The Break-Up; The Sequel


Well this is news I never thought I would hear. It looks like real life ex-lovers Vince and Jen will be back together in a sequel to The Break Up. We get the scoop from our friends at monsters and critics:

Jennifer Aniston is to earn $20 million for a sequel to ‘The Break-Up’. The former ‘Friends’ actress – who starred alongside Vince Vaughn, who she began dating after falling for him on set, in the 2006 film – is considering starring in a follow up with Vince.

A source said: “Both Jennifer and Vince have been offered the chance to star in the sequel. As Jennifer is now such a huge star, she has been offered $20 million to do the film, while Vince has been offered less. “Both of them are seriously considering it.”

This film had the feel of a one off, and even ended as one. Will this sequel be about the couple getting back together and working everything out? I can only guess at this point but am curious to find out. Do they get married a second time? Is this a second marriage comedy waiting in the weeds?

Worldwide The Break Up made about 205 million dollars. It wasn’t received all that well, the average consensus seemed to be that it was “alright” at best. I’m not sure that a sequel will be a huge hit with the kids. But with an offer of 20 million for Jenny; the studio certainly thinks otherwise.

International Friends – Is this a sequel you care to see?

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