The Movie Blog’s 10 Best Animated Films Of All Time

Best-Animated-Transformers.jpgMaking any sort of “Top 10” list is always a tricky and dangerous thing. As I always say, all film is subjective, and that means no one on the planet will 100% agree with my list (and believe it or not, you’ll have a hard time finding people who 100% agree with your list too), and the real beauty of it is that neither of us is objectively wrong. That’s the best thing about film.

So why have these lists? Because they’re great for discussion and debate and give us as film fans yet another excuse just to think about, talk about and celebrate some of the greatest movies ever made. So why not?

Exactly 3 years ago today, I put up my first Top 10 Animated Films list, so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to do another list, and then see how it has changed from the original one I did. I’d also like to repeat something I said back in 2005:

“I should also mention that I’m NOT ranking these by technical merit. If I was, then Final Fantasy The Spirits Within would be #1. I’m ranking these by how well they performed as movies. Did they make me FEEL something, laugh, get choked up and most importantly get interested in the characters and their story.”

So with that said, I now present to you The Movie Blog’s Top 10 Best Animated Films of All Time:

Top-Animated-Spirited.jpg#10 – SPIRITED AWAY
Perhaps more than any other film on this list, Spirited Away has the magical ability to envelop you in the wonder of fantasy. I remarkably solid story, beautiful style and re-watchability. It just barely failed to make my list last time, but I seem to appreciate it more and more each year


Top-Animated-Web.jpg#9 – CHARLOTTE’S WEB (1973)
That’s one fine Pig. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind the 2006 version at all… but it lacked the pure heart of the original. I also think it was the first movie that actually scared me as a kid. It took me a little while to eat pork again. Clearly I got over it. I LOVE this movie.


Top-Animated-Toy.jpg#8 – TOY STORY
I’m actually a bit surprised this movie comes in this low on my list. The first legitimate hit 3d animated film was far more than just novelty. It set the standard for Pixar to make movies, not cartoons. To tell tales with wonderful characters and meaningful stories rather than just the regular tripe you can get away with easily in the name of making “kids movies”


Top-Animated-Incredibles.jpg#7 – THE INCREDIBLES
Without exaggeration I think I’ve watched this movie from start to finish about 15 times… and I haven’t yet started to get bored with it. Funny and exciting, the film is also surprisingly deep in terms of dealing with issues like aging, family, priorities and marriage. Not just your average kids movie.


Top-Animated-Ratatouille.jpg#6 – RATATOUILLE
The #1 critically rated movie (not just animated movie) of 2007, and yet was not nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars… pretty much delegitimizing the entire “animated feature” category they have at the annual awards. This was (in my opinion) one of the best films of the year and it didn’t get its due because of the medium it used. Pure rubbish if you ask me (funny how no one did).


Top-Animated-Iron-Giant.jpg#5 – IRON GIANT
One of those rare movies that I remember not even enjoying the very first time I saw it… but then I watched it again for some reason and liked it more. Then again and I liked it even more. 10 times in now and my enjoyment of it seems to continue to grow with each and every viewing. Funny how some random and heavily digitized tone talking is Vin Diesel’s best performance ever.


Top-Animated-Beauty.jpg#4 – BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
This movie is nothing short of beautiful. In my opinion the best music of any animated film, and the only animated film in history to actually be nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards (well deserved too). This movie is a masterpiece that makes me look forward to being a parent someday so I can share it with my kids.


Top-Animated-Toy-2.jpg#3 – TOY STORY 2
One of the greatest sequels of all time and one of the very rare ones that actually out does the original. As the story goes, Toy Story 2 was meant to be direct to video… but as development progressed the powers that be recognized they had something pretty special on their hands and decided to make it a wide theatrical release. Good thing they did. One of the only wide release films in history to hold a perfect 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Top-Animated-WallE.jpg#2 – WALL-E
I don’t know why I doubted Pixar… but for some reason going into Wall-E I had my doubts it was even going to be any good. My dear sweet heavens it was far beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined. A magnificent story told with movement and drama communicated with setting. Breathtaking in its scope yet endearing in its simplicity. I’m going to blow a gasket if this movie doesn’t at least get nominated for Best Picture this year.


Top-Animated-Lion.jpg#1 – THE LION KING
No matter how many times I watch it, when the movie starts with the sun peaking over the African horizon and those voices start to sing the opening to “The Circle Of Life”, something in me stirs… and it doesn’t stop until the film ends. The first time I saw it 14 year ago I knew I had just seen a movie that would stay with me forever. Still today, in my opinion, the best animated movie ever made.


HONORABLE MENTION (In no particular order)
– The Triplets of Belleville
– Cinderella
– Aladin
– Princess Mononoke
– Sleeping Beauty
– Fantasia

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So there you go folks. Now I’m certain you have lots to say about this list, both yays and nays. So what do you think of the list in general? Which films do you feel I’ve unfairly snubbed? Which films would you remove? Have your say and start the discussion.

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184 thoughts on “The Movie Blog’s 10 Best Animated Films Of All Time

  1. As for animated movies then for me the Lion King is ACE, all of the Toy Stories are fab and sadly, Wall-E was dull and lame.

    I agree with a previous comment – although modern animations are epic in productional quality, sound, 3d’ness’ and manage to attract a wealth of vocal talent its the pre 90’s Disney ones that tick all the boxes. From The First Land Before time to Little Mermaid, Aladdin & Aritocrats – they just dont make them like they used too!.

  2. geez, and what about the plague dogs, felidae and watership down ? four men with these masterpeaces in the list? really? know your history, peaple, disney not the only this you could watch in your free time.(sorry for bad english)

  3. I think I agree with some of the movies on your list, But being a girl and based from the movies I have seen my top ten will look like this:

    1. The Lion King
    2. Toy Story
    3. Pocahantas 1
    4. Mulan 1
    5. Ice age
    6. Beauty and the Beast (and yes f*ck u guys this movies rocked)
    7. Princess and the Frog
    8. The Lion King 2
    9. The jungle book 1
    10. Tarzan

  4. Robert Zemeckis’ A Christmas Carol is much better than critics are making out to be.

    There are moments that do question the needs of chase scenes, but I enjoyed them.

