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Batter up kids! Costner is coming back to the mound for a Bull Durham sequel. We get the following peculiar announcement from our friends at IMDB:

A sequel to Kevin Costner’s award-winning baseball movie Bull Durham is in the pipeline, according U.S. reports. Costner has been in a series of meetings with the film’s director Ron Shelton to discuss the possibility of resurrecting his Crash Davis character in a sequel to the beloved film. Sarandon is also slated to return to play Annie Savoy, according to New York gossip column PageSix.

I can’t recall anyone in my life uttering the words “man, I will Bill Durham had a follow up film!” I don’t get why they would even go ahead with this project, and am curious to see if it will even do well at the box office. My first guess would be no, but we shall see.

Are any of you glad that a Bull Durham sequel is being made? If so, how would you like to see it play out?

9 thoughts on “Bull Durham Sequel

  1. Please don’t do it Ron!

    The original has great closure.

    It will remain a classic…unless you make a sequel and cheapen it.

    Some reunions can be very depressing.

  2. Bull Durham is the best baseball movie ever. I will only accept a sequel if it once again includes the Durham Bulls. But I’m a bit partial because I live in the area. I coached a few middle school baseball games at the old DAP where they used to play. It was cool.
    You could definitely see Crash as the manager of the a Bulls team that is now at the AAA level and has moved into a new ball park down the road. And yes, pitching coach Nuke LaLoosh would also be a must.

  3. Bull Durham is one of my all time favorite movies. Even as I have gotten tired of Costner’s schtick the movie for me still holds up. I absolutely hate the idea of a sequel. I agree with those who said its an act of desperation.

  4. I am definitely not loving this idea. Despite how people categorize this movie, it’s really a romance movie… that just happens to be about sports. It’s a movie that both males and females can enjoy, and it’s held up very well over time. Sarandon is a model for the postfeminist era, and the character dynamic between her, Robbins, and Costner is, I think, not reproducible. Why mess with a modern classic? Why do studios insist on thinking of movies as manufactured entertainment, instead of life-changing events? How about instead of a sequel… they just make a completely different movie.

  5. I thought Bull Durham was a terrific, well written, acted and directed film. It might be interesting to see where the characters are twenty years later or so. I suspect Crash is now the manager?

    The real question is Tim Robbins. Since Susan’s on base (sorry) I wonder if her other- who met on the first film- is also “game” for another round.

    Ron Shelton’s back on a sports themed film, that’s also a good thing. Y’know what? We bitch and bitch and bitch about remakes and sequels without the original cast and/or filmmakers…now we seem to be getting one with a premise that might be interesting. It’s also most likely going to be a comedy-drama like the ’88 film…and we bitch.

    I feel ya. Okay.

  6. Bull Durham is a great movie. I don’t see the need for a sequel, but I can’t see how it would tarnish the original.

    Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back are still great even though Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones ate the big one, right?

  7. NO! NO! NO!

    I can’t think of a single great sports film (especially a comedy) that has yielded a decent sequel. This is a really bad idea born of desperation on the part of Costner and the studio to try and create a hit off the name of one of the great baseball movies.

    If they have an idea for a baseball film, make it and let it stand on its own. Don’t drag down a classic.

    And remember – “candlesticks always make a nice gift”

  8. Durham, NC is about 30 minutes from me, and this movie is LEGEND there. I’m sure the folks in Durham are either overjoyed or dismayed at this news. Me personally, couldn’t care less.

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