was unstoppable. Myers was clearly dead.

    But get this, see-

    Laurie Strode, under heavy duress, is in the hospital. She clearly recalls her crazy brother’s brains splattered all over the porch. Not so says the doc. We found you knocked out, knocked over and knocked up. Doctor Loomis was smacked around, but nobody else was there.

    There you are. The last five minutes of Zombie’s version retconned in cheese factor. But y’know something?

    Fuck it

    Look, dammit- at the end of the original Halloween II- Myers got his eyes shot out. He and Loomis DIED in the fire. They both came back for *three* more films sequels. When H20 tossed out Halloweens 4-6 Laurie cut off her brother’s head at the end of the film and let the shit roll down hill. In the first five pre-credits minutes of Resurrection, it’s retconned where Myers pulled a bait and switch!
    So don’t shne me on how they can’t bring Myers back. They been doing it for thirty damn years

    On a related note, just remake Season Of The Witch. I dare you. I double dare you.

  5. The main reason most remakes don’t work well, is that they never are able to recapture, the time and place society was at when that original film was made. Carpenter’s Halloween was not only a scary movie in 78 but it was fresh. It had a good script with good characters. Zombies remake was a bloodbath that payed no consideration to the original story’s central character, which was Laurie Strode. Zombie simply didn’t care about anything other than Micheal Myers and that ultimetly killed the film. You can’t leave out the heart of the concept and expect it to work. As a whole it dosen’t. Making a sequel to his film is a mistake. I would normally say start over again but maybe enough is enough!


  6. this is great, i always liked halloween 2 better than the first & i liked the remake better than the original. i hope it still takes place in a hospital.

  7. I liked the remake to halloween up until he escaped and returned home to kill the girls. I thought the back story was pretty decent and well done. I just didn’t like when he actually came home. Mostly due to the fact that zombie spent so much time on the back story, that it felt like he rushed through the killings just to finish movie. Carpenter’s version had great build-up suspense where this one just felt like a “wam bam thank you maam” at the end.

  8. I like the Halloween remake, but from my perspective it seemed Zombie made the remake and didn’t plan or want a sequel to it. The ending wasn’t ambiguous. His Myers was a man. A man that could be killed. And at the end, he has his brains blown out point blank. The end.

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