    You’ll start to mime some of the various hyms throughout. Joy to the World, Hark the Herald Angels Sing to name a few.

  5. A Christmas Carol was amazing in IMAX 3D. Possibly the greatest motion capture feature ever made.

    You could say that Robert Zemeckis is the Miyazaki of Motion Capture. Robert Zemeckis has made the only adaptation of A Christmas Carol that was realised in the way Dickins intended it to be.

  6. did a survey about the greatest animated features ever made and here were the results.

    1. Toy Story
    2. Shrek
    3. The Simpsons Movie
    4. Finding Nemo
    5. Ice Age
    6. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
    7. Monsters Inc
    8. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
    9. The Lion King
    10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    11. The Iron Giant
    12. WALL-E
    13. Madagascar
    14. Monsters vs. Aliens
    15. Akira
    16. Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were Rabbit
    17. Bambi
    18. The Jungle Book
    19. Dumbo
    20. Shark Tale

  7. Animated movies of today are geneally 10 x better than those in Walt Disney’s hey day for 1 big reason.

    Walt let just about any old stray do the voices in his features. Now you have well known and well likes celebrities doing the voices.

    The most sucessful animated movie of all time is Shrek 2. It has Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas and John Cleese in it. All celebrities. The most sucessful animated movie franchise of all time is the Shrek franchise. Celebrities now want in on animation because of Shrek.

    1. Hell Yeah. Walt’s idea of celebrity voice over was Mel Blanc of Looney Tunes fame, who voiced Figaro and Gideon in Pinocchio. To many, Mel Blanc’s an unkown fart compared to the likes of Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz, who voices Donkey and Fiona respectively in Shrek.

  8. In 2005 there was a poll called 100 greatest cartoons. 50% of which were animated features. Here was their top 10.

    1. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
    2. Toy Story franchise
    3. Shrek franchise
    4. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    5. The Lion King
    6. The Iron Giant
    7. The Incredibles
    8. Spirited Away
    9. Finding Nemo
    10. Akira

    Obviously the likes of Tom and Jerry and The Flintstones were in the actual top 10 if you’re including other cartoons as well.

  9. did a survey about kid’s movies most loved by adults. 14 of the 20 movies were animated. Here they are in order.

    1. Shrek
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. Toy Story
    6. The Lion King
    8. Monsters Inc.
    9. Ice Age
    10. Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were Rabbit
    11. Madagascar
    13. WALL-E
    14. A Bug’s Life
    17. Ratatouille
    18. The Incredibles
    19. Bambi
    2o. The Little Mermaid

    1. If any of you are wondering where’s the rest of the Disney Classics? Well numbers 2 and 12 were occupied by Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean and Chronicles of Narnia franchises respectively.

    2. Number 5 was taken by The Philosper’s/ Sorcerer’s Stone
      Number 7 was taken by Mrs. Doubtfire
      Number 15 was taken by Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (technically a live action hybrid)
      Number 16 was taken by Princess Bride

  10. have you heard of the new tim burton movie ‘Caroline’ should be interesting.

    10. Spirited Away
    9. Titan AE
    8. Ghost in a shell
    7. Grave of the fireflies
    6. ScannerDarkly
    5. Transformers
    4. Alladin
    3. Akira
    2. Southpark-Bigger,Longer and uncut
    1. Futurama-Benders Big Score (mindblowingly awsome)

    1. Technically it’s directed by someone called Henry Sellek, also known for directing The Nightmare Before Christmas and James and the Giant Peach.

      However Tim Burton is one of the art directors on Coraline.

  11. Tim Burton made a goog choice about the style of Nightmare Before Christmas. He “wanted to do it in Stop Motion and not do it in cell animation or computer animation (CG) because stop motion felt right for that particular story”.

    How right! Nothing compares to the beauty and artistry of Stop Motion animation and making plasticene models to animate via Stop Motion animation.

  12. As far as animation studios are concerned, Dreamworks will always be king, simply because Dreamworks is the studio releasing the most animated features at the moment.

    For every Pixar animation there are 2 Dreamworks animations on a yearly basis.

  13. I never did like Beauty and The Beast.

    What Disney did was basically mess about with one of the re-ocouring themes in Futurama, set it with music and made a fairytale out of it.

    Gaston is Zapp Brannigan (cocky)
    Le Fou is Kif (naive right hand man)
    Belle is Leila (victimized)
    Lumiere is Bender (latin charm)
    Cogsworth is Zoidberg (a freak)
    Belle’s dad is Professor Farnsworth
    Mrs Potts is Amy
    The Beast is Phillip J. Fry

  14. I looked at AFI’s list of groundbreaking animated movies and I am starting to question their choices:

    Snow White (First animated feature period)
    Pinocchio (Why?)
    Bambi (Why?)
    The Lion King (That’s basically Bambi with a baby lion not a baby deer)
    Fantasia (Technically this shouldn’t count)
    Toy Story (First CGI animated movie)
    Beauty and the Beast (Crap)
    Shrek franchise (Highest grossing animated film series)
    Cinderella (More Crap)
    Finding Nemo (Highest grossing animated feature not to come from a film franchise)

    The following movies should have been removed:

    The Lion King
    Beauty and the Beast.

