Ratner To Direct Conan?

RatnerWe hear rumblings today that Bret Ratner has been offered the Conan job. We get the following scoop from our friends at Dred Central:

We got word today that Nu Image is offering the long-awaited new Conan movie to, of all people, Brett Ratner.

I’ m not going to get too worked up about this news. We’ve heard so many directors names come and go; I’m guessing Ratner will follow suit. If however, this news is true, and Ratner’ s the one that will direct Conan – I will be pissed. The guy doesn’t have the chops to give Conan fans what they need.

I don’t hate Ratner, and think some of his films are decent, but decent isn’t what I want from Conan the Barbarian. I demand the stuff of legend and lore.

I hope this news is fake; what about you?

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26 thoughts on “Ratner To Direct Conan?

  1. Give it to Werner Herzog.

    If you feel like being risky today, put it in the hands of Michael Mann. That would be an interesting film. With his style of film making, it would be a step out of his normal element. But I think that with the overall look and feel that brings to a screen that it would be very possibly a great contrast to the picture and it would make the movie very engaging. He is great with the way he sets up sequences. Great with the way he approaches having the actors engage in dialogue. Great with the way he depicts incredible and insane acts of violence. It would be good. At least I think so.

    My personal Director of Choice would have been Akira Kurosawa. I think he would have done a great Job with CONAN! It would have been done in Black and White and would have been fucking epic! It would have reminded me of sitting by my lamp in my bedroom as a child reading Savage Sword of Conan”. But alas, that can never happen since he did just over 10 years ago. R.I.P.

  2. I like to think that seconds after his photo was taken his eyes darted back and forth, seeking approval.

    “Was…was that cool? The peace sign?”

    He ran home to see how a marginally respected director sporting a peace sign tested with the market audience and found not a quantum of solace.

    Sorry, I’m trying to work ‘quantum of solace’ into everything I say publicly. I think it will make the movie less weird if I repeat its title in everyday speech. Is that weird?

  3. Rat is throughly adequate, soulless, but adequate. Can’t wait to pirate or rent. Can’t wait to hear Doug rip him a new one for almost making a good movie.


  4. Hey guys, I never thought of Mel Gibson to direct but that would be awesome! That is why I like hanging here, every now and then someone lays down some info or knowledge and it just blows me away. Mel does have all that period experience when he filmed Braveheart, one of my top ten favorite films. So yea Mel would lay the serious smack down on the Conan movie and make us believe!

    I would never have thought of him or even considered him, great call. Of course nothing we say matters anyway, but its nice to speculate and dream right?

  5. I would prefer Arnold Schwarzenegger return with John Milius at the helm to make that long-rumored King Conan movie. After that happens we can talk about a Conan reboot. But to me, discussing this now would be like talking about a Superman reboot if Christopher Reeve were around and walking and a script for Kingdom Come was just laying around waiting to be filmed.

    Or to put it briefly: Crom cares not for your reboot.


    and personally i think terminator salvation will be good….i have heard mcG allready say he knows his name sounds douche like….now any man willing to admit to douchebaggery is least on the way to recovery…….and IMO at this lvl i wouldnt call the director a hack….more of a pompous tool working for the man and loving it!

  7. Was Uwe Boll not available?

    But seriously I’d like to see Zack Snyder take on Conan, or if not this one the Clash of the Titans remake.

  8. Well, I don’t expect a great Conan from Brett or any young Director they get. This generation of young new Directors are seriously lacking in period pieces knowledge.

    Rattner along with any other young Director will destroy Conan, can’t say I am really pleased how this will turn out. I guess I will keep my fingers crossed.

  9. I’m not strictly against the guy since I loved Red Dragon and enjoyed the first Rush Hour, but how many movies is this guy directing? Every other piece of movie news I read involves Brett Ratner somehow.

  10. I enjoyed his work in Xmen3. I think he can pull off great action. His action sequences seem to get better and better as he makes movie after movie. Give the guy a chance. He is a lover of comic books and I think he will do the movie some justice.

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