Alternate Incredible Hulk Opening

Movie Blog reader Ty sent me the heads up on this Youtube version of the new alternate opening for The Incredible Hulk that we’ve been hearing so much about. Personally I really like the tone of it and think I would have preferred this to the theatrical opening. What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “Alternate Incredible Hulk Opening

  1. I bought the 2 disc dvd of The incredible Hulk Movie
    and enjoyed as i did in the cinema.Also watching all the deleted scenes made me feel that the movie would be even better.The alternate opening was okay and as many of you said should have been used instead of the elaborate flash back sequence they used instead.Hopefully in the near future they will re release the full version of this film on dvd with all the deleted and alternate put back in.

  2. That’s a pretty big-scoped scene as far as what we see actually on-screen for them not to go with for the theatrical cut. I think it fits better as an introduction to what the rest of the film is better than the opening they went with.

  3. I like it. I think it gives more insight as to why Banner is pretty sure that dropping himself out of a plane like a bomb isn’t going to kill him. This offers up a good “mood” openning. I love seeing the great white North landscape… It would be awesome to see the hulk in a full Northern Snow-covered peak background. The colour pallet of a very Green Hulk vs. a very White wilderness is gorgeous and speaks very much to a man’s “soul”. All hail the GREAT WHITE NORTH AND THE INNER BEAST!

  4. I have to disagree with you, I really don’t like the beginning. It doesn’t capture my sense of excitement or wonder. I still prefer the original version – or rather, the version they decided to go with.

  5. @ terry, that’s funny, infact screw the whole captain america sighting. let’s have a movie that mixes marvel and dc! i know that will probably (i’m only gonna say it once) never happen. but if it does i hope i’m still around. but imagine that, the hulk finds the fortress of solitude and meets superman and they throw down. i see a huge battle one that takes hours spanning the whole movie. the battle going from the north pole and then ending up in metropolis!

    regarding the post, ehn i don’t have a preference really. although i did like the arial view of brazil.

  6. it the original comic this scene is based on (Banner). Bruce puts the gun in his mouth and actually pulls the trigger and shoots himself. Then he turns into the Hulk…and Hulk spits out the bullet in rage, cursing banners name.

    this version is okay…but the effectiveness of the scene was the fact that Bruce pulled the trigger, just looking at the gun isn’t as visually effective.

  7. I watched the film again last night and all the 45 mins of deleted scenes and it was a better film that I remember. There’s little substance to it (they cut all the meaty dialogue scenes out) but it was fun.

  8. I really liked this opening, but i thought they couldnt show it cuz he it actually showed him putting the gun up to his head or in his mouth, but all he did was point it at the ground, then hulkd out, or mayb theres something im missing, oh well, still great anyway

  9. oh wow john
    ..that was great..better then the opening it really did have

    and the hulk was a great movie…the cop car gloves and abomination scenes were insane

  10. I thought the original intro was pretty good, although this one develops Banner’s hatred for the Hulk a lot better then what was shown in the theatrical cut. Personally, I think a hybrid of both of them would be the best choice, maybe showing the lab scene where he turned into the Hulk interspersed with footage of him struggling through the arctic wasteland. The scene could’ve ended the same way, with that final shot of Betty all beat up on the floor and then Banner turning into the Hulk and crushing the gun.

    Just a thought.

  11. The only good thing about the Incredible Hulk was the amazing opening shots of that Rio shantytown.

    This opening would have been more in keeping with the rest of the film… mindless hollywood pap.

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