Role Models Poster

We have obtained the poster for Role Models thanks to our friends at moviesonline. Check it out.

Role Models Poster

Not a huge fan of this poster. The film looks like it could have some promising moments, but this image isn’t doing it for me. If you are going to suggest that a guy is pissing on a wall, please have the decency and guts to show the piss.

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11 thoughts on “Role Models Poster

  1. I always liked Paul Rudd, but after 40 year old virgin I now consider him…. Awesome! That fuckin seen in the store when he is drunk and he trying to sell a guy a vid camera, then he starts showin his ass! That is classic.

    I will watch almost anything with Paul Rudd in it now!

  2. are kerbs that big over there, if so they’re just asking for drunks to sit on them lol, the line at the top of the poster sucks, the names would make more sense arranged the other way but I suppose the studios wanted SWS’s name first, should have rearranged the poster then, lazy.

  3. I saw the trailer not long ago, looks like a pretty funny movie. For a while Seann had some pretty shitty movies (after American Wedding).

    They could have photoshop some pee on the wall :P

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