    I would have replace those with:

    The Nightmare Before Christmas (First Stop Motion animated feature)
    Fritz the Cat (First X-Rated animated feature)
    South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (First cut out style animated feature)
    Beavis and Butthead Do America (Started the trend of animated sitcoms getting the big screen treatment)
    The Simpsons Movie (That Bart skateboarding naked sequence is pretty much the most memorable single animated scene done in any movie, any place, any time and any where)
    The Iron Giant (First animated cult classic)

  15. As far as character’s clothes are concerned here are probably the most famous clothes for an animated character in an animated movie:

    1. AC/DC T-shirt (Butthead)
    2. orange parker coat (Kenny)
    3. white T-shirt/blue pants (Homer)
    4. Metallica T-shirt (Beavis)
    5. blue dress/white apron (Alice)
    6. cowboy hat (Woody)
    7. brown pants (Spongebob)
    8. red T-shirt/blue shorts (Bart)
    9. green hat/ orange coat (Kyle)
    10. red dress (Lisa)

  16. As far as music score is concerned here would be the greatest animated movies:

    1. Chicken Run (John Powell/Harry Gregson-Williams)
    2. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (Trey Parker/ Marc Shaiman)
    3. The Simpsons Movie (Hans Zimmer)
    4. Toy Story (Randy Newman)
    5. Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were Rabbit (John Powell/Harry Gregson-Williams)
    6. Beavis and Butthead do America (John Frizzel)
    7. Monsters Inc. (Randy Newman)
    8. A Bug’s Life (Randy Newman)
    9. WALL-E (Thomas Newman/Peter Gabriel)
    10. Finding Nemo (Thomas Newman)

  17. As far as songs in animated movies go here are probably the most famous:

    1. Kyle’s Mom (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
    2. Spider-pig (The Simpsons Movie)
    3. You Got A Friend In Me (Toy Story)
    4. Uncle Fucka (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
    5. If I Didn’t Have You (Monsters Inc.)
    6. Accidently In Love (Shrek 2)
    7. Pink Elephants On Parade (Dumbo)
    8. Blame Canada (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
    9. Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp)
    10. I Can Change (South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)

    If anyone else has any better ideas, feel free to either comment or reply.

  18. Here is what I (and maybe some others) think are the most famous moments in animated movies:
    1. Spider-Pig (The Simpsons Movie)
    2. Kyle’s Mom (South Park the Movie)
    3. The Claw (Toy Story)
    4. Bug City (A Bug’s Life)
    5. Bart skateboarding naked (The Simpsons Movie)
    6. Buzz “flying” (Toy Story)
    7. Uncle Fucka (South Park the Movie)
    8. Roadie farting (Beavis and Butthead do America)
    9. Building the Crate (Chicken Run)
    10. Blame Canada (South Park the Movie)

    honorable mentions

    Bella Notte (Lady and the Tramp)
    Pink Elephants (Dumbo)

  19. Ok…. Alot of people are going to disagree with my top five movies…. I just know it. Here it is:

    1: Lion King (YAY!)
    2: Lady and the Tramp, Bambi II
    3: Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride
    4: Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure
    5: Bambi

  20. How about this ultimate 10:

    1. Beavis and Butthead do America
    2. The Simpsons Movie
    3. Chicken Run
    4. Toy Story
    5. South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
    6. Monsters Inc
    7. A Bug’s Life
    8. Toy Story 2
    9. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were Rabbit
    10. Alice in Wonderland

  21. I totally agree except for a few considering there are some I haven’t seen, but all in all, I think it is a great list and it really made me enjoy re-watching to see all the great things about all the movies. I agree with you that i didn’t think Wall-E would be any good but when I watched it, I really liked it.

  22. I see alot of comments down here but I see no one complimenting “THE SPRIT THE STALLION OF CIMARRON” !!!!!!! its GUd!!!! really gud!!!!! especially with Bryan Adams’ songs in it!!!!

  23. You people seemed to miss a whole bunch of the greatest movies of all time.

    Land Before Time
    The Incredible Mr. Limpit
    FernGully: The Last Rainforest
    Peter Pan
    All Dogs Go to Heaven
    101 Dalmatians
    Alice in Wonderland
    Peter Pan

    1. How about these:
      The Simpsons Movie
      South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
      Beavis and Butthead Do America
      The Spongebob Squarepants Movie
      Futurama: Bender’s Big Score
      Family Guy presents Blue Harvest
      Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were Rabbit
      Chicken Run

  24. 1:Galaxy Express 999
    2:Appleseed(the new one)
    3:The Iron Giant
    4:Ghost In The Shell
    5:The Incredibles
    7:Tokyo Godfathers
    8:Justice League:New Frontiers
    9:Batman:Gotham Knight
    10:Venus Wars

  25. myself not bieng a big fan in animated films so my list is quite short

    5 shrek
    4 finding nemo
    3 the incredibels
    2 the lion king
    1 the nightmare before christmas

  26. I always liked Chicken Run. I would consider it animation. It just uses actual physical models that they change slightly each time, no different from computer models or hand drawn ones.

    Team America, that puppet movie…I would not consider it animation but that’s just a weird (but hilarious) movie overall.

  27. Not necessarily in order, but:

    #10 Transformer – I still watch it every 6 months.
    #9 Beauty and The Beast
    #8 Cloud’s Moving Castle
    #7 Akira
    #6 Vampire Hunter D – Bloodlust
    #5 Iron Giant
    #4 G.I. Joe the Movie – with the aliens :)
    #3 Batman Begins: Return of the Joker
    #2 Spirited Away
    #1 Secret of Nimh

  28. Where’s the Satoshi Kon love? Perfect Blue was nothing short of mindblowing as far as psychological thrillers go. I had a similar reaction to Perfect Blue that I had when I saw Old Boy for the first time. There aren’t that many animated films that elicit those kinds of reactions. In that respect, Paprika needs an Honourable Mention.

    I’m ecstatic that Don Bluth was mentioned all up and down the comments! I still can’t see the Land Before Time without getting a little weepy. Those characters are just so dear and the colors are just beautiful.

    There’s also Gargoyles: The Movie (1994), which doubled as the beginning of the series of the same name. As far as Disney has fallen over the years in terms of animation sans Pixar, this movie and series are still badass fantasy adventure fare almost fifteen years later. It’s also a testament to how well American and Japanese traditional animation houses can work together to achieve an organic look and feel.

    Flight of the Dragons and original The Grinch need some love too.

