Devastator Spoilers from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

Ok, this didn’t seem so spoilery to me, but just in case you don’t want to know just how the Constructicon Devistator will be put together in the movie, stop reading now.

I will wait here.

Right here.

Still reading? Ok, I warned you… mild spoiler action here:

TFW2005 has got some updated info from a source called S250 on how Devastator will actually be put together. Here’s the intel,

The Devastator Gestalt toy will be formed as follows:

Dump Truck – Right Leg
Bulldozer – Left Leg
Wheel Loader – Right Arm
Truss Crane – Left Arm
Excavator – Right Shoulder
Articulated Dump Truck – Left Shoulder
Cement Mixer – Head

S250 has also received an update regarding his previous information, the update being that six of the seven components (the lone exception being the Truss Crane) also apparently have a robot mode. The Truss Crane is listed as having “no robot form”.

Now how they will assemble is a rumour from a forum poster, so take it as it is.

The biggest Devatstator rumour we have heard to date is that despite being included in the movie, his scene is apparently brief. Considering this news implies that one of the parts of Devastator doesn’t even have a robot mode it makes me wonder just how far away from the Truss Crane the others could get if they wanted the option of combining.

And as supercool as these combiners are, I always thought they were limiting. Their ultimate power can be circumvent simply by eliminating ONE bot making him useless. With great power comes great responsibility.

Stick with your moving buddy!

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26 thoughts on “Devastator Spoilers from Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

  1. Maybe they could do like a flashback scene in which they show one of the battles between the Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron. Use maybe only 5-10 mins of screentime. Short but kick ass.

  2. well, i needed to get my point across and it seemed that simply saying it didnt work^^^
    because my original point stated that i didnt want a beast wars movie or a whole movie in cybertron. i just said it would be awsome to have one scene in cybertron (or two) and since theres no need to transform to a chevy then have a bit of beast wars in it

    and although i think that its nice to have sam in it i am 100% sure they can make a kickass transformers movie with no humans in it…at all.

  3. Your example implies with a great deal of snark that the fans WANT a movie about humans that have a couple robots.

    There is a great deal of difference between including a human ELEMENT and your cranky assumption that I want a movie that is nothing but pointless comic relief sector 7 agents and Shia Laboeuf.

  4. it wont be 3 hours of cybertron it would be cool to have like a 20 minute fight in cybertron and you see them transfgorm into robot/cybertron cars. the rest of the movie can have GMC vehicles on it

    the other 2 1/2 hours will have all the shia lebouf and megan fox element the fans have been eagerly waiting for. yes, MORE HUMANS. fuck cybertron! we specially want more sector 7 agents talk to shias parents about the chihuahua they own

  5. The point is that the vehicle modes will most certainly have nothing to do with any branded car on earth, and therefore there will be no marketing tie in.

    And no human element either.

    Wont happen.

  6. they transform into cars in cybertron!! they arent earth cars but i am willing to bet my SOUL that they transform into vehicles. and yes, planes and tanks too. theyre not m1 abrams or f-22s or corvettes but they transform into cybertron vehicles (not brand names like GMC)

    it will take the same amount of CGI to do that, just make a really cool no name brand car and make him in cybertron. the tumbler in TDK was tangible in real life, he wasnt all CGI. and its not a car you can buy on cars .com .just make up a bunch of cars like that.

    it wont all be CGI if they actually build in real life some kickass cars (like the tumbler or the tank in XXX which btw was not an m1 abrams)

  7. The Tank from XXX was just a prop. He wasn’t meant to be an object special to XXX, it was a normal real world abrahms tank.

    Don’t worry, they are not trying to tie this movie to XXX just that they reused a prop that was built for that movie. Its a real world tank so it doesnt matter.

  8. @Johndelorean, but Optimus is only ever one bot.

    The point of combiners is that together as a whole they are far more powerful than their individual parts.

    Optimus can wipe the floor with all the constructicons. He did it in the cartoon. But when they formed Devastator, he ran. Multiple Autobots couldn’t stop Devastator.

  9. And as supercool as these combiners are, I always thought they were limiting. Their ultimate power can be circumvent simply by eliminating ONE bot making him useless.

    You’d still have 4 or 5 transformers to deal with. I mean If you eliminate Optimus then he becomes useless as well doesn’t he?

