Quantum Of Solace Clip Bonanza!

We have some new Bond clips for you today, a behind the scenes peek at the making of the music and a video with Jack White and Alicia Keys. Thank you very much to our friends at the movieweb: for the hookup.

I really dislike the song White and Keys put together; this is a combination that never should have happened. The best thing about the video is the bangles that Alicia is wearing. I was excited to hear Alicia Keys was tapped to replace Amy Winehouse, now I wish the junky had cleaned her ass up for this gig.

I am pleased that there is a boat chase in this film. The aqua chase in Live And Let Die is among my favorite Bond moments and one of my all time favorite chase scenes period. I hope this film is able to pull off similar aquatic excellence.

This is a lot of new footage to share with you, and even more can be found at the source. For those of you that would like to see the remanning few videos, please visit the movieweb

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19 thoughts on “Quantum Of Solace Clip Bonanza!

  1. The one red-haired girl in the second clip might be a problem for me. She’s a bit annoying, but not too much. Damn, this thing is looking good. Can’t wait until it comes out.

  2. @ Ezell – look up “white stripes” and calm down

    I agree that the Casino Royale opening song will be hard to beat. It was amazing, escpecially with the excellent visuals and graphic style that went along with the song.

    I hope this song works well in the final product! Sounds good so far.

  3. I really like the song haha I love the instrumental aspect of it. I don’t know why so many people hated it, but oh well I think it’s better than Madonna’s shit at least.

  4. Hahaha yeah you’re not the first I’ve seen to make the White/Black mistake when talking about this song.

    One can only imagine what a Jack Black/Alicia Keys Bond theme would be like…

    Despite you disliking this song, I’m happy to hear you’re a bit of a Jack White fan. Keep up the good work!

  5. Hmmm…The thought of Amy Winehouse and Jack White makes me dislike this song a little more. Those two would have been amazing together, I think anyways…I do like the song though. I love Keys, and Jack White may be one of my favorite musicians today…it’s just a wierd fit…

  6. No point seeing this film now, already seen most of it!

    Another Way to Die is definitely one of the worst three Bond songs ever recorded. Whether it’s worse than Madonna’s or Sheryl Crow’s offering is besides the point – it’s just as bad!

  7. that jump he miraculously made in video #4 reminded me of the first 10 minutes of casino royale and how ridiculous that first chase was…i couldnt stop laughing at how insane it looked with him running through walls jumping off cranes..overdone

    also reminds me how the matrix (2000) ruined every fight scene of every movie that came after it…

  8. I’ve decided to go into the film with low expectations. I was super excited for the film but the reviews have brought me back down to Earth. Some people are saying its a big dissapointment, some are saying its pretty good and some are saying its great, but all are saying it isn’t as good as Casino Royale (which I wasn’t expecting it to be anyway) so its best just to go in expecting crap.

    The song is what it is; not great.

  9. The song isn’t horrible. I like it…I just don’t like it as a Bond Movie theme.

    the Chris Cornell song for Casino Royale was AMAZING, and in my opinion one of the top 3 bond themes.

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