  29. I know i’m late but I can pitch in can’t I?

    10. The 12 Tasks of Asterix
    9. The Flight of Dragons
    8. The Incredibles
    7. Sleeping Beauty
    6. Toy Story
    5. Wall-E
    4. Aladdin
    3. Pinnochio
    2. Beauty and the Beast
    1. Toy Story 2

  30. Nice list!! i’m glad to see spirited away there but princess mononoke and finding nemo would definitely be on my list! I wouldn’t include Iron Giant though (since maybe i can’t remember much of it). And Toy Story 2 wouldn’t have been so high. I’d also put in Little Mermaid and Fantasia too just for the musical score. Sighs… this is positively my most favorite genre =)

    I plan to collect all the DVDs! It’s still a dream for now.

  31. Dude i can’t believe that there is someone else that agrees that The Incredibles never gets old. I’ve seen that movie sooo many times and every single time i watch it i am entertained. That movie is insane in how it can never get old.

  32. Hooray for Brad Bird making 3 hits on your list (7, 6, & 5) look for more from him in the future

    PS if you ever get to meet him dont call it the animation genre, he might hit you (listen to his commentaries for his opinon on the subject)

  33. Little Mermaid would have made my list.

    I think that is the film that was responsible for the rebirth of animation… without Ariel, I doubt we would have ever had Buzz Lightyear.

  34. @SFEDP

    “I am the only one who liked Pixar’s The Prince of Egypt?”
    Pixar wasn’t behind Prince of Egypt (nor Joseph, for that matter); the company was Dreamworks.


    “Still Orson Welles as Unicron did it for me. He was the Barry White of the movie world.”

    Once the late Hollywood legend was so good he caused a mass panic on Halloween during a radiocast of an HG Wells tale; he given us the classic Citizen Kane and labeled a genius. He could get you to buy wine when we were underage at the time.

    His last performance anywhere was voicing Unicron- what a sad, sad way to go out. In addition, as far as I know, not one kid but one bought a Unicron toy at the time. Why did my young step-brother buy that toy? Simple: ‘so Optimus Prime rises from the ashes and proceeds to decimate the new enemy with impunity’.

  35. LOL. Somehow calling Ultra Magnus a “new toy” is a stretch of the imagination. He was Optimus with a white body and a different trailer.

    Still Orson Welles as Unicron did it for me. He was the Barry White of the movie world.

  36. Hey RantingMan

    If by “bold” you mean sleazy and greedy enough that they would kill off all the OLD toys in the first 10 minutes to make way for all the NEW toys they wanted the kiddies to buy… then yes… it was “bold”

  37. You would have been better to lose the Wizard of OZ clone that is “Spirited Away” and included Transformers.

    Whatever you think about those robots in disguise, not many movies are bold enough to kill off their main character within ten minutes.

    1. Somehow Spirited Away was more a clone of Pinocchio.

      In Spirited Away, the girl’s parents are turned into pigs after eating food in a cursed amusement park. In Pinocchio, the boys on Pleasure Island are turned into donkeys after all sorts of anit-social behaviour such as drinking and smoking.

      The woman who ran the bath house had some kind of resemblance of Barker The Coachman (she imprisoned the pigs while he imprisoned the donkeys).

  38. As evidenced by the number of comments, people really feel passionate about animated films. It’s not only because these movies bring back a lot of childhood memories, but it’s also due to animation being such a great medium for storytelling. Because it can be so abstract and can look innocently like it’s made for kids, when animated films convey a deep message or touch on mature themes, it gives off an otherworldly feeling that you can’t really get from live action films. Anyway ‘ll definitely be trying out some films that’s been mentioned here. Cool post

  39. Top Ten Animated Shorts.

    10. Boop Boop a Doop. – Betty Boop
    9. 3 way tie: Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning and Duck! Rabbit Duck-
    The Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd Trilogy.
    8. The Scarlet Pimpernel – Daffy Duck
    7. Magical Maestro – (No name actors)
    6. Ali Baba Bunny – Buggs Bunny
    5. Red Hot Riding Hood – Red Hot Red and The Wolf
    4. Robin Hood Daffy – Daffy Duck
    3. Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a 1/2 Cenyury – Daffy Duck
    2. Duck Amuck – Daffy Duck
    1. One Froggy Evening – Michigan J. Frog

    1. I’ve just had an insane idea for Looney Tunes:

      Elmer tries to shoot Bugs and Daffy
      Daffy and Bugs team up to outsmart Elmer
      Elmer finally catches a duck for his dinner

      The catch is the duck he catches isn’t Daffy, instead Elmer catches Daffy’s Walt Disney rival Donald.

      In several other episodes Daffy or Bugs could always outsmart Donald.

  40. 10. Coonskin aka street fight- Racially charged but brilliant film by Ralph Bakshi. An answer to Disney’s Song of the South (and it stars Scatman Crouthers and Barry White).

    9. Wizards – My second favorite Bakshi film

    8.Ratatouille – A cooking rat that was beautiful and touching.

    7.Shrek – I never laughed harder at an animated feature.

    6. The Incredibles – Just an incredible amount of fun.

    5. American Pop – Bakshi again (His Masterpiece).

    4. Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs – It started it all, And was a Brilliant film

    3. The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie – Since we are only doing features on this list, this full length film will step in for all the brilliant Warner Brother Shorts.

    2. Fantasia – Best Disney film ever.

    1. Yellow Submarine – Peter Max art. Mind blowing animation. The greatest soundtrack ever and a cameo of The Fab Four (They did not lend their voices for the film) themselves at the end. My favorite of all time.

  41. The Little Mermaid would have definitely found a spot at the very top of my list. I feel it’s a consistently overrated film. It’s a simple story, told beautifully and with one of the greatest villains of all time. I love The Lion King, but I’ve never been as fanatic about it as most people, I’ll take The Little Mermaid over that and Aladdin and even Beauty and the Beast (even though they’d all be on my list) any day.

    1. Ursula was one of 6 villains from the disney roster nominated for AFI’s top 50 villains. She never made the final cut because people didn’t know whether to vote for Ursula as an octpuss or her alter ego Vanessa (who was way more attractive.

