Ong Bak 2 Trailer

This trailer has been around for some time, but I’m not sure if we have shown it here yet. An article about the release of the film over at cinematical has prompted me to post it. This is violent artistry at its most magnificent. Ong Bak 2 is scheduled for a Dec 4th release date in asia and we’ll be sure to hunt out where we can see this film in the rest of the world. We may be limited to a direct to DVD release, but whatever the case – it will be worth a watch. Check out the following trailer –

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10 thoughts on “Ong Bak 2 Trailer

  1. That is fantastic; who would have thought the next Jackie Chan would be… Indian, right? It seems like a new fighting style from the last film, too! Am I crazy or did several scenes depict “Zi-Quan” (Drunken Boxing) style? The first one was good; I can’t wait for this!!!

  2. @ Steven-
    The reason it looks like he’s hitting them, is because he is
    Thats what they mean when they say “Real fighting is back”
    Big Tony Jaa fan, cannot wait for this one

  3. Doug and John should put together their top ten movie fighting, weapon, and action scenes.

    It will be interesting to see the final product, given all the turmoil surrounding Tony Jaa with this project.

  4. Good god, I can see why that put the man into hiding for a little while during production. This is the one he directed right? He’s definitely the Jackie Chan/Jet Li of this generation.

  5. i don’t really care about the story in these movies, but the reason Tony Jai is so awesome, is because he puts force into his action scenes. it looks like he really hits these guys, and hits them HARD!. can’t wait for this one

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