Kevin Smith does Sci-Fi

I pretty much have my cool about me when I meet celebrities. Kevin Smith is on my shortlist of celebrities that I would turn into a babbling drooling loser over if I ever had the chance to meet him. I daresay I have a hetero-mancrush on Smith and for a million reasons. The guy has dabbled in so many types of movies that all appeal to me on a deep level save one – Science Fiction.

Well it looks like Smith will be taking a shot at scifi in a Father/Son relationship story.

Yahoo says:

The film will reference other sci-fi movies and revolves around a father-son relationship. Smith has nodded to the genre in his earlier work, which includes “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy” and the fantasy comedy “Dogma,” but has never made a sci-fi film.

Smith said he’s looking forward to exploring new character dynamics as well as outer space.

“All the relationships in the flicks I’ve done before have been either a guy falling for a girl or two dudes hanging out in a ‘bromantic’ comedy,” he said. “I wanted to explore a father and son.”

The indie-minded Smith is aiming for a budget in the $45 million-$50 million range, which would be his biggest to date.

This might be why Hollywood just loves this guy. His budgets look minuscule (still more money than I will ever see) compared to the Rush Hours, Spidermans and Supermans out there. Smith has his hits and misses, but he is never in shortage of offers or work.

I would really dig seeing a scifi movie that is simply scifi for atmosphere and focus on a relationship story. In most relationship movies writers just seem to say “this isn’t about spaceships” so they just toss it in New York and call it dramatic realism. I think there can be a great dynamic to having a dramatic story set in space for no reason other than to say people won’t have to stop having relationships just because we live on the moon.

That being said, I would also love to see some scifi epic with Smith in charge. Sometimes I look at movies and do my armchair analysis (not film school or trained) and feel that I could do better. We all do it. I think Kevin Smith does the same thing. Watch his clip about being asked to write a treatment for Superman (Giant Fucking Spider) and how he calls bullshit on the stuff that doesn’t work.

No one is saying he is perfect =coughjerseygirlcough= but he has more geek of the flavour of you and I than some people who get hired for movies that are intended to appeal to the geeks.

Its about time Smith does SciFi.

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7 thoughts on “Kevin Smith does Sci-Fi

  1. @Godoghellfire…. keep in mind that most people above you in the comments list disagree. Including the post author… me.

    Don’t sign something “Everyone” when really you just want to pretend that you speak for us all.

  2. Dingo beat me to it. I’m a big fan of the Smith but I just can’t see him committing to this and going through with it.

    Though now I think about it, how great would it be if Kevin Smith’s and Ridley Scott’s sci-fi films came out at the same time. That would be quite a choice i’d have to make.

  3. A sci-fi relationship movie? Really?

    I do like Kevin Smith as an storyteller and writer, and enjoyed Clerks and Dogma. But, honestly, the guy has not grown as a director, and does not have the directorial chops to deliver a ‘sci-fi epic’. He’s a master of witty dialogue and has a real flair for pop culture observations — he’s said himself on numerous occasions that he can’t direct action scenes…. that’s going to leave us with ‘Clerks in Space’ (which will at least be better than ‘Jersey Girl in Space’, although the notion of shooting Jennifer Lopez into space isn’t without a certain appeal…), which I don’t really see the point of.

    Hey, maybe I’m just shallow but the notion of sitting through a movie in which fantastical space battles happen in the background while two characters ramble on about pop culture references doesn’t really appeal to me.

    But he’s a good guy, and a fellow geek, so I still wish him all the best. Who know, maybe it’ll turn out great.

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