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Now before you get your skirt in a bunch, these are exclusive pictures for the sites they were sent to. We are just gathering them and showing you where they are. Now exhale, geek it up and enjoy.

I haven’t been this excited about Star Trek since…. Well never. I am a fringe fan at best (Die hard Star Wars fan) and there is enough scifi goodness to appreciate Star Trek but its never quite struck a chord in my heart.

Its like your buddy’s girlfriend. You like her enough. She’s pretty. If things were different you could even see yourself dating her at one point. But that’s just now how it is. You can appreciate it and even have fun with her around.

Well now seeing these new images for Star Trek I find myself really noticing it and appreciating it differently. And just to whet that tongue a little more, Paramount has scattered an offering of five exclusive pics to five different websites online. Fortunately for us,
UGO.com was one of them and also links to all of em so you don’t have to dance around:

The first production stills from Star Trek are out. UGO is one of 5 sites privvy to debut exclusive photos of 2009’s most anticipated film. Now, excuse me while I have a nerd core breach!

The five sites that are showing off the images all have high res versions of them, so if you need to get a closer look you can check them out at the prospective sites:




That last picture is PERFECT in showing off Zachary Quinto as Spock. That guy was born to play this role.

38 thoughts on “Exclusive Star Trek Images Online

  1. im very excited for this reboot. pics look great.

    keep in mind all the similarities and differences in the pics are worth nothing if the script isnt tight enough to pull it all together.

    this reboot should feel like THE star trek to watch, and not necessarily NEW star trek.

  2. From the picture with Sylar in view, it looks just there’s a bit of “enterprise style” rewriting history with the set design – truth is they cant entirely help it but just looks a little too shiny and gleaming and bright and new. Obviously this’ll PROBABLY not last too long – but fans of the original series the set was muted and gun-metal coloured.Dont even begin to talk about the displays….

  3. they look like a bunch of kids playing in there dads sharship. Looks kinda wierd. why do they have to be the original crew. This point will bethe only thing that will break this movie. They can call thiem sheves any other crew on anyother ship.

  4. I love all of it! I haven’t liked any Star Trek franchise since the original cast and show and I think that this is going to be a great tribute to that show! I think it is beautiful. They did an enormous job with the homage to old and upgrade to new. (from what I can tell here anyway… can’t wait for the movie)

  5. Oh, and about Pine being too young, Kirk is only supposed to be in his mid to late twenties. I think 27, but I could be wrong. And someone on another blog wrote that this could be a different bridge like the test bridge for the unbeatable scenario, Kabyashu Maru, which Kirk wins and becomes the youngest captain in Starfleet history.

  6. I love the new look. I watched the show in the seventies and loved that too. People who are angry that it doesn’t look like the old bridge and old this and old that, I have one thing to say… There are 79 episodes and ten movies with all the old stuff you can rewatch again and again. Not to be dorky but, isn’t Trek about going boldly into the future?

  7. Maybe in the future Apple wins the computer format war and all computers are Apple.

    And Maybe, just maybe Simon Pegg can be in a movie where he isnt supposed to be funny in every scene.. which he admits in this movie he is not comic relief.

  8. the bridge looks like an apple store & i dont know how im gonna watch this & not expect simon pegg to do something funny every time hes on sceen lol

  9. @Michael…. (Old)Kirk isnt in this movie. Just sayin.

    And its not a spit in the face. It is genius. They manage to maintain the original series in its entirety and start over without wiping it out. They are not ignoring the timeline, its being changed.

    They get to have their cake and eat it too.

    They are not EVER doing anything more with the old Trek timeline. Its dead Jim. Why not get a fresh start??

  10. Slybri – “The old bridge was red and black and blocky and 60s…this thing is all blue and white and clear glass and late 90s. It doesn’t work well with the 60’s uniforms.”

    I think the uniforms dont look even remotely 60s. The only similarity is the multicoloured shirts which I think is a cool tribute without being dumb. The shirts look pretty standard Gap/Old Navy to me. Expect them to be all the rage come next spring.

    And no matter what they did they would NOT be able to please everyone. Look at the comments above. I like the bridge, I hate the bridge, I like the uniforms, I hate the uniforms, they cast looks good, the cast looks too young, I want 60s looking stuff in my futuristic sci fi, I like the updated look.

    Exhale people.