  10. if xxx is the reason why he wasnt named devastator i will be so pissed, that movie was so horrible and now i hate it even more

    they can just not name him anything at all….it wont hurt if they dont even mention his name ever. i mean rerally really think: how many times was the hulks name mentioned in the incredible hulk? and really- did anyone in the movie ironman looked at him as ironman (appart from the end and the newspaper scene)
    and of course i had to see TDK 45 times before i cought the .3 second scene where they say 2 faces name. they just call him harvey all the time. they basically never call him 2 face

  11. dude.
    i just mentioned ratchet just for the hell of it, i like ratchet, i could have mentioned anyone else, like blackout or barricade. im guessing that when you say “theres no need for beast wars” you mean that the movie will be just fine without them. well what if bonecrusher wasnt in the 1st? would that really have hurt? and leave him for the 2nd? he wasnt nessesary neither. just have someone else rollerblade in the freeway

    im sure that in cybertron optimus wont turn into an 10 wheeler

    what? of course they transform in cybertron? wait what are you taking about, are we in the same page?
    the vehicles and jets where different but they certantly transformed. ifd like to see a cybertron version of a car why nort i cant really explain how they looked without making them sound lame but there were deffinatedly cars in cybertron.

  12. Rodney & Hazmat:

    The error in naming a couple of the Decepticons always bugged me. According to Wikipedia:

    “For Devastator, the crew chose to use an M1 Abrams tank prop built for xXx: State of the Union. The character was intended to be named Brawl (which appears on all the merchandise), but a subtitled Cybertronian line reads ‘Devastator reporting’. It was not fixed despite recognition of the error.”

    Plus, the Buffalo H Mine-Protected Vehicle transformer took the name Bonecrusher, which used to be one of the names of the Constructicons. That means one fewer classic names for the new Constructicons. However, if there are to be seven Constructicons in the movie, and the sequel continues to have little or no character development, the Constructicons probably won’t even have names.

    And, it seems odd that one of the components wouldn’t even have a robot mode, that two robots will form the shoulders, and that one whole robot will form the head, but there’s no mention of a lower torso. Either this information is a false rumor, or they’re screwing around with the classic concept of the Constructicons.

  13. Why is Ratchet unneccessary??? He was the medic.

    The point is that they all changed into earth vehicles. Why would they need one that changes into an animal?

    And it is very unlkely we will ever see cybertron. The movie has a broader appeal with a human element, and on cybertron, they dont transform into animals OR earth vehicles. So then there is no major vehicle line to sponsor the film.

  14. oh i thought galvatron and hot rod were both inside unicron and they decided to help each other out to kill him

    devastator..i know thats his name….so apperantly its also brawls name too?

    there is also no need in having ratchet in it, so why is he in it? is there a need for beast wars? well, why not? skorponok never changed and he was fine. why not? whats wrong with having a beast wars character in it? i never said it would be on earth, ive alwasy wanted them to do a movie in cybertron, some beast wars robots would be awsome there. so far there were 2 decepticons who didnt mind blending in, why not have giant animal robots? besides if its in cybertron it wouldnt matter

  15. why does devestor has to have ‘shoulder bots’ thats my question, maybe im too in the hole purest thing, but my other question is why couldn’t they have stayed with the source of the material from the cartoon ex. Hook the(Surgical Engineer), in the cartoon he forms the head and shoulders of Devastator. im all for change, but i dont know about this one, some people complained about optimus prime being a different truck. it didnt bother me one bit when they gave optimus a new look. i just hope this movie will be as good or better then the first one.

  16. @Hazmat, They wont have a Beast Wars transformer, there is no need for that. Changing into a giant robot animal? How do you hide on earth like that?

    And in the Animated movie… HOT ROD defeats Unicron, and Galvatron has no help in that. In fact he was trying to fight HotRod when it all happens.

  17. why the fuck is a wheel loader in his arm? whats he going to possibly do with that?
    i guess they couldnt have the awsome spike thing that bonecrusher had on him but CANT because optimus owned him

    the 3rd transformers movie better have unicron.
    and then have optimus and megatron (or galvatron) fight him. that would be so badass….or have hotshot and galvatron beat him like it really did happen (but skip the part where he crashes on his eye)

    oh and have ONE beast wars transformer…i dont want BEAST WARS…i just want one of them..just one..or two.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be a situation like in the first movie where, the all spark is used (inadvertently or not) to change machines in the vicinity into Transformers. The baddies could be getting chased through a construction site and all of a sudden the autobots now have Devestator to deal with. Subsequently destroying him rather quickly, because as you pointed out, it doesn’t take much to slow him down, or stop him completely. It would still be a cool scene….

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