Corey Feldman Joins The Adventures of Belvis Bash

CoreyfeldmanMr. Feldman has scored himself a gig on The Adventures of Belvis Bash. We get the following Corey update from our friends at the movieweb:

According to the actor’s own Blog Journal, Feldman will be joining the cast of Gary Ambrosia’s The Adventures of Belvis Bash.

Alexander Lvovsky stars in the film as a rock and roll musician that travels to Afghanistan as part of a US Army cultural outreach program. As he embarks on his quest to change the hearts and minds of the Afghanies, he is caught in the middle of an anti-terrorist operation. Also starring in the film are Larry Thomas (best known as Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi), Daniel Baldwin, and Frank Stallone. At this time, Corey has not revealed which part he will play in the film.

Danny Baldwin, Frank Stallone and Corey Feldman combine to make a B-List team of lore and legend! This combo is like Haley’s Comet – once in a lifetime.

A story about a rock and roll missionary sent to Afghanistan by the US military is peculiar enough. Having this musician thrown into the mix of an anti-terrorist operation is a turn that sounds incredibly lame. I would prefer just to watch a drama about the propaganda bard, playing bitchin’ tunes in small mountain villages.

This sounds like School of Rock meets Spies Like Us. If this is half as funny as Spies Like Us, I will be pleased. It doesn’t sound like this film intends to be a comedy however, and I am guessing that it will debut directly on DVD.

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