The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 8th 2008

Hey there folks! This is your 321st installment of The Movie Blog: Uncut, originally recorded Monday September 8th 2008. Doug and I are happy to be joining you on this glorious day. Listen in as we discuss:

1) Tommy Lee Jones says “No Money For Old Men” and Sues

2) More Ghost Busters 3 talk

3) Bullshit: Deep and Hoffman are NOT Riddler and Penguin

4) Sam and Toby sign on for Spider-Man 4 and 5

5) Will Smith as Captain America?

6) Questions from the live interactive chat board

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17 thoughts on “The Movie Blog: Uncut – Sept 8th 2008

  1. Alan Ritchson would be a very good choice as Captain America, in my opinion. He isn’t the best actor, but He Is Picture Perfect looks for the role!

    IMDb him and check it out.

  2. Ok so Ultramagnus said somthing to the effect of “Wait didn’t they dedicate an entire show to a musical BioPic? The Germs?” and so if you don’t remember uhh Marck or Freeman or didn’t see it live a while ago TMB did an entire show devoted to a Movie called “What we do is Secret” and it was a BioPic of some old band called The Germs. and it was horrible horrible shit, extremely boring, and the worst Episode of TMBU ever and probably the Star Wars Holiday Special of The Movie Blog Uncut and aparently John wants to forget it ever happened (and i don’t blame him).

  3. shit if it werent for “scrubs” this would be the best fucking show in the whole planet…

    but you guys are one dr cox away from being the #1 show ever in my list lmao


  4. Here’s a few off the cuff Cap’n A suggestions, with the requirement that each of them be American, not an import. I can no more see an Aussie or a Canadian playing such an American role than I could an American playing Harry Potter.

    Matthew Fox
    — To me, this is perfect casting for the red-white-and-blue leadership the role calls for. My concern is, he may be a little old to be drafted in WWII — although maybe not, since so many older guys did enlist to fight after Pearl Harbor. For what it’s worth, he was rather good as Racer X in Speed Racer.

    Josh Holloway
    — Another Lost alumnus. He would bring the McConaughey good-old-boy vibe but has the benefit of a fresher face, and without the baggage of one-too-many chick flicks under his belt.

    Viggo Mortensen
    — They’d need one hell of a script to sign him, cause these days the man knows his way around solid material; he won’t show up for something on the level of Fantastic Four. Of course, he was a little bit too weepy in Lord Of The Rings (but outside of Christopher Lee, who wasn’t?) and I thought he was a little weak-sounding in his big Black Gates rally the troops speech.

    Aaron Eckhart
    — His role as Harvey Dent may have mined similar territory as a white knight crusader, so he’d likely balk at the idea. But he has great presence and is able to disappear nicely into a role, a major requirement for comics heroes.

    Josh Duhamel
    — To me, he was underwhelming in Transformers, but the role wasn’t exactly written for depth. He looks the part.

    Speaking of looking the part — check the jaw on this recent Flickr post (pasted below). No one seems to know who he is — some people even post he’s a CGI creation but he certainly looks like Steve Rogers to me.[email protected]/2597088118/

  5. Hey Doug!
    Man, those sunglasses look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s in the original Terminator!
    No wonder he gave the coffee to ya, he probably thought if he didn’t then you’d come back trough the door in your car!

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