      In a simmilar situation, Stromboli from Pinocchio was nominated but people didn’t know whether to vote for him, Monstro (the huge whale at the end), Barker The Coachman (he ran a corrupt business) or J. Worthington Foulfellow (Gideon was his henchman/stooge).

    2. The trouble with Little Mermaid’s appeal is that it only really appeals to girls. There is one scene though where Ursula is on a boat in the form of Vanessa in which she steps onto the make up table and breaks a bottle in doing so. In the scene, Vanessa was so gorgeous, you feel like you’re really rooting for the bad guy.

      There is also a scene where Ursula turns gigantic to fight a sailor bloke, and I’m thinking, What if instead of fighting her in octopus form, the sailor fights her in the form of a gigantic Vanessa, that would give her the ability to walk in the water while chasing Ariel and her friend.

      It can also be a reference to Pinocchio as Ursula/Vanessa would be taking on the role of Monstro, the big powerful brute against the 2 seamingly helpless heros.

  42. Transformers rocks!! Should be here simply because of it’s slap in the face power! It shook millions of childhoods to the core, two words, Optimus’s death!! Heart wrenching for a character who was not only a leader, but a friend, hero, and father figure to millions of kids! Not to mention it still has staying power with it’s animation which is still incredible even by today’s standards. Shame on you for slamming something you don’t understand LARRY!! However, i am in complete agreement with SFEDP for mentioning “Prince of Egypt”!! I am not a religious guy at all, but this movie brings me to tears every time!! Beautifully animated and even better storying telling!! It’s easily one of my favorite animated movies.

  43. Great list, John!

    Here’s a list of animated films that I think are awesome and would be additions to the list.

    Titan A.E.
    The Secret of NIMH
    An American Tail
    The Little Mermaid
    All Dogs Got To Heaven
    Monsters Inc

  44. 1. Princess Mononoke
    2. Grave of the Fireflies
    3. Beauty and the Beast
    4. Toy Story
    5. Pinnochio
    6. Wizards
    7. WALL-E
    8. Only Yesterday
    9. Kiki’s Delivery Service
    10. The Lion King

  45. Id have to say the thing that i love most about this list is that there are 7 disney movies, and of those 7, 5 are pixar. in my opinion pixar can do no wrong. i have loved every movie they have ever put out. also the original disney movies (i.e. lion king, aladdin, beauty and the beast), are the greatest animated movies ever made. great list.

  46. My friend tried getting me to watch Watership Down years back…I tried it and didn’t like it. Never ended up finishing it.

    I can’t really pin down my favorite movies of all time into a list, per se, like John did, but I’ll throw them out in no specific order:

    Anything Miyazaki (including Castle of Cagliostro) – except Howl’s Moving Castle…did not care for that movie much at all.

    Beauty and the Beast (the music of this movie brings tears to my eyes)

    Jungle Book (have seen this too too many times to count)

    Akira and Steamboy (Steamboy’s animation was mind-blowing)

    The Three Caballeros was a favorite of mine as a kid (never saw the first one though – Caballeros was a sequel)

    Rescuers Down Under I liked as a kid but it always kinda made me really sad

    Little Mermaid

    Toy Story

    Others I’m sure I’ll think of later.

  47. I’d just like to toss out the observation that “The Lion King,” your number 1 movie, is perhaps Disney’s ONLY film without human beings. And it happens to take place in the mystic landscape of a nation-less Africa, in which the only climates are a savanna, or a desert that happens to be adjacent to a lush untouched rainforest. This was a favorite film of mine too when I was young but I grew up to realize how much damage it did in pushing forward the myth of Africa as an exotic zoo nation where humans were absent. Aside from the great storytelling and the argument of “it doesn’t specify a time period,” I place this next to all other Disney movies and ask, really? That’s what you first think of when it comes to an animated film in Africa? Even “The Little Mermaid” had people. Even “Wall-E,” a movie that takes place on a post-apocalyptic earth, had people in it. Just throwing out the idea. Wonder what you think.

  48. I am the only one who liked Pixar’s The Prince of Egypt? Sure, it has a thing or two do to with religion, but it still was a great movie. It had a dark tone for the mature audience, yet was animated for the kids. Plus, it had some of the greatest music scenes in animated history, imo.

    And if that didn’t convince you to put this movie on your list, it had a talking bush. Come on.

  49. John ur list was definately awesome but here we go my list in no particular order..

    Finding Nemo
    Robin Hood
    Jungle Book
    Sword In the stone
    Brother Bear
    Dr Strange
    The Rescuers Down Under
    Toy Story
    The Lion King

    1. Took me a while to get over that one when I was a lad. You know, how they kill off all most everyone. Definetly worth a mention though.

  50. I have one thing to say to you John…

    Bah weep grah nah weep ninny bon!

    Boooooooo! Maybe not number 1, but TF should have made it. For shame Mr. Campea.

    Me Grimlock say we on our way!

  51. Speaking of Lion King, do you know that there is a controversy on how Disney is accuse of ripping-off Kimba the White Lion for this movie. Look up Lion King in wikipedia for the full details.

  52. Grave of the Fireflies – A heartbreaking war drama that stays with you long after you have seen it.

    Plague Dogs – An under the radar animated movie that deserves to be seen. No sugarcoating BS situation or fairy tale ending. It really shows that the world can be a cruel sonfabitch.

    Akira – A true sci-fi classic.

    Fox and the Hound – A great story on true friendship and brotherhood.

    Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron – For once, we get an animated movie where the animals doesn’t talk but emote through body language and narration. How appropriate to title the movie “Spirit” because it does a good job to represent exactly just that.

    Lion King – No brainer here.

  53. The following would find a way onto my list:

    The Little Mermaid
    Land Before Time

    Hard to know which 4 films i’d knock off your list though.

    1. Why would Little Mermaid be there? That kind of ripped off Pinocchio.

      Ariel wanted to be a real girl (Simmilar to Pinocchio wanting to be a real boy)
      Ursula sometimes tries to hard to grin like the Coachman (never come back… as Boys)
      Ursula grows gigantic (the size of Monstro)
      Ursula turns merpeople into monsters (The Coachman had boys turn into donkeys)
      Ursula, like Foulfellow, was a hired mercenary
      Ariel got into a lot of trouble (like Pinocchio).

