Paul W.S. Anderson Gearing Up For Resident Evil 4 Script

Residentevil3-3Mr. Anderson has put his pencil in the sharpener and is getting ready to scribe Resident Evil 4. We get the scoop from our friends at moviesonline:

Paul W.S. Anderson is working on a script for a new Resident Evil movie according to Or should we say he will be very shortly. This is not at all a surprise to me since there has been a lot of talk coming from SONY that a new movie would be on the horizon. I for one am a huge fan of the Resident Evil film franchise and look forward to a new film. In the meantime we can enjoy Resident Evil Degeneration ( watch the trailer ) a new animated film based on the hit game that looks fantastic.

Well we recently heard that this film was a go ahead, so this news is just a pretty uninspiring update. “Yep, were just about ready to start.”

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first film and because of that haven’t been in any rush whatsoever to see the other two. For those of you that enjoy the franchise however I hope this news brings you great joy. I’m going to watch the Fatso trailers again now.

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22 thoughts on “Paul W.S. Anderson Gearing Up For Resident Evil 4 Script

  1. OK well ive never really done one of these so please bare with me….
    first i would like to point out that all three of the films in thier own right were very good…no they wheren’t based fro the game but i think that is why they made them, so that people that dont play or havent played the video games can still get in to them, though they brought in to the movie new and interesting people scenarios and such, they still diliverewd a story line good enough to keep all of you caming back for more, Alice (milla jovovich) has given the franchise a new begining, add to an arsonal of superb actors and actresess. thought the down sides that i have seen are the fact that ali larter (probly didnt spell that right) should not have been cast as clair redfield, Miss larter in her own right is a very good actress, loved her in heroes, but clair should have been portrade as younger 18 to possibly mid 20s, more of a caring sister type then a hardend merc, even in code veronika she still had her spunky sister attitude as well as in degen, now as to what the fucks???
    Why was there cast members in the movie that where sopossesd to have been dead….
    in the third movie the guy that shuts down alice…the one at the comp was killed in the first hopefully i might be wrong.
    and nurse betty was the only character name to be brought out from the outbreak series….and killed off too fast….
    oh and….everyone we are forgetting about barry and richard, and rabecca..they all played semi-major roles in the games…hhhhmmmmm!!!!!

  2. Yeah i agree wit rebecca screw tha games when u can have jovovich in them. but it couldnt hurt for some characters from the games to be on future movies nd i loved 1 2 and 3 they rock!!

  3. Alice should stay. i just hope more charaters from the game are introduced in the forth movie. that way everybody will be happy. i wonder if alice is going to finally turn bad in this movie.

  4. I reckon the first one was the best (Especially since it featured Michelle Rodriguez) and 2 and 3 were okay, but the cliff hanger at the end of 3 makes me want to see this one.
    Alice is awesome in these movies and it would make sense to continue to make her the main focus. She has such a strong female role that she takes on really well.

    I don’t play the games, but I would like to and maybe my opinion would chance then.

    I can’t wait to see shit loads of Alices kick ass.

  5. Broly:
    Because she has been in all three of the previous movies, and the studios like to believe the main character is the reason the series continues to profit.

  6. I don’t know who enjoys these RE movies but they are terrible. The smart thing to do would make them base doff of the stories from the games instead of the dribble they keep pumping out.

  7. I really liked the last film-although it took ’em half the damn film to get to Vegas. Kinda like when Jason was to take Manhattan, y’know?

    Now where were those folks going? Alaska? What’s in Alaska? A Bridge To ….


  8. I don’t understand why Capcom, now that they have successfully resurrected the series from the shell of it’s former self that it was to once again one of the best video game series with RE4 and the solid looking RE5, would let the name of their franchise be further besmirched by these shitty movies.

  9. I liked the first movie, but the next two not as much. Unfortunately, I’m still aching to see part four just because of the tease they had at the end of the third one. It’ll probably be a letdown, but it’s an awesome premise nonetheless.

  10. Why the fuck does Alice continue to be a part of the series? she has NOTHING to do with the video games what so ever, I say she should be killed off and replace her with Chris Redfield the way it was ment to be.

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