22 thoughts on “Fresh Empire Magazine Wolverine Pic

  1. i got the new empire issue and theres a poster of the spirit and its a ( uk ) 12 a ( america ) pg 13.i mean comon how shit can that film get……..but this looks ok carnt get worse that xmen 3 or spiderman 3

  2. I really think that medical marijuana would calm Wolverine down a tad…

    Some villain should hold him down and give him a contact high. Might just be enough to defeat him…

  3. i dont like the poster, maybe a pics of the claws was enough but him looking up screaming ??? and no blood on his claws or standing on dead body


  4. Nothing new here. How about a picture of the Sabretooth or some of the heroes? It’s been an eternity since we’ve seen anything new.

  5. Honestly, just not interested in a Wolverine movie. I hate how they glorify Wolverine in the X-Men movies as if he’s the only one worth a damn.

    Gimme some of that Magneto movie. :]

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