  54. I really dont feel like going through all these comments right now but i would def. put Prince of Eygpt in my top 5. ANY time that movie is on i watch. I think Val Kilmer does a great job sounding different in both/all(?) his roles. And I love the story of moses because if you are Jewish or Christian its still a great biblical story. But Lion King is hands down #1. “DOWN PUMBA”

  55. FUCK YEAH Lion King!!!!!

    That movie is the reason why I’m a film fanatic. I’ve told the story a million times, but I’ll tell it again: my mom took me opening day to see it, and since we arrived a little late to the theater, we missed the trailers and had to sit up front. I will NEVER forget seeing that famous sunrise on a huge screen in the front row. By the time Simba is lifted in the air and the animals are bowing, I was a sobbing mess. I still can’t even speak about that scene, much less type about it, without getting choked up. Such a beautiful, beautiful film.

  56. My top 10 best animated films of all time:
    10) Dumbo
    9) An American Tail
    8) Beauty and the Beast
    7) Toy Story
    6) Toy Story 2
    5) The Incredibles
    4) Aladdin
    3) Fist of the Northstar
    2) Ninja Scroll
    1) Ratatouille

  57. I would probably also include FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN. I absolutely love that movie and it’s a far more technical achievement than ADVENT CHILDREN any day.

  58. great list john! though i would also add akira, grave of the fireflies, spriggan, pinocchio, bambi, ghost in the shell, ninja scroll, finding nemo and transformers to the list.

  59. Excellent list, I personally have a hard time trying to rank my favorite animated films here are few that I have always held close to the heart:

    The Secret of NiMH: The first animated film I ever saw, and the movie that made me into fan of animation and Don Bluth.

    An American Tail: The next big movie from Bluth was another childhood favorite of mine, with Bluth celebrating his 71st birthday, I wish Hollywood would give one last chance to produce another movie, I would love to see a Dragon’s Lair Movie.

    Beauty and the Beast: My favorite “Disney Princess” movie.

    The Lion King: The best of Disney’s 90’s renaissance.

    Grave of the Fireflies: Easily the most moving anime I ever saw.

    The Castle of Cagliostro: Even if your not a fan of Lupin III, this another anime movie I suggest people give a try, it was directed by
    Hayao Miyazaki.

    Hey John I have few related questions to ask, if you don’t mind.

    1) I found your old “Top 10 Animated Films of All Time”, in the comments section you mentioned you didn’t like “Princess Monoke”,
    but now have it has a honorable mention, what changed your mind?

    2) What did you think of many of the late 70’s and early 80’s movies,
    including Canada’s own “Rock N Rule”? They were not the best technically speaking, but I do admire the more mature approach these movies took. I wish the spirit of those movies would be brought back today.

    3) Will we be getting “Top Ten Worst Animated Movies” list?

    4) Who are your favorite animated villains and villianesses?

    1. As far as animated villains are concerned my favourite would be Russ Cargall from the Simpsons Movie. He was a corrupt member of the E.P.A, who would go to extreme levels to keep Springfield’s pollution problem in Springfield (The giant dome).

      For a villainess, probably Kyle’s mom in South Park the movie. Like Russ Cargall, she went to extreme levels to prevent foul language running riot around the kids of South Park (a war against Canada).

  60. I need to check out The Incredibles again. I’ve seen it once and I thought it was just OK, nowhere near as good as Wall-E, both Toy Story flicks, and Finding Nemo. Yet most people seem to disagree with me and rate it as Pixar’s finest. I must’ve missed something the first time around.

  61. You actually comparing Miyazaki’s films with Disney? I mean, sport, you should have done two lists, one with artistic fims and another with mainstream (meant to be seen by families)-films. There is no way you can compare the art of Miyazaki with the work of “Super Disney and its incredibly funny ambivalent moral”.
    Come to think, you can compare them actually. Not my business

  62. wall e will not be nominated for best picture john.
    it will be for best animated film and it will win but it will not be up for best picture.

    personally I think it was half jaw droppingly amazing and half average.
    the stuff on the space ship was nowhere near as good as the first half.

    1. One of the reasons why animated movies are hardly nominated is that nearly every year in the Oscars, one of the nominees is a British film.

      When Beauty and the Beast was nominated, none of the other nominees were British films. People went against that, thinking that America was only praising themselves rather than other countries.

      Animation is in nearly anything now. In a way the Lord of the Rings franchise was 50% animation as they used motion capture a lot.

      Others to do this include Universal’s King Kong, Fox’s Star Wars prequels Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean franchise and Disney’s/Fox’s Chronicles of Narnia franchise.


    2. You’re righ there Kenny.

      When The Lion King won a Golden Globe in the comedy or musical category one of the things it beat was Four Weddings and a Funeral, which was at the time the most sucessful British film ever made.

      Incidentally The Lion King’s slot for best picture in that year’s Oscars was ironically taken by Four Weddings and a Funeral.

  63. In random order:

    1. Grave of the Fireflies
    2. Sprited Away
    3. Toy Story
    4. Ratatouille
    5. Dumbo
    6. Bambi
    7. My Neighbour Totoro
    8. Wallace and Gromit Shorts
    9. The Iron Giant
    10. South Park The Movie

  64. DJJ,

    I’m sorry. I didn’t say that Persepolis is not worth on this list. You’re giving a good point here. I didn’t put Persepolis on my list because while Persepolis is – IMO – a very good movie with a depth sociological observation and political approaches, it scares a hell out of me sometimes and it was a kind of movie that I’m not enjoying to watch and rewatch.

    So yes, it depends. I’m sorry I didn’t mention that it was only my opinion though. :-) Still, great movie.

  65. 1. the lion king
    2. the incredibles
    3. the iron giant
    4. fox and the hound
    5. perfect blue
    6. toy story 2
    7. robot carnival
    8. transformers the movie
    9. gi joe the movie
    10. akira

    honorable mentions- toy story 1, antz, aristocats, jungle book, ghost in the shell, spriggan, beauty and the beast

    yes i know many on the list arent considered the “best” movies out there but all these films hold special places in my heart and memory….

