Campea / Nagy 2012


Last night America made an historic decision and I was shocked to listen to the Fox coverage after the Obama acceptance speech and hear even the conservative commentators praising him and talk about the hope the country now has. It was a moving and emotional night. BUT IT’S JUST A SMALL STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.

The United States of America needs REAL change. Yeah the first African American president is a bit of a change. But what would REAL change look like? It looks like a couple of Canadians. How’s that for a change bitches?

Let the grass roots / ground / base movement begin. CAMPEA / NAGY 2012.

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35 thoughts on “Campea / Nagy 2012

  1. Hey there BUtteronmypopcorn,

    Actually, even though we’ve never had a black “Prime Minister”, technically speaking the head of the Canadian government is the Lieutenant Governor, and we have had a black person in that role many years ago already.

    Also, unlike the US, we have also had a female Prime Minister at one time too. :)

  2. @ Seth

    There is a good historical case against communism as it was instantiated. The exact opposite is true when it comes to socialism unless you have a really backwards understanding of ‘will never work’ which equates in normal speech to ‘works really well’. Either that or your definition of socialist is essentially the same as your definition of communist. In which case what you say is trivial and uninteresting.

    Furthermore, it seems like you’re under the impression that there are actual libertarians in the Republican party (or the democrats for that matter). Ron Paul is perhaps the only such person, and of course Republicans didn’t want him. No matter who is elected, they’re going to take money and spend it. The last 8 years of republican governance were some of the worst for big invasive government I’ve ever seen.

    Its amazing to see how many people bite right into the political sound bites around this issue when it is clearly far more complex than “socialist BAD!” “capitalist GOOD!”.

    It does remain to be seen whether Obama’s policies will be effective – whatever they may be. He is facing two enormous problems in the economy and the War in Iraq (and on terror generally). Whether he can actually make some tangible progress on these issues that he can sell to the public will largely determine whether he is a 1 or 2 term president. 4 years isn’t necessarily a lot of time. The underlying problem with government is that its always in election mode which means its always short sighted.

  3. Best stick to movies guys. Yes, American voted for change: SOCIALISM. People have never learned the FACT that Socialism & Communism never work. Now when you review a movie – I’m with you. When you speak of politics – I can’t help but laugh.

  4. As it appears that you have mastered the art of liberal pant-sniffing, you fit right in with the Hollywood ilk. Stick to reviews and movie news.

  5. Actually, they are close to amending our Constitution to allow foreign born presidential candidates. I expect that the 2012 Republican ticket wil be Romney/Schwarzenegger or Giulani/Paul.

    Sarah Palin will run for Senate from Alaska at the next opening and win. She will run for President in 2016 or 2020.

  6. I was proud to hear almost all conservative commentators put aside the politics for once and hail the historic achievement of the first African American President. I wish Barack Obama had different views but I can’t help but think he’s a classy guy. As an American, I will support him and pray he makes wise decisions for our country.

  7. Campea/Nagy….. Doesn’t Amerika have enough on it’s plate? I can see it now Campea’s Mandatory Movie of the Day and Nagy’s Valkyrie as our air defense. Yes, I voted for O but I thought it meant orgasm.

  8. Here’s the perfect cabinet for the Republican Party:

    Schwarzenegger – President
    Stallone – Vice President
    Jean Claude Van Damm – Secretary of Defense
    Chuck Norris – Secretary of State
    Jackie Chan – Secretary of Treasury

  9. Speaking of this, if they allowed all citizens to run for president, I think if Schwarzenegger tried for office he would win easily across blue and red states. He has a lot of charism and charm. He’s the perfect candidate for the Republicans.

  10. Yeah, Even if they do annex Canada it still wouldn’t work because they were born when Canada wasn’t American territory.

  11. Yes we fucking can! I can see the headlines now…

    President Campea Demands Annexation of Canada “Health care isn’t just for the North.”

    Vice President Nagy says “Fuck “in god we trust”! Trust in whoever the hell you want!”

    America Declared Western Utopia!

    Popular Internet Site “The Movie Blog” becomes Campea/Nagy headquarters; gets Government Funding

    Campea/Nagy Building Relations with International Firends

    You’d have my vote guys!


    This will be a movement of epic proportions.
    I don’t think I, or even the States could handle this kind of magnitude…

  13. unfortunately even if you guys became citizens tomorrow , you and Nagy will never become president/VP because you weren’t born in America.

  14. Nagy, I love you man, but the first rant you go off on about abortion or something, some right wing crazy is going to blow you the fuck up.

  15. im glad obama won & i hope he doesn’t disappoint

    & sorry john, i dont think youll have a chance in 2012, because i hear sarah palin will be running lol

    btw, that picture is awesome

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