Christian Slater talks Heathers 2

Remakes are so passe. Why remake when we have Retcons! Better yet, why remake when the young blossoming actors of the time could offer up sequels? Winona Rider thinks so. She’s been trying to get a Heathers2 ball rolling forever.

Cinematical says:

While talking up his new NBC show My Own Worst Enemy with AOL TV, Slater spoke about returning to Sherwood, Ohio and said:

“Yeah, sometimes I see Winona and she’s like, ‘Are you ready to do Heathers 2?’ And I’m like, ‘Sure!’ I would do it in a heartbeat. I would totally love to do that character again — J.D. We’d have to have a scene in there where’s he’s watching The Shining or something, you know? We’d have to see that he’s collected all of Nicholson’s movies. Just to really make sense of it all. [Laughs] That would be like a dream come true for me. So we’ll see — if they want to put something together, I’d be thrilled.”

Now I chalk this clip up to Slater just hamming it up speculating on the saucy character he played in Heathers, but I hate to spoil it for you but it doesn’t make much sense that he COULD be in a sequel – he’s dead. But I also figure a lot of this is hinging on Winona Rider hoping for a glimpse at a career again. “Please make a movie with me where I am the star??” Rider has slipped into supporting roles since her hayday of the 90s.

But this does segue into other interesting sequel-long-coming news is that the sexy Samantha Mathis is interested in reprising her role for a Pump up the Volume sequel alongside Slater’s Happy Harry Hardon. THAT I would like to see. Hunter gets out of jail and tries to lead a normal life before once again resorting to his rebellious ways on Internet Radio popularity.

Can’t stop the signal!

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6 thoughts on “Christian Slater talks Heathers 2

  1. We never really see JD die, you hear the bomb go off but never really see a body or see if jd get’s away, something we don’t see. So, I do think if heathers 2 did come back as a sequel that they can bring JD back as a character. There have been so many movies that characters have come back from the dead. Why not now? I would watch it….

  2. Mozzerino… I said that in the post already. JD Dies in Heathers. Which is why I think Slater is mostly just hamming it up to talk about something funny.

    He does that.

  3. Principal: Now I’ve seen a lot of bullshit… angel dust, switchblades, sexually perverse photography involving tennis rackets…

    Ram Sweeney: Let’s kick his ass.
    Kurt Kelly: Shit man, we’re seniors now man. We’re too old for that kind of shit.
    Kurt Kelly: Let’s give him a good scare though.

    Heather Duke: Veronica, why are you pulling my dick?

  4. First of all, I don’t think there is going to be a Heathers 2, although I wouldn’t rule out “The Next Generation” (and Ryder gets her supporting role) It sounds more like Slater is kidding around at best, and, at worst, that his character somehow pulled a Micheal Myers/Dr.Loomis act from the end of Halloween II. (Both characters died in an explosion; both characters returned from the dead in later films-Loomis had some burn scars, and Myers was…Myers.)

    As for “Pump Up The Volume”- gotta tell you Rodney, when this film first came out it wasn’t a huge hit, although I went to see it at the time. I could kind of see a follow up- and given the context, it wouldn’t be a high budgeted picture. But if Slater and Mathis returned (*Seeler would much rather croon for a Broken Arrow II more; but, oh well…) I would picture ‘Hard’ Harry in a Howard Stern/Talk Radio like format…but we can still get some great songs. Maybe not as great as Soundgarden used to do, but a decent lineup…

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