Shyamalan Mulling Over Unbreakable Sequel

M-Night-ShyamalanIt appears that after a few poorly received films, Shamhammer will finally bring us the sequel that we have wanted for some time. We get his and Samuel L Jackson’s thoughts on the follow up film to Unbreakable thanks to investigation from Latino Review:

“I tell you I get asked about it all the time, so it’s not [an idea] I ever forget,” Shyamalan told MTV News. “I genuinely just asked this question the other day — should I make ‘Unbreakable 2’?”

“Every time I see [Shyamalan], he says, ‘I’ve written this thing for you,’ so I say, ‘why are you always doing these movies I’m not in?’” said Jackson.

According to both Shyamalan and Jackson, “Unbreakable” was originally intended to be a trilogy, but a series of bad reviews as well as fan and film critic misconception of Shyamalan’s work quickly tabled the idea of a possible franchise. As Jackson put it, “He was a victim of what Quentin [Tarrantino] was a victim of. ‘Jackie Brown’ is a great movie, but it’s not ‘Pulp Fiction 2.’ ‘Unbreakable’ is a great movie, but it’s not ‘I see f**king dead people.’”

It is humorous that Shamhammer was unhappy with his reviews from Unbreakable, and has since gone on to make a gaggle of films that were received far worse. If this was a remake of any other previous film I would chide Shamhammer for “going back to the well,” but in this case I am pleased. Unbreakable was said to be a trilogy from the onset and I, with you, have been waiting for the follow up film. We are now 8 years on.

This is not only welcome news from Shyamalan, but his best option. His luster has faded and his hype is gone. Completing a work that’ s unfinished not only makes sense, it’ s as good a way as any to appease his fans and safely showcase his wares anew.

Finish the trilogy Shamhammer. Do it.

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25 thoughts on “Shyamalan Mulling Over Unbreakable Sequel

  1. A great movie and the ending was unbelievable. “Do you know what they call me?… they call me mister glass?”
    I remeber sitting there and just saying to myself. I am watching a comic book movie. roll on the sequal. but only if they can keep the integrity of the first one.

    1. dude the last air bender movie sucked and here are some reasons

      1 they didnt even pronounce the main charectors name right
      2 the special effects sucked

  2. I guess a sequel to a movie that already has a fan base might seem like a safer option, but it looks risky if not desperate to me, considering how many sequels are simply disappointments on the original.

  3. See, I LOVE Unbreakable. To me, its the forerunner to stuff like Heroes and Batman Begins. A real world take on comic book mythos and taking the genre and turning it on its ear. I would love to see a sequel to this.

    And yeah, the Happening must have been an inside joke of Shyamalans, it was terrible. Im a fan and like most of his stuff, I even like the Village and Lady in the Water.

  4. i’ve loved all of night’s films except the happening, it was among one of the worst things i’ve ever seen. i really love the idea of an unbreakable sequel, but i’m starting to wonder if night’s got the talent to pull it off. the happening was just so GOD awful, there was no excuse for aany of it, the story was crap, the editing, the acting…

  5. I would love to see an Unbreakable sequel, but only if it doesn’t ruin my appreciation for the original.

    I thought Lady in the Water was “alright”, though not as bad as others have made out. It was a complete case of style over substance, and what substance there was was pretty silly.

    He does, however, seem to be getting gradually worse, so I fear for this trilogy

  6. I’d rather see M. Night pull off “The Last Airbender” trilogy first before he returns to his suspense thrillers. He’s one of my favorite guilty pleasure directors, just because of the little details he puts into his films to keep them interesting, but from what I’ve seen, he’s great at directing special effects and camera-work. “Unbreakable” seems like one of those films that can change genres as the story progresses and I’d love to see what kind of sequel he has planned for it.

  7. I absolutely loved Unbreakable. My favorite superhero origin story. But, good point Chuck Norris.

    @ Doug, I’ve been using my real name for a while, but thought in fairness to you I’d differentiate us a bit with the new tag, lest people start thinking you’re not that funny anymore. Damn you for having such an awesome name :)

  8. Ugh, don’t bother unless the story arc was worked out while Night still had some creativity left in him. I may be in the minority here, but none of my friends and I cared at all for Unbreakable. Not that it was horrible; just forgettable. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but I’m surprised that the comments here are practically unanimously positive.

    Unbreakable was slow and the “twist” felt forced at the end (and we all figured it out halfway through the film). At the time I was riding high from The Sixth Sense and so I thought maybe he received pressure from the studio to try and capture that same “aha” moment at the climax, but he’s gotten progressively worse at trying to pull it off with each successive film.

    @Chuck Norris — Bruce’s newfound bench press ability pales in comparison to an alien race that perfected interstellar travel and disrupted an entire planet’s communications system, yet doesn’t know they go down hard from a glass of water. :-)

  9. I’m curious as to how a sequel would work. One the unique aspects that “UNBREAKABLE” had going for it was that it was an origin story stretched into a whole movie.

    Wouldn’t a sequel just be a regular hero-against-the-villain type story? Or Bruce Willis dealing with being a hero and how it affects his life much like we’ve seen in movies like Spider-Man?

  10. I will never accept that a former jock (the Bruce Willis character) would wait until he was in his 40’s before discovering that there was no upper limit to his bench-pressing ability.

  11. I have actually liked all of the Shamhammers movies! I mean, sure you know he is going to put in twists and shit like that, but they are still ENTERTAINING! Last I checked, I didnt go to the movies to see reality, I went to see something weird and sensational and as much as you dont want to admit it…Shamhammer does always deliver there.

  12. I am looking forward to Night’s next movie called The Last Airbender based on the tv show Avatar:The last airbender.

    Notice the film isn’t named avatar because fox and James Cameron own the rights to that title and hence their movie AVATAR comes out on December 18th 2009.

  13. I’m in for this. Unbreakable friggin rocked.

    The movie has such an odd tone to it and I have grown to appreciate it more with time.

    I dig those first three night movies and own them all. I haven’t paid to see his flicks since the villiage though… that movie started off with such amazing potential but missed the mark in the end. Lady and that last one (let’s call it the Tramp) got such bad reviews I skipped them. I’ve fallen asleep trying to watch lady on hbo a couple times… which probably says it all right there.

  14. yeah, that film rules and really sets up a great story, would even be cool with Willis having aged but still being unbreakable.

    Samuel also put in a great performance

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