  66. Pretty, really very good list. Maybe the best one in this topic. That’s mine:

    1. WALL-E
    7. TOY STORY
    10. TOY STORY 2

  67. Giren,

    Perhaps this depends on what you mean by entertaining, as I certainly was entertained by it. I know the film dealt with more serious and political topics unlike some of the movies on the list, but it also had its light and very enjoyable moments. It was, in my opinion, a very charming film. Also given guildlines for the list John mentioned ;

    “Did they make me FEEL something, laugh, get choked up and most importantly get interested in the characters and their story.”

    It seems like an appropriate selection.

  68. That’s a good list, especially number 1 which happens to be my favorite disney movie. The only suggestions I have would probably be Finding Nemo, which is awesome, and maybe a Don Bluth film like An American Tail or Secret of NIMH. Otherwise, even the honorable mentions were pretty impressive! Anyway, my own personal top 10 in no particular order would be Lion King, Spirited Away, Finding Nemo, Fantasia, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Snow White (which traumatized me the first time I saw it because I thought she was dead after eating the apple), and possibly Mulan, but keep in mind I have yet to see Wall-E and the Incredibles in their entirety, both of which are awesome, and bearing in mind that I didn’t even bother to rank these movies :-)

  69. It’s not a bad list, and highly subjective, but with all that and the comments thus far, until this moment, not *one* mention of


    or for that matter-

    A Nightmare Before Christmas

    That;s two a glaring omissions if there ever was any. I’ll give my reason for ‘Christmas’ in a moment. As for John’s ‘honorable mention’ – Sleeping Beauty–I think that’s a huge error, it belongs in a top ten. Since the Disney masterpiece ‘Fantasia’ is also in an ‘honorable mention’ – I’m wondering if John’s counting story as well as animation. If it were animation alone, the Final Fantasy Spirits Within would be a contender- but that story stank like unwashed socks.

    But If it is story- Lion King should near the bottom of the heap and not the top. I am still convinced to this day there was an indirect (if not direct) steal from Kimba The White Lion.

    I can’t knock down Charlette’s Web. When I was young I think I watched that film about as much as I did the Charlie Brown/Snoopy holiday specials.

    I would like to put “Ice Age” and “Emperor’s New Groove” on my list, but we’re talking all time here. Also, as much as I laughed at both, there’s one thing overall I despise especially concerning the latter- cheap quick to video/oversaturation of characters. They wear out the characters, and it gets stale.

    In any case, here’s mine:

    1) Sleeping Beauty

    2) Akira

    3) Fantasia

    4) Charlette’s Web

    5) Nightmare Before Christmas [ a full stop motion animation film is still a form of animation and thus should be counted]

    6) The Jungle Book

    7) The Secret of NIMH

    8) Spirited Away

    9) Finding Nemo

    10) The Lion King

  70. idk lion kings animation wasnt spectacular but the story was spot on… i really did not like spirited away… question is has any one seen the movie dragon hunters?

    i watched it a few days ago and i have to say the art in it IMO was just as good if not better then WALL E, story wasnt that good but the animatin was awesome

  71. I shocked no one has mentioned Pinocchio. I personally think it’s the best of all Walt Disney films. As far as the newer films, I love WALL-E, but Ratatouille stands above them all for me. I also think The Lion King is good, but slightly overrated.

  72. John, for all my complaints about you calling Schwarzenegger talentless, this list is just about perfect. I have a special place in my heard for Dumbo, so, racist though it may be, it would still end up on my list. And I’d have Spirited Away and Ratatouille a bit higher, but you pretty much nailed it.

    One thing I don’t understand – this is obviously the new list (hello WALL-E), but where’s the link to the old one so we can compare like you said?

  73. Great list! I wouldn’t argue with anything on it. Animation is a passion of mine. Although on technical merits, I’d say “Advent Children” outdoes “Spirits Within” by a mile. Still has a crappy story, though.

    My faves:

    10. American Pop
    9. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
    8. Titan A.E.
    7. Toy Story
    6. Aladdin
    5. The Iron Giant
    4. Princess Mononoke
    3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    2. Yellow Submarine
    1. The Incredibles

  74. Good list John, and i agree with you … Lion King is #1 animated film of all time.

    (loved the honorable mention of princess mononoke, that was a great animated film that surprised me)

  75. I always have this debate with my girlfriend about Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Now, personally I really believe Princess Mononoke, although is an OLDER film, is much better than Spirited Away. It must be a personal choice though…because Spirited Away didn’t ‘touch me’ in the way Princess Mononoke did.

    I’m glad at least it got a mention :-P

  76. For me, Ratatouille is a stand out movie. Very. It’s not everyone movie, since the theme is absurd and rather disgusting. But the screenplay is brilliant and the Peter O’Toole gives his best here.

    It’s one of Pixar’s best, nonetheless. Glad John could see this.

  77. Holy crap! Nice look to the site!

    My top ten looks like this:

    1. Toy Story
    2. Wall-E
    3. Finding Nemo
    4. The Incredibles
    5. Iron Giant
    6. Bug’s Life
    7. Beauty and the Beast (Shut up, screw you guys. The movie was amazing)
    8. Lion King
    9. Cars
    10. Shrek

  78. Are you only considering traditionally-animated movies? I don’t know how you could leave off The Nightmare Before Christmas unless you don’t consider it the same kind of “animated”.

    And I will add another recommendation for Grave of the Fireflies. Excellent and very moving film.

  79. I didn’t really care for the Toy Story movies myself although I can see how at least one would make this list, but two? I would have removed one of the Toy Story’s and replaced with Monster’s Inc, it was much bigger at the Box Office, not that it means it was better, but it was. Also, you could replace just about every movie on this list with a studio Ghibli film and I doubt anyone would argue that, Studio Ghibli is to Asia what Pixar is to America.