  11. They all look like kids… none of which old enough to be on the bridge let alone commanding a starship, imho. Kirk looks especially young to me.

  12. Finally, we see what this film looks like and i’m down with it. I think they’ve struck a great balance between staying faithful to the original Trek and giving it a little edge. I can’t believe they actually stuck with the multi-coloured shirts. That takes balls and risks being laughed at, but i think the cast looks great.

    And Eric Bana just looks awesome.

  13. What the hell did they do to the bridge? They keep the same uniforms of the original series but they make the bridge more futuristic looking than the Enterprise in the first 6 movies? Odd choice.

    I was hoping for a more retro look that matched the visual style of the old tv series but was made to look plausible and futuristic. But it looks like they are just copying the old movie style, except for the uniforms.

    The old bridge was red and black and blocky and 60s…this thing is all blue and white and clear glass and late 90s. It doesn’t work well with the 60’s uniforms.

  14. The bridge looks really bad. I want to see more to confirm my feeling, but so far it looks like a hair salon. I don’t see any design aspects from the original series, which is what most people want and expect. I do like the special effects shot of the ship under attack, and I think the new uniforms look alright, although the mesh tops remind me of sports jerseys. My question is why did someone have to go and mess with and possibly ruin the original Trek that everyone loves instead of coming up with some sweet new Trek stuff of their own? Retread, remake, re-visions NEED TO STOP! NOW! Make new never before seen movies and TV shows or fuck off already. Sure there have been a couple of cool remakes like BSG or the new batman films. But where are the new original ideas?

  15. To be honest, these pictures don’t excite me, you can clearly see the intended audience here, late teens to early twenties who don’t give a toss about sci-fi.

    I will say that I’m a small fan of what Abrahms does but I think the premise for this movie is a complete spit in the face of series (kirk and spock change the timeline completely nulling any of the series that have come before). This movie will look flashy but I think it’s going to end up like transformers, lots of visual flair but none of substance that made you fall in love with the series in the first place. I get the impression that the guys are making their own movie and that having a ‘star trek’ logo on it will just save on having to spend loads on viral marketing again…

  16. Looks great. The bridge shot contain nods to the Pike era Enterprise. I think Chris Pine will be a big star after the release of this picture.

    Now just an outside shot of the Enterprise and I’m content until May.

  17. I believe in JJ Abrams though (Don’t Cloverfield me, bro!), as Fringe is everything that X files was without the too crazy conspiracy.

  18. My opinions on just the looks:
    I like: Karl Urban’s Bones McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Bana’s Romulan Nero
    , and I think Z Q will be a big star when Heroes gets cancelled.

    I dislike: The ship’s bridge, Kirk looking like James Vanderbeek (in the bottom picture),Uhura, and the curly haired Chekov.

    Just checked some other sites…

    Wait Christopher Pike will be in??? And Bruce Greenwood playing him SUHWEET!

    A lof of this looks good, my big worry is that James T Kirk is the pivotal role, and just from the looks I’m worried.

  19. This is starting to look pretty good, actually. But I keep looking at that one Angry Spock picture and hoping Quinto does that thing where he cuts open the guy’s forehead with his finger.

  20. There’s a big spectrum from Emmerich’s Godzilla to Casino Royale with these reinvent the wheel remakes… After seeing the bridge though, it’s like “Please don’t be LOST IN SPACE 2!”

  21. Mozzerino, according to the blurb on MTV’s site, the black shirt is part of the story

    “When asked why Kirk was wearing black instead of the standard yellow captain’s shirt, Lindelof said that the black uniform is “significant” to the story surrounding this scene.”

  22. I like the look of the characters, but the bridge looks like it was designed by Apple. Too modern and too stylish, I was hoping they would go for a more vintage design. Oh well……

    LOVE the costumes though. They manage to look just like the original with a bit of a modern edge. Just what I wanted.

    Bana looks cool as well, the only guy I’m not so sure about is Kirk. He looks a bit smug and where the hell is his uniform?

  23. Chip Chief, I didn’t miss that one. That is an image that was released in Entertainment Weekly. It wasn’t one of the exclusive five pictures to be released today.

    Awesome picture to share, but it isn’t an exclusive. Thanks for the link!

  24. The Enterprise bridge looks like the inside of my PC – all fluorescent lights and transparent plastic (or is it transparent aluminium?)

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