23 thoughts on “Meghan Fox Transformers 2 Set Video

  1. oh my goodness ..too funny. And of course they’re going to try and keep her from getting too sweaty and gross while she’s in a leather jumpsuit. It’s been as hot as hell in Cali the last couple of weeks, so I highly doubt she was being a diva in a anyway.

  2. To Confused:

    Thanks for that distinction. I still think it’s absurd. …and “Hot” is subjective. I don’t get how she is that much more attractive than 70% of women her age from a purely physical perspective. She just isn’t. Also, to have 3 people doing nothing but standing around and taking care of her every whim… don’t you think that’s a bit overboard. Sure, have 1 person there as her assistant to make sure that she has what she needs. That makes sense. I mean the movie company has to make sure she looks appropriate for every moment of the shoot. But, 3? Come on… you can’t tell me that she needs that much. No one person needs more than one whole other person there to help them with their needs.

  3. She really is incredibly hot . . . . . . . . . . .as long as she keeps her mouth shut. The bit with The Beef and the hat was pretty funny though.

  4. …..drool………would want the job to give her a full body massage….don’t care if stupid………hot….hot………she so hot.

  5. She should never speak. Ever. She just sounds so incredibly stupid whenever she opens her mouth.

    Poor Shia gets no attention unless he’s wrecking cars and shopping drunk in Walgreens.

  6. She’s wearing black leather in the sun…

    Obviously they are going to do everything to try and keep her cool. Of course Fox in a leather jumpsuit just makes me want the movie NOW!!!

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