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We have glorious news of a Trailer Park Boys sequel today thanks to our friends over at the movieweb:

Great news for all of you Trailer Park Boys fans out there. Mike Smith, who plays the iconic shed dwelling Bubbles, told Toronto’s Now magazine that they are currently shooting a sequel to Trailer Park Boys: The Movie, an off-shoot of the popular Canadian TV series, and it will be hitting the U.S. and Canada in October of 2009.

The gang is currently in Halifax shooting the comedy, which will wrap on October 10th. The entire gang is returning for another go around with Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Mr. Lahey, and Randy all involved in another greasy cheeseburger scheme. The plot finds our trio of trailer park misfits being released from jail only to find that their beloved home, the Sunnyvale Trailer Park, has been taken over by a meaner, leaner park supervisor. This new Jim Lahey has some big changes in mind for the park, changes that don’t exactly go over well with the Boys, who will now face their biggest test since Grade 10.

These dudes are Canadian heroes that kept it real, stayed true to formula and are now enjoying international attention an acclaim. As a Canadian sellout currently living in LA I envy them and am proud that they were able to make a go of it in the northern gulag.

Sadly, I still have to get around to seeing the first film. I don’t follow the show but will watch it if I happen to be “flipping” and find it to be quite funny. The episodes that I have seen I have enjoyed; they have made a great show with next to no money.

As their following continues to grow, I think it’s appropriate that they release a second film. A Blues Brothers beginning (out of prison) is as good a way as any to start the sequel, and having a new park manager as the nemesis is just fantastic.

We will be sure to keep you up to speed on the progress of this project and with luck we will be able to score an interview with Bubbles.

20 thoughts on “Trailer Park Boys 2

  1. fuck yeah, can’t wait for the movie!!
    My boyfriend just got me the first movie so i finally saw it, but i have every season but 5 cuz i can’t find it anywhere! >:(
    but i am uber excited for it, i hope it hits theatres cuz i’ll be high as fuck cheerin’ on the boys!!

    LMFAO @ that “jer” character,
    “knowwhaimsayin”! – classic!

  2. the 2nd movie should follow the season finale (season 7) when everyone goes to jail and is seeking revenge on lahey and randy. i have been waiting for this sequel since the episode aired. perhaps even a return of cory and trevor???. i cannot wait for this movie to come out and finish the tpb dynasty off with a bang. TPB for life.

    mike clattenburg, barrie dunn, JPT, robb wells and mike smith and everyone else. awsome job cant wait for the second movie!!!!

  3. “A Blues Brothers beginning (out of prison) is as good a way as any to start the sequel …”

    The reason it begins with the boys getting out of jail is because in the final episode, titled “Say Goodnight to the Badguys,” they went to jail (for bootlegging liquor) at the end. I’m pretty sure that’s where the movie takes off from. (It was an hour-long episode after season 7 that can be found on YouTube.)

  4. You really need to watch the show “unedited!!” to appreciate it! Occassional stop ins of bleep bleep bleep do NOT do the show justice!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait for that new movie! Although there’s a new park supervisor, I hope Mister Layhey and Randy will still be around, maybe to forge an alliance with the boys to fight a common enemy and maybe get their old jobs back… I wish Cory and Trevor would get out of the mental institution just in time to help Ricky, Julian and Bubbles with the task at hand.

    I guess, the only thing that really matters it to keep it the fuck real, knowmsayin’ – Sunnyvale Rocks. Peace

  6. amazing show, very good movie but it can’t beat the show. Still am looking forward to the sequel. I also heard something about an hour long special they filmed that will hit tv in the future, dunno if this is true though (i’m not thinking of the xmas special but it is the same sort of deal)

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