Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Remake In The Works

TomatoIt looks like Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes is going to be the next film up for a remake. No this is not a joke (sadly). We get the following scoop thanks to our friends at MTV

After a decade of relative dormancy, killer tomatoes are back in a big way this year with an “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” remake planned for release in 2009, along with a brand new comic book adaptation of the original 1978 film hitting stores this week. The re-imagined “Tomatoes” film comes courtesy of Second Wind Entertainment with Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, creators of comedy Web site “Ask A Ninja” at the helm.

Nichols and Sarine’s remake will reportedly take no prisoners, striking a decidedly darker tone than the original. Though still rooted in humor, the new film is said to be more akin to Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead” series than the late ’70s silliness of the source material.

Fuck this shit. This is a film that stands on its own as a cult classic, and is a movie everyone should see once before they die. A remake is a horrible idea and a “darker re-imagined” take on the story also sucks. If you want to make a shitty sequel – be my guest; but leave the original be.

If the internet community speaks for the general population in any way, shape, or form, then it’s safe to say that everyone is tired of remakes. We have gobs of them coming down the pipe and many announced every week. It is a sad state of affairs in my opinion and a waste of both time and money. With luck, the public will stop supporting remakes with their wallets and the madness will stop. Stop feeding curiosity, and start ignoring remakes. Every time a remake comes out – watch the original.

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7 thoughts on “Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Remake In The Works

  1. The Ask a Ninja guys are deliciously funny so it has my attention as well.

    However I do hesitate when I hear that a viral video star is making a movie, even if I do find them insanely funny.

    Maybe this is the break they need to no longer be considered the “viral video” guys.

  2. What sticks out for me is that the “Ask a Ninja” guys are behind this. I never watched their stuff, but aren’t they part of the internet community?

    The internet community says many things. Given a chance, I think just about everyone would remake something.

  3. I am still pissed though that Killer Tomatoes 2000 never got made. It was going to be a parody of the Horror Movies-gone-to-space genre, and had a script completed and casting started before it was canceled.

    But as I said above, this will be a good Killer Tomatoes fix for me.

  4. Sadly the internet community does not speak for the general population. If that was the case then Snakes on a Plane would be the highest grossing film in history.

    A remake of Killer Tomatoes, meh, I could care less, I got the whole original series on DVD so I’m good for now.

  5. I can’t fucking wait. This is my all-time favorite movie series.

    I don’t understand everyone’s hate of remakes. If you don’t want to see them, then don’t. But that seems to be a very hard concept to follow for many.

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