The Road gets Delayed

It seems like the word “release date” is about as slippery as a Spears girl’s inner thighs lately. Does anything seems to stay in place anymore?

Our next look at Viggo was to be later next month in The Road, but that looks like it might be delayed right into next year.

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The Hollywood Reporter says that the Viggo Mortensen dark thriller , which The Weinstein Company had originally set for a Nov. 14 limited and Nov. 26 wide release, has now quietly been shifted until at least December — and might be moved out of 2008 altogether.

Rumour has it that most of the reason for delaying it is actually due to the post production is not complete. The phrase “decidedly not done” was used, which implies to me that they were not happy with the post production that WAS done as opposed to simply being behind schedule.

When something is delayed, it automatically takes a hit in the public eye. This movie wasn’t entirely on my radar, but I like Viggo. Hearing it was delayed puts a poor taste in my mouth over it tipping me to the other side of caring.

If studio execs want to delay something, they should come up with more pleasing excuses like “we had an ebola outbreak and the production team spent 2 months in recovery quarantine… everything is fine now, but we are behind schedule” instead of throwing out “re-editing” or “decidedly not done” which makes me doubt the movie despite their efforts to correct it.

I hope it pays off and we get a better movie in the long run.

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14 thoughts on “The Road gets Delayed

  1. Anybody see this one yet? John, you have any idea how we can see this? I’m in Tucson, AZ and it’s only playing in Phoenix. WTF is going on? Transylmania is playing in almost all the area theatres but The Road is nowhere to be found. What a load of %$##@@.

  2. Wait, Nick Cave is doing the music for The Road? You’ve gotta be kidding. Oh nm, I just checked Wikipedia before finishing writing this and that makes sense, since his recent soundtracks are vocal-less and ambient. I bet Jonny Greenwood would also be a good candidate.

  3. timing is everything.

    just like The Road,
    that’s not original.
    however, it was an excellent book.
    will the 2009 US economic collapse
    justify this movie release? will teenagers
    return to the CinePlex for a 2nd viewing?
    no and no. this movie approximates reality.
    “delayed” just means no.

  4. I am not “ill informed”

    I said I had doubts based on the fact that it was delayed without explanation. That is all.

    You cannot change my opinion on this matter just because you are not affected in a similar way.

  5. Rodney, just because you are ill-informed about the book or details of this movie, shouldn’t make you less interested in it. If that is your main reasoning behind “not caring” about it, that’s just sad.

    Maybe the fact that the book won the Pulitzer is one little reason to care…

  6. I had heard that the reason for delay wasn’t because of anything in post, but because of the horrific subject matter.
    the studio did not want to release this movie so close to the holidays.
    I agree that Rodney should change his mind.
    This is one of the best books I’ve read in awhile, and if what I hear is true, they are sticking pretty close to it.
    I’m just hoping they are not re-editing for the ratings board!

  7. Hey Rodney, I dont know if it was an issues with the production. I read on numerous websites that the reason there was a delay was because Nick Cave still wasn’t done with the music. He just started a US tour here about 2 weeks ago, so I’m sure it’s done now and they are just putting the finishing touches. I do recommend checking out the book, it’s seriously an easy and amazing read.

  8. I am disappointed with the delay! As David, Andrew, and Bitton have all stated before me, I too think this is going to be a spectacular film experience! I want to see it sooner than later, but if they are having difficulties in post-production, then do what you gotta do to get it right… even if that means re-shooting some of it. Everything about this movie screams gold to me and I want it right now.

  9. Andrew, I dont have to rethink that one.

    Its what I feel about the situation at hand. If I change my mind and see it, it will likely be after it comes out and I hear some reviews. Right now ANY movie that gets delayed makes me doubt its quality.

  10. Yeah this is a total bummer. This was hands-down my most anticipated film of the year. I mean, nothing else was even close. Hopefully it won’t get pushed back too far.

  11. “This movie wasn’t entirely on my radar, but I like Viggo. Hearing it was delayed puts a poor taste in my mouth over it tipping me to the other side of caring.”

    Might wanna re-think that one. I expect this to be one of the finest films of the year it is to be released. See above comment. Great book and the pics we’ve seen so far have been stunningly outstanding.

    This is bad news, but if it ain’t ready it ain’t ready. They should release it when it is perfect. Not before then.

  12. This is seriously one of the best books I’ve ever read. The entire team behind this production has literally had me foaming at the mouth for this movie. I’m so bummed they are going to push it back. What a disappointment. If you guys don’t know anything about this yet, check out director John Hillcoat’s previous film “The Proposition”. It’s absolutely amazing! Nick Cave doing the music along with the amazing cast like Viggo, Robert Duvall, Guy Pearce, and Charlize Theron…damn I hope this isn’t true. I’ve really been looking forward to this. The book was written by Cormac McCarthy (No Country For Old Men, Blood Meridian), check it out if you can.

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