  80. I totally agree with Pixar movies filling half the list. They really do have the best animation and some of the best stories and voice performances. And, as John has often said, Pixar is the most consistently impressive movie studio of any kind.

    I would also recommend Disney’s Tarzan. I’m not a huge Disney fan, but that’s one that stands out in my mind, and I even own it on DVD (and I don’t have a huge DVD collection). Phil Collins did a great job with the music in the movie.

    As for Pixar, my tastes differ a bit. Finding Nemo is my favorite animated movie, Pixar or otherwise. It’s nearly perfect, and I’ve thought of considering it one of my all-time favorite movies overall. I’m also partial to A Bug’s Life, Wall-E, Cars, and Monsters Inc. The Incredibles and Toy Story 2 are okay too, but I actually find Ratatouille far over-rated. It’s not bad (Pixar’s never made a bad movie), but to me, it’s Pixar’s worst and weirdest movie.

  81. My point is there is a distinct lack of variety on the list. Have Pixar really made 50% of the best animated films of ALL TIME? Have 90% of the best animated films of ALL time made in the last 18 years? I doubt it.

    And whether animated films have “evolved” is quite questionable. Is The Lion King really a better story of the circle of life than Bambi? The Iron Giant a better film about childhood than Pinocchio? Beauty and the Beast a better musical than Fantasia?

    1. Write Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:
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      2) Disagree and debate, but no insulting other commenters or the author
      3) off topic messages for the author should be emailed directly, not left as a comment.
      Technically Fantasia shouldn’t count unless you are including live action hybrid such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Space Jam(Fantasia has live action segments in it).

  82. I would highly recommend you check out the anime Grave of the Fireflies. it is based on a true story and is probably one of the most heart wrenching movie I have ever seen.

  83. I totally agree that Grave of the Fireflies should be high up on the list. Together with many others of Miyazaki’s work, I find them more imaginative and magical (like how an animation should be), and yet more humane and touching.

    Granted that CGs nowadays are so well done (esp those from Pixar) but somehow, I still love hand-drawn animation best.

    1. What about Stop Motion animation e.g Chicken Run, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were Rabbit?

      To do stop motion animation, you have to be very patient

    2. How about Motion Capture if you would call that animation. It’s a style used in The Polar Express and Beowulf. Disney is currently is currently using it for A Christmas Carol and some parts of Tim Burton’s next project Alice in Wonderland.

    3. Motion capture is the ultimate technique there is. They used in the Lord of the rings too for Gollum specifically. I can say Lord of the rings comes close to an animated movie with around 50% of the movie animated including characters and over 3000 visual effects shots. Now that’s animation.

    4. Anybody can do hand drawn animation. All you need is some paper, something to draw and write with and a camera.

      Check Youtube and type in Roobarb and that’s hand drawn animation. Everything jumps about because the creators were using thick marker pens.

      Anybody can do Stop Motion animation. All you need is a camera and some objects to use as the set.

      It takes a whiz though to do CG animation. We can learn a lot from Dreamworks and Pixar.

      Which is why I love CG animation best.

  84. CORRECTION JOHN, FFVII ADVENT CHILDREN, WOULD BE NUMBER 1, that was made by the same people later, inbetween they also made the short video that connected Matrix 1 and 2, which was sometimes shown at theatres before matrix reloaded.

  85. I agree about The Incredibles. It’s my absolute favorite Pixar film. Wall-E is good too but I think I expected too much from it.

    Tarzan is another movie that I loved although I know it’s not really critically loved.

    And while I like Lion King, I don’t like watching it because I always get upset when Simba’s dad dies. It’s way too sad for me.

    1. I don’t get this.
      How come it’s heartbreaking to see Simba’s dad get hurt in The Lion King and yet it seems ok to have something like Tom and Jerry being as violent as it is?

      Same logic as both Mufassa and Tom are essentially cats (lions are large wild cats).

      The only difference I see is that in Tom and Jerry one of the re-ocurring themes is the amount of damage done to Tom’s tail. When Scar attacked Mufassa, he didn’t go after Mufassa’s tail.

  86. Grave of the Fireflies definitely needs to be on the list. Hands-down the saddest film I have ever seen, animated or not. You definitely forget it’s animated, it’s so human.

  87. Great list, John! Finally! My fave media of all time; animation.

    My # 1 would be Wall-E. It was hard to remove Lion King from my previous # 1, but I think I’m gonna do it. :-)

    My list would be:

    #10 Spirited Away
    #9 Beauty and The Beast
    #8 Toy Story
    #7 Finding Nemo
    #6 The Incredibles
    #5 Iron Giant
    #4 Ratatouille
    #3 Toy Story 2
    #2 The Lion King
    #1 Wall-E

  88. Just curious John, which version of Spirited Away (or any of the Studio Ghibli films ie. Howl’s Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro etc) do you watch, original language with subtitles or dubbed? I usually am strictly against dubbed films but with animated and particularly Mayazaki’s (Studio Ghibli’s) films I make an exception because so much effort is put into the English language voices (for instance Christian Bale as Howl in the English version of Howl’s Moving Castle).

    Just curious how you watch those films and how you feel about dubbed films in general?

  89. Hey Final Joe,

    Annnddd??? What’s your point? Just because most of the films on my top 10 list are within the last 28 years, doesn’t mean I’m saying there are no great films before that date. Just that the ones on this list are better.

    For the most part (not 100%) the art of story telling in animated film has grown and evolved (and in my opinion improved) in general. It’s not surprising that most of my list comes from within the last 3 decades.

    You’re free to disagree obviously, that’s the best part. But don’t just throw a comment like that without giving some examples of what your list would look like.

    1. just want to say, please give chinese cartoons or asian in particular a chance?i think chinese cartoons is one of a hell cartoonist, i just love what they are doing out there, and i think your list is not that universal, that is a top ten in a one country but i think not for all?

      Write Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:
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  90. Oh thank goodness. From the picture at the top I was terrified you were going to have the Transformers cartoon on your list. As I got closer to #1 I thought you might actually give it top spot. Thank you for not